The Cybernations Rugby Championship is a bi-monthly event that will take place on the 15th of every second month (starting November 15th, 2007).

Regulations Edit

Rugby 06 will be used to sim the matches.

Each team will have 1000 points to assign to 20 players. (if a player can’t be found with your chosen attributes one will be made)

The Winner will receive $3,000,000 in CN cash as well a nice cup and medal.

The format of the Championship is simple: each team plays every other team once, with home field advantage alternating from one Championship to the next. Two points are awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss. The bonus point system is not used. Victory in every game results in a 'grand slam'

Every nation must build a stadium; otherwise teams will play at Landstown or Corke park.

Squad Sign-up Format Edit

1 Loosehead Prop: name : rating

2 Hooker: name : rating

3 Tighthead Prop: name : rating

4 Lock: name : rating

5 Lock: name : rating

6 Blindside Flanker : name : rating

7 Openside Flanker : name : rating

8 Number 8 : name : rating

9 Scrum Half : name : rating

10 Fly-half : name : rating

11 Left Wing : name : rating

12 Inside Centre  : name : rating

13 Outside Centre : name : rating

14 Right Wing: name : rating

15 Fullback: name : rating

16 Sub: name : rating

17 Sub: name : rating

18 Sub: name : rating

19 Sub: name : rating

20 Sub: name : rating

November 2007 V Championship Edit


Jalop 4310115457
Dun Carrig 4310110427
Transvaal 420285724
MacLand 4103621012
Republica de Peru 4004121240


Day 1

Dun Carrig defeated Transvaal Springboks 22-13; Jalop defeated Republica de Peru 38-3

Day 2

Dun Carrig defeated Republica de Peru 23-3; Transvaal Springboks defeated MacLand 17-16

Day 3

Jalop defeated MacLand 31-10; Transvaal Springboks defeated Republica de Peru 38-3

Day 4

Dun Carrig tied Jalop 15-15; MacLand defeated Republica de Peru 25-3

Day 5

Dun Carrig defeated MacLand 50-11; Jalop defeated Transvaal Springboks 31-17

Champions Edit

Cybernations Rugby Championship
November 2007 JalopDun Carrigno final
January 2008 teamteam?-?
March 2008 teamteam?-?
May 2008 teamteam?-?

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