Empire Of Tamriel
Emperor Ryoku of Ulentia
Regent Joanu of Urlen
Minister of Foreign Affairs Joanu of Urlen
Minister of Commerce Takashi of Algaroth
Minister of Defence Ryoku of Ulentia
Minister of Domestic Affairs Killersquid of Likina
Aid Council Nominations in Progress.
Nations In Alliance 29+


The Empire Of Tamriel is a peaceful alliance that is against the use of nuclear weapons as an offensive tool. We will accept members of any team colour, provided you are a TES fan. We will not accept warmongers, criminals, or bullies. We are generally a laid-back alliance, and we will help out any member that is in need.

Members OathEdit

I, [Nation Ruler's name] of [Nation Name] hereby state that I shall not attack, abuse or harm any member nation of the Empire of Tamriel, or any of the Empire of Tamriel's friendly alliances, be they friendly alliances via a Non-Aggression Pact, Mutual Defence Pact or full alliance. I also state that I shall not provide other alliances with inside information, and I shall obey any lawful and decent directions given to me by any of the Ministers or the Emperor.

Non-Agression PactsEdit

We have active NAP's with the New Pacific Order, the League of Small Superpowers,Orange Defence Network, the National Alliance of Arctic Countries, the Game Informer Online Coalition.

Enemies of the EmpireEdit

Currently none, and we hope to keep it that way.

Important EventsEdit

The Empire was formed on April 6, 2006.

June 15, Emperor Shimrod surprised the alliance by resigning his position and his choice to leave the EoT, With heavy hearts though we wish him well in what ever paths his future takes.


Besides a few skirmishes with Rogues, there has been no major wars. And we hope to keep it that way.

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