Geography Edit

The FSR of Barbados is located on the northern shore of South America, on the Andes.

Area: 26.062 mile diameter and growing

Terrain: Mountains, flat in the north

Natural resources: Gold and furs

Climate: Tropical, rainy season (June to October)

Economy Edit

Economy of The FSR of Barbados is growing rapidly. Our most important export products are gold and furs. Other important economy branches are agriculture, industry and tourism.

Agriculture products: vegetables, fruits,

Industries: Golden ore mining, animal furs, military equipment, manufacturing

Import partners: Iyaayas (Spices, Water), BloodSoul (Rubber, Pigs), Narnian Kingdoms (Marble, Coal), Arcainia (Wheat, Oil)

Currency: Euro

Fiscal year: 12 May - 13 May

Avg. Gross Income Per Individual Per Day: e71.44

Coat of arms Edit


The white and red field represent peace and socialism. The yellow trident represents power. The two yellow stars represent unity and equality. The book and feather represent knowledge and the sun represents happy life in the tropics. The Latin inscription in the bottom is our motto. "Non progredi est regredi" means "not to go forward is to go backward."

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