Empire of Byzantium
Flag of Byzantium

National Flag
The Greek Orthodox Christian Cross
'The King of Kings'
National Anthem
The Inheritors of Roma
Capital City Constantinopolis
Official Language(s) Greek
Established 6/12/2007
(3,937 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Constitutional Monarchy
Ruler RomanEmperor
Conrad Palaeologus
Alliance Blackcenterot2
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team White team White
Statistics as of 11/6/07
Total population 16,461
 9,575 civilians
 6,886 soldiers
Literacy Rate 83.94%%
Religion Christianity (Greek Orthodox) Christianity (Greek Orthodox)
Currency Currency Euro Euro
Infrastructure 1,096.01
Technology 248.50
Nation Strength 5,828.899
Nation Rank #10,833 of 32,041 Nations (33.8%) of 5,242
Total Area 561.977 miles in diameter Earth icon
Native Resources Furs Spices
Connected Resources Cattle Fish Lumber Wine

Formation Edit

Conrad von Himmler, ex-President of the Belgian Commonwealth married into the exiled Greek Royal Family in Great Britain to a beautiful Greek lady named Sophia. When her father died and left no blood male heirs for the throne, Conrad von Himmler immediately inherited the Greek Royal family and all of it's wealth. Conrad changed his last name to Palaeologus to connect with the Greek people and culture. After quickly learning the language of his wife, he took a trip to Greece, and plotted political takeover of the country as his dowry for becoming the patriarch of royal house. In a few years, the plot was set in a peaceful manner. Elections were held in Greece, and the popular Conrad Palaeologus won the election, to then immediately disband the government and suspend the Constitution. After much thought, Conrad Palaelogus proclaimed himself Emperor of the Romans, and established the Greek Empire, formally known as the Empire of Byzantium. After the Constitutional Monarchy was formed by Conrad Palaeologus' compassion of the Greek people, he instituted mandatory military service, and many infrastructural programs to better the Greek people. The only thing he needed now was money.

Conquest Edit

To achieve his dreams of resurrecting of the Byzantine Empire, he invaded surrounding countries. In a short time through Greece's highly trained re-organized army the countries of Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordon, Egypt, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovenia fell. Small territorial gains came from Libya and Sudan. With much added loot and plunder to the coffers of the Byzantines, the Empire was able to modernize the military and secure it's new territories by the creation of garrisons to hunt down guerillas, and offer complete citizenship to it's conquered lands. Conrad Palaeologus was able to achieve his goal of creating a reinvigorated Empire of Byzantium.

Creation of the SPQR Alliance Edit

After the wars of conquest, the Empire of Byzantium deemed it nessacary to join an alliance. In due time, along with other nations, the Empire of Byzantiun founded the Roman themed alliance, the SPQR. Over a period of several months, the forums were created, a small base of members were recruited and a government elected. Conrad Palaeologus not only serves as the Emperor of his own country, he also serves as the Consul of the SPQR, recently elected to his second term in office.