Player Edit

Respected CN player who joined in the Murky days of April 06. Was a part of the ill fated SABRE, then became active in the forums, gaining a high position in the GGA before becoming one of the chief leaders of the Great Secession, and became a co founder of CDS, enjoyed a highly succesful Foreign Minister, before leaving. Left CN in August due to his health, has recently returned and joined NPO.

RP History. Edit

Frederick was raised by Royal nannies and his sisters(Princesses Emmanuelle and Sophia), as his mother, Catherine of Aquitaine died in childbirth. His father, Emperor Leopold IV, treated Frederick with disdain, although he was never cruel. He blamed his son for his wife's death, and never bonded with him. This had a profound effect on our monarch throughout his life.

He was a weak child, attacked by many illnesses. However, he possesed a great intellect, and by the time of his teens, due to the rigourous physical exercise he was put through each day, he had become a strong young man.

After leaving University with a degree in Classical philosophy, he joined the army, with the position of Captain. He showed himself to be a decent leader of men, and his division helped to turn the tide of the Battle of Flanders, against the tyrannical Dutch king.

Whilst on leave, he would partake in the usual escapades of a young libertine, womanising, drinking and Gambling. Despite the reports of our media, our Emperor has cleaned up his act since then.

Ascention to the throne Edit

Frederick was called back to Hamburg after the death of his Father from a heart attack. Leopold IV had been leading his forces against the Austrian army when it occured, and this left the Franconian army demoralised, resulting in the terrible defeat at Scretberg.

After a quick coronation, the Emperor gathered up whatever remaining forces he had and threw his army at the advancing Austrians. Despite being outnumbered by 50%, The Austrian army was routed, and forced to make peace.

However,tensions flared up again. The Austrians opposed any attempt for Frederick to be elected Holy Roman Emperor, and they had considerable support from many southern German states. In a decisive war lasting only a few months, Franconia, Prussia, and Mecklenburg attacked Austria and her allies. Franconia almost doubled in size with it's annexation of Saxony. The Austrian King raised armies against them, but his allies were disunited, and when Franconian troops marched towards Munich, the King of Bavaria defected to the otherside. Austria quickly surrendered after King Frederick-Willhelm og Prussia destroyed their best forces at Prague.

Frederick was immeadiately appointed himself Holy Roman Emperor, and Austria was appointed a Franconian "Overseeing" viceroy. Franconia and Prussia both signed a MDP with each other.


-GGA Chief of Knights

-CDS Foounding Member

-4000+ Postcount, though old account is gone


-Respected Diplomat

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