Marginali (b. circa 1990) is the great Emperor of Marginalision. He is the one who bring Marginalision to a golden age and coming out with new systems in The Commonwealth to improve the entire alliance and go for world-class alliance. He introduce newest form of Alliance Pact. The One Alliance Two Formula is a promising offer given to alliance for merger.

"I hope that The Commonwealth to have the better future." said Marginali.

Early life Edit

He was born in December 20, 1990 in Marginalision in the Santa Maria, His father was a great king back then, but he is infamous with the new system of government which make the entire nation down. Economic was bad, the nation was easily attack. After Emperor Marginali V took over the throne, using and financial assistant given by another nation, and Marginalision shoot up the nation strength within a few days.

Leadership Edit

He is one of the current Secretariat of The Commonwealth, after being sworn, he start to work hard to improving the alliance.

Policies Edit

  • Governmental Policy, Against the tech raiding.
  • Merger Policy, One Alliance Two Formula. (Many has against this idea) (FAILED)
  • War Reporting Centre Policy, Every nations in the alliance MUST report for the wars at all cost!

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