Empress van Wain
Empress of the District of York, New Lancaster
Date of Birth December 3
Age 21
Place of Birth Germantown, District of York
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight 130 pounds
Nicknames wain, wainy, wainacabra
Alliance The Legion
Notable Allies Mr.AdmiralX of Arzonia, 5h4d0w of spectral, jazzi of Pandabonium

Empress van Wain, District of York Edit

Ribbons, Medals, & AwardsEdit

Nukedribbon x2 - Nuked in Defense of Legion

Gw3ribbon - Veteran of Great War III

Foreignministry ribbon - Foreign Ministry Merit Ribbon

Spamribbon - 5000th Post (awarded for immense participation in the spam forums)
Admiraltybronze - Admiralty Bronze Service Ribbon

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