Economic Overview Edit

The economics of the DDR can be seen as a communist approach to the distribution of wealth and materials. All public services are provided free of charge to the citizens of the nation such as health care and education. Basic needs of the human body are also provided free of charge such as food and housing. The major exports of the nation are gold and oil.
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Internal Edit

Infrastructure Edit

Resources Edit

Economic Plans Edit


Trade Agreements Edit

The DDR values trade agreements with nations of a common interest.

Current Trade Agreements Edit

Nation: Goods
 • EmericaY: Coal, Rubber
 • Spain25: Water, Lumber
 • Zonno: Wheat, Fish
 • Sedecim: Cattle, Uranium

Past Trade Agreements Edit

Nation: Goods
 • Curitstan: Silver, Iron
 • Zigota: Coal, Rubber
 • Thorrius: Wheat, Fish
 • PickMe: Wheat, Fish
 • Rizlandia: Cattle, Marble
 • The Empire of Man: Uranium, Gems
 • Covanent Fleet: Uranium, Gems
 • VziperLands: Uranium, Gems
 • school sucks: Uranium, Gems
 • Republic of Pwnzor: Lumber, Uranium
 • Spit Break: Silver, Iron
 • Neuer Volkrepublik: Coal, Rubber
 • Gankwanker: Spices, Rubber
 • Russo-Asian Union: Wheat, Fish
 • GhettoBuilt Land : Wheat, Fish
 • Monkey Empire : Wheat, Fish
 • Bleckistan: Lumber, Uranium
 • Novus: Wheat, Fish
 • Silvanus: Coal, Rubber
 • Ishiopia: Lumber, Uranium
 • Aridhol: Lumber, Aluminum
 • Xalisai: Lumber, Uranium
 • Isle De Monte Cristo: Wheat, Fish
 • Earth Directorate: Cattle, Marble
 • East Roman Empire: Lumber, Uranium
 • Los Desayunos: Aluminum, Rubber
 • Unified Virenna: Silver, Iron
 • New Soviet Union: Wheat, Fish
 • Stanthemanistan: Cattle, Marble
 • Echoland: Lumber, Furs
 • Italpastaa: Aluminum, Rubber
 • Communist florida: Silver, Rubber
 • Magnapolis: Lumber, Furs
 • Roman: Silver, Iron
 • Imperial Guam: Water, Lumber
 • Noe Nation: Coal, Rubber
 • Sky Net: Water, Lumber
 • Cosmodia: Iron, Lead

Handelsorganisation (Trading Organization) - State retail store

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