The Drunken Russia military is made up of a number of branches. For the Naval branch, there is a list of every class currently in use for each type of ship.

Below is a listing of all known groups in the military and any suspected groups, yet not confirmed by government officials, in the military (marked with a * ).

Land ForcesEdit

  1. Infantry
  2. Supply
  3. Tank Brigade

Aerial ForcesEdit

  1. Air National Defense
  2. Air Force (Combat) Pilots

Naval ForcesEdit

Aircraft CarriersEdit

  1. Nimitz (CVN 68) class
  2. Kitty Hawk (CV 63) class
  3. USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) class
  4. USS Enterprise class
  5. Admiral Kuznetsov class


  1. Ticonderoga (CG 47) class guided missile cruiser
  2. Kirov class battlecruiser
  3. Slava class missile cruiser


  1. Kidd class
  2. Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) class
  3. Kara Berkut B Type class
  4. Kashin class
  5. Sovremenny class
  6. Udaloy class


  1. Battleship classes unkown


  1. Perry class
  2. Type 22 class
  3. Knox class
  4. Koni I class
  5. Koni II class
  6. Krivak class
  7. Neustrashimy class

Large Patrol VesselsEdit

  1. Bear class patrol cutter
  2. Hamilton class cutter

Minor Surface CombatantsEdit


  1. Sa'ar 5 (Eilat) class missile boat
  2. Dergach class corvette
  3. Grisha class corvette
  4. Nanuchka class corvette
  5. Reliance class patrol cutter

Missile BoatsEdit

  1. Kronstadt class
  2. Osa class
  3. Tarantul class

Torpedo BoatsEdit

  1. Turya class torpedo boat

Patrol BoatsEdit

  1. Babochka class
  2. Barracuda class
  3. Cyclone class
  4. Island class
  5. Pauk class
  6. Poti class

Mine Warfare VesselsEdit

Mine Countermeasures VesselsEdit

  1. Avenger class
  2. Gorya class


  1. Osprey class


  1. Natya class
  2. Sonya class
  3. Vanya class


Unkown Class Names

Amphibious Warfare VesselsEdit

Amphibious Assault ShipsEdit

  1. Tarawa class
  2. Wasp class

Amphibious Transport DocksEdit

  1. Austin class
  2. Harpers Ferry class
  3. San Antonio class
  4. Whidbey Island class

Landing Ship Tank (LST)Edit

  1. Alligator class
  2. General Frank S. Besson, Jr. class
  3. Ivan Rogov class
  4. Ropucha class

Medium Landing CraftEdit

  1. Polnocny class
  2. Runnymede class
  3. Vydra class

Hovercraft Landing CraftEdit

  1. Pomornik class


Ballistic Missile SubmarinesEdit

  1. Ohio class ballistic missile submarine
  2. Borey class ballistic missile submarine
  3. Delta class ballistic missile submarine
  4. Typhoon class ballistic missile submarine

Guided Missile SubmarinesEdit

  1. Oscar class guided missile submarine

Nuclear-Powered Attack SubmarinesEdit

  1. Akula class attack submarine
  2. Los Angeles class attack submarine
  3. Seawolf class attack submarine
  4. Severodvinsk class attack submarine
  5. Sierra class attack submarine
  6. Victor III class attack submarine
  7. Virginia class attack submarine

Diesel-Electric Patrol SubmarinesEdit

  1. Kilo-class submarine
  2. Romeo-class submarine

Special Mission SubmarinesEdit

  1. Advanced SEAL Delivery System special mission midget submarine
  2. Dolphin research submarine (AGSS 555)
  3. Mystic class deep sea rescue submersible (DSRV 1)
  4. DSV NR-1 research submarine
  5. Paltus class special mission submarine
  6. Uniform class special mission submarine
  7. Yankee Pod trials submarine
  8. Yankee Stretch special mission support submarine

Special OpsEdit

  1. Marines
  2. Navy SEALS
  3. Army Rangers
  4. Delta Force*
  5. Black Ops*
  6. Spetsnaz*
  7. Alpha Group*
  8. Joint Task Force 2*
  9. Commandos*
  10. NORSOF Task Group*
  11. Marinejegerkommandoen*


  1. National Guard

Civilian DefenseEdit

  1. Coast Guard
  2. Merchant Marines

Law EnforcementEdit

  1. Secret Service: Unkown Number
  2. FBI: Unkown Number
  3. DEA: Unkown Number
  4. State Patrol: Unkown Number
  5. Sheriff: Unkown Number
  6. City Police: Unkown Number
  7. Undercover Agents: Unkown Number

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