You may be looking for the current military organisation; the EUFN Ministry of Defence

High Command was the military organization of the EUFN from the 15th of March till 1st of June 2008 that had a collection of units or a group of personnel under the control of a single officer. A command is usually a high-level formation, which is responsible to government or the one of the senior officers in charge of an alliance military. The High Command is led by the head of state aka the President.

Reason to why it was abolishedEdit

The reason to why it was abolished was due to the fact that the High Command was slighty weak and did not have to much power and was not closely united. The President decide to change this and believed that it would be good to change the name to one that best represented the organisation.

Roles within the High CommandEdit

Head of state
aka the president, he/she have the power to send the whole alliance to war and is the one who would negotiate with the opponent.

War Minister
War minister has to evalute and study any wars involving or relating the alliance and report it to both the Head of alliance and the EUFN Council to decide whether or not the Head should take the alliance to war or to aid who ever is in trouble. He also sees if the other two members of the High command ranked below him is doing their job.

Field Marshal
is the person who orders EUFN members to attack which nation. This person would have good knowledge of what nation should be attacked based upon their stats and urge EUFN members of slighter bigger stats or near to attack that enemy nation.

General Officer
is the person who shall look at and evaluate the war by how many lives and infrastructure and so on have been lost or destroyed and then report that to the war minister who will then report it to the Head of alliance.

History of the High CommandEdit

On the June the 1st, the High Command was replaced by a slightly more powerful Ministry of Defence

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