The Nation of Evopia
Obey the Law, Enjoy the Law. Sontix is Law
Government type Dictatorship
Head of State Leader Sontix
Population 83 (official estimate, 2006 April 10)
Capital Sontinople
1.288 mile diameter.
Major language English
Religion Religion is Outlawed in Evopia
Life expectancy
  • For men
  • For women

86–89 years
89–94 years
(UN) Monetary unit The Evopian Pound (EP). 1 EP = 100 Evopian Evo's
Main exports
• Services
• Water
• Fur
GNI per capita per day U.S $53.85

History Edit

The Nation of Evopia was founded by Leader Sontix in the hope of creating a strong, independent nation in which the Citizens of the nation could be safe and content.

Leader Sontix founded the Nation of Evopia under the principles of Jean Jacques Rousseau's 'The social Contract'; The peoples of Evopia will enjoy a happy, prosperous existence as long as they obey the laws of the state.

Leader: Sontix Edit

Little is known about the past of Leader Sontix but a lot can be known about his character from his actions. He is a non-extremist right wing leader, who believes in the absolutness of the law and the prosperity of law-abiding citizens.


A free Media DOES operate in Evopia and is not state controlled. (however policies are in place that allow the state to 'regulate' the media in times of crisis.) A state subsidised news corporation by the name of EBC (Evopian Broadcasting Corporation) has been set up in the hope of providing news and information to all peoples of Evopia.


Founded and situated in the far east, it borders the sea and is nestled between several hills; creating distinct regions within the Nation.


Hot Summers and Cold Winters.

Natural resourcesEdit

Fur, Water.

Government Edit

The Government operates primarily on a 'one man, one vote' system in which Leader Sontix is the man and he has the vote.

Leader Sontix is the Sovereign of the State and his power is absolute. The Running of the country is directly controlled by Leader Sontix and his chosen cabinet of advisors.

Leader Sontix controls the Nation successfully although there are worries that the careful balance that Leader Sontix has maintained between different political and social factions may calapse upon his death.

Economy Edit

Although Evopia has a Dictatorship style government, its economy operates upon free market principles and is currently growing at a propsperous rate.

Major CitiesEdit

At this time the only Major city is that of the Capital- Sontinople (literally 'The city of Sontix). All official citizens reside here at this time.

The city is the cultural capital of the surrounding area and many great public works are under construction.

National HolidaysEdit

Founding day is celebrated on April the 10th

Military Edit

The Evopia Armed Forces (EAF) has started a new recruitment initiative with the aim of expanding the Military Influence of Evopia in the surrounding area.

Currently the EAF is a small defensive Army.

Transnational Issues Edit

The Nation of Evopia negotiated a trade deal with the Nation of Heft -10 April 2006-


Evopia is currently in the stages of joining the NPO

Latest NewsEdit

10 April 2006: The Nation of Evopia is founded.

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