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Democratic People's Republic of California
Republic of California
Constituent country of the Californian Union
National Flag
"Workers of California Unite"
National Anthem
The Internationale
Map of DPR California
Capital San Fransisco
Official language English
Demonym Republican
Government Type
- Eternal President
- Premier
- General-Secretary
Single-party socialist republic
Pam Quincy
Ron Wesley
Anthony Mattson
National Religion None
National Animal Grizzly bear
- Formation

July 7, 2011
Total Area 8,818 sq. mi
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
7,500,000 (August 2011 est.)
White (52.5%), Asian (23.3%)
Black or African Republican (6.7 %)
American Indian and Alaska Native (0.7 %)
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (0.6%)
Other (16.2%)
Time Zone Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8)
Daylight Saving Time (UTC -7)
Religion is discouraged although allowed in the Republic.

The Democratic People's Republic of California (also referred as the Republic of California, the Bay Area, or simply DPRC) is one of the three main constituent countries of the Californian Union. It is the only socialist state in the Union.

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