Joined CN: 9/19/2008
Nation: U Haz Cheezeburger
Current Alliance: Ragnarok
Current Position: None
Alliance History: RoK - 9/19/2008 - Present
Wars: Karma War



Famzy is the ruler of U Haz Cheezeburger, an Aqua Nation of Ragnarok. His CyberNations hobbies include spamming in his diplomatic forums, making signatures, rickrolling, making Horatio Caine and Rage guy jokes and recruiting.

He has served Ragnarok for all his CyberNations life. He is proud of it, and more importantly, proud of the changes and dedication he has given to the Recruitment sector of Ragnarok.


Ragnarok (September 19th, 2008 - Present)Edit

Government Positions Edit

  • Lord of Recruitment (Term IX)
  • Deputy of Recruitment (Term X)
  • Lord of Recruitment (Term X) (Lazaraus45 stepped down)
  • Lord of Recruitment (Term XI)
  • Advisor (Term XII)

Other Jobs Edit

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