Defend and Prosper
DAP Motto: help yourself and help your allies
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Seppuku
Founded 8 January 07
Other Officials
  • None Currently

AllianceStats Statistics as of 8/20/2007

Total Nations 5
Strength 21,586
Avg. Strength 4,317
Nukes 0
Important Links

About the DAP Edit

The DAP is set up as a self sustaining alliance. The basic idea of furthering you, yourself and your group is the main goal. We are not necessarily combative or aggressive, but if need we obviously will fight back if needed. Someone hits you, you hit them back philosophy.

Charter Edit

1. Membership:

A. When you sign up, please go to the forum marked as “New Recruits”. You will be expected to provide some basic information about your nation, (resources, team color, nation strength, who recruited you, and any other information you would like to provide.)

B. You are expected to comply with all rules mentioned here. Just have respect for the members that are here, and please be respectful of all other Cyber Nations players, i.e. members of other alliances, and members that don’t have an alliance. Just remember that this alliance is young and we need to be very conservative.

2. Governing Forces

A. The Government as of now is set up of one person. This isn’t the way it will be for all too long. The only reason it’s this way is because of the old saying “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.” I am obviously open to any suggestions, made by anyone.

B. The set-up of the long term government will be delayed until I can talk to members and get input of their wants/needs that they desire from this alliance.

3. Wars

A. Wars are carefully declared. For obvious reasons, DON’T ATTACK MEMBERS OF OTHER ALLIANCES. If there is some type of problem between you and another member, just try and work it out diplomatically. No one needs a full scale war.

B. Wars on inactive players are tolerated here. But, you cannot attack someone in an alliance. If you do attack a member, and they come back, you are expected to send full reparations. No excuses.

C. Do not declare war on anyone in the alliance. . You will be destroyed and banned if you do so.

4. Resignation

A. If you want to leave, please explain why, and it will be done.

5. Amendments

A. Any suggestions can be voted on, majority wins.



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