The Democrat Pary is the second largest political party in the Democratic Republic of England, and its predecessor Freedomtopia. The party is center-right.

History Edit

Founded in 1892 by Cecil Rayburn, a rich businessman and democracy activist the party quickly established itself in politics. It formed 4 governments between 1920-1985. In 1985 it was banned by the Communist Party of England and formed a resistence movement called the Freedom Alliance (FA) with the Grand National Party and the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy.

Re-emergence Edit

After 21 long fought years the and helping overcome the Communists, the party was once more in the forefront of politics. In the first Freedomtopia elections the party won 19% of the vote, second only to the Grand National Party. A notable supporter was General Alfred Jones, head of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Second Rebellion Edit

Following the invasion by the aggorant imperialist nation Adalands allies and the Communist government which was put in place, the party once again joined with others to form the Second Freedom Alliance, and helped to overthrow the Communists from central London, and so therefore create the new nation of the Democratic Republic of England.

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