The E-113 is the heaviest tank in the Reichswehr, and also the slowest, moving at a modest 35kmph at a maximum speed, in optimum conditions. So far since its release in mid 2006, there hasn't been a single casualty from any E-113 nor its crew, the armor has proved absolutely impervious to anything any enemy has offered so far.

It has seen action thoroughly in Urcea, and the Balkans, breaking easily through enemy lines, and busting fortifications with deadly accuracy.

It is armed with a 200mm smoothbore gun, which functions with the "Mjollnirschuss" rapid reload technology, making it reload almost three times as fast as any other common guns on the battlefield.

Although impervious to close attacks, it is unable to fight Infantry effectively, because of this, it never operates on its own.

See Reichswehr

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