Duex X Machina is currently a member of the Green Protection Agency and has been so since the foundation of the nation.

The ruler of Duex X Machina is known as Duex Mech, or Duex, or Deux, Or DewX (called Dewy by Dragon Fire), or Deux X Machina, or Duex X Machina or Deux Ex Machina, or Duex Ex Machina...(you get the idea). There are also various pronunciation one may use... Deh-Us, Due X, Dues... (you should definitely get the idea)

The ruler is currently a God King although he sometimes become the Consul of the republic, or the President of a Democracy. We have absolutely no idea how he remains in power even with government changes. And somehow, he wins the elections all the time. There are speculations that he is an entity that accesses the control of our nation, and even fully controls us, from another dimension by something he calls an "Internet Connection". Even though we have an internet system ourself, we cannot imagine crossing dimensions, and become a ruler ourselves... He is also known for certain eccentricities...

"We will use the Royal Plural when speaking for our nation, as we see us as the representative of Duex X Machina" - The Ruler with Many Names

He is also known to 'RP his nation', whatever that means.

This statement comes from the people of Duex X Machina (after editing by the office of The Ruler)

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