This alliance has disbanded.
Fifth Column Confederation
Protectorate of the Terran Empire
Fcc fcc main bar flag 300x200

FCC Official Flag
FCC Motto: Noli Me Calcare
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) BlackJackTalon
Founded March 2013 (May 2006 originially)
  • Director: Frederic Bastiat
  • Vice Director: Astelria

AllianceStats Statistics as of June 28, 2013

Total Nations 7
Strength 42,439
Avg. Strength 6,063
Score 0.35
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The FCC Logo

What is the Fifth Column Confederation? Edit

The FCC is a small alliance, built around the principle of a community of individuals. We value the efforts of each confederate, attempt to temper any use centralized authority with individual autonomy, and seek to promote the ideal of respectful, mature, gameplay.

We accept any applicants, endeavor to make our forums a place of discussion, relaxation, and enjoyment, and seek to grow stronger as an alliance through the fostering of individual members own growth.

We are a refounding of an old ideal, with our home in the Fifth Column Confederation Forums. As the FCC's CN presence, we encourage members to join us here in Cybernations, and to join us in our other pursuits as well.

The Ideals of the FCC Edit

Growth: The main goal of the FCC is to foster the economic growth of its member nations as effectively as possible without resorting to Centralized Control. Member nations may benefit from advice, direct financial support, or even trades with their fellow members. The ultimate goal of every FCC member nation is to rise within the ranks of the world's nations as quickly, efficiently, and with as much fun as possible.

Strength: The FCC understands that the best way to grow is to cultivate military strength as well as financial success - if someone wishes to keep what they have earned, they must be willing to defend themselves against those who would seek to take it from them. The FCC is not an antagonistic Alliance, but does not shy from either Offensive or Defensive Wars in the correct circumstances.

Unity: The FCC believes that members should help each other willingly, and that a sense of community enhances the overall CN, and internet experience. FCC member nations should never feel forced to help an ally grow in peacetime or see providing military aid as unwanted imposition - they should be eager to do so. This belief has its roots in enlightened self-interest - being willing to help others certainly increases the odds that they will be willing to help you when you are the one in need, but it also has roots in simple pragmatism - being a member of a close-knit alliance will generally make the game experience more enjoyable in the long-run.

Honor: The FCC takes pride in its willingness to honor all treaties it chooses to ratify. It also seeks to adhere to its own laws at all times, and to peacefully mediate disputes between member nations. Moreoever, the FCC does not abide behavior by its members which negatively affects our standing or honor.

Liberty: Above all, the FCC is not a dictatorship. While overall participation is encouraged (and a complete lack of participation may result in expulsion), no nation is required to offer peacetime aid if they are unwilling to do so, or military aid or support if they are unable to do so. If the alliance at large engages in conflict, it shall be with the consent of the members, and only in such a case shall military participation be required.

So, what color are you guys, anyway? Edit

The FCC is to be founded on the Black Sphere. We encourage members to switch to the Black Colour, barring unforseen circumstances.

The Fifth Column Confederation Charter Edit

The FCC is governed by the principles and procedures as laid out in the Charter.

Sounds Great - How Do I Join? Edit

Come by the FCC's home forums at:

or PM an active member and they can assist you!

International relations Edit

See also Edit

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