Endor Petrofuel Processing
Former typePublic (ESE: EPP)
HeadquartersEndor Cuidad, J Andres
Area servedJ Andres
Key peopleRafeal Roderick (CEO)
IndustryOil, Natural Gas, Petroleum Products


Endor Petrofuel Processing was a J Andres Corporation that specialized in the production and distribution of oil and petroleum products prior to the Grand Mexican War. Although J Andres itself held very small oil reserves, many of the oil wells that EPP used were in holdings throughout the world.

The bulk of the business that EPP did was with the processing of the oil into other products and preparing it for uses in clothing, gels, and anything else that petroleum is used in.

Atomic ShiftEdit

As a result of the J Andres energy shift to atomic energy, the main market that EPP catered to was eliminated and numerous workers were fired, reducing the work force from its peak of 75,000 workers to just over 1,000.

International ContractsEdit

After realizing that Endor Petrofuel would never find sufficient contracts in J Andres, CEO Rafael Roderick searched the international community for work sites.

Beginning in 2003, Endor Petrofuel entered a contract with the United States of North America for the maintenance and discovery of their natural gas fields, as well as consultant work for the management of their refineries. Endor Petrofuel had 6,000 employees in its USNA division, 1,000 of which were J Andres citizens, the rest were USNA nationals. The USNA division headquarters were located in Yellowknife. As a result of this international contract, J Andres opened foreign relations with the USNA. Endor Petrofuel was contracted to receive 75 Million Anchors a year for their work in the USNA.


Like many large corporations, in the aftermath following the Grand Mexican war, EPP failed to find a market for its products. Additionally, the far-flung sites made travel difficult when air travel was no longer an option. As a result, EPP ceased operations in November of 2085.