General Elections in The British IslesEdit

October 2007Edit

This was the first general election in the history of The British Isles. It was fought on behalf of two major political parties; Conservative and Labour. George Osborne and his party had a strong manifesto which lead his party to victory on October 14, 2007. They managed to win a majority parliament over John Stimpson's Labour Party.

January 2008Edit

The January premier elections took place from January 6, 2008 to January 8, 2008. It saw George Osborne win a consecutive second term, however losing several seats to the Labour party, still headed by John Stimpson. With the politics in the country now firmly established, both parties await a third election battle with opinion polls suggesting that it could go either way. Throughout this election, Osborne remained optimistic. His optimism seemed to reflect the opinions of the British people, who chose a conservative parliament once again. It is unclear as to whether Stimpson will resign, should he lose a third consecutive election.

April 2008Edit

The months leading up to the April elections were turblent for the British Government. George Osborne and his conservatives faced economic problems with a global credit crunch affecting. More problems included issues of sovereignty and whether The British Isles should contionue to support the Orange Defense Network. Recently, threat levels within the ODN have increased and caused worry throughout The British Isles. Many citizens question the Prime Minister's leadership through these troubled times and this was reflected in opinion polls when the Conservative party were said to be six points behind Labour rivals. In the lead up to the elections, George Osborne pledged to do the 'best he possibly can' to help ease the strain of the economic problems. With opinion polls against him, he still managbed to take his party to victory for a third time but with a smaller majority. John Stimpson of the Labour party resigned shortly after defeat and was replaced by David Chapman.

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