Atlantean Jihadist. Nicknamed Fez after Whilmer Valderama's endearing, perverted role as Fez, the Foreign Kid, in That 70's Show. Known for claiming to "pwn RL n00bs" either in RL or Wrestling although he sucks at both. With ambitions of becoming the strongest Muslim Nation in all of CN, Fez is going to need tons of AIDS to get there. Fez was a part of the last senate of The Republic. As Minister of Recruitment, he layed down a shift system that kinda worked. He is most famously known for bragging about casting the deciding vote in favor of the merge of The Republic and Sanctum, forming Atlantis, and never lets anyone forget it.

  • Disclaimer: although he is named the Altantean Jihadist, He is not a radical Muslim nor does he support their views. He in fact is very anti radical and the bad rap they give to all the other Muslims out there. *

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