National Flag San marino
Founding Date 5/24/2006 11:14:00 PM
National Motto
National Color Blue
National Sport Football, Cricket
Alliance New Polar Order
Capital City Igo
Type of Government Monarchy
Ruler The Twin
Ethnicity Italian
Religions Sikhism, Roman Catholic
National Languages English, Italian
Base Coordinates 36.75649032950515, 34.91455078125
Area of Land 445 miles
Population Per Mile 20.24
 • Civilians
 • Soldiers
9,010 Supporters
7,498 Working Citizens
1,512 Soldiers
Resources Sugar and Uranium
Connected Resources Coal, Fish, Gems, Gold, Lead, Oil, Pigs, Rubber, Silver, Water
Bonus Resources Microchips, Fine Jewelry
Improvements Harbor, 2 Banks, 2 Factories, 2 Schools
Currency Euro

Overview Edit

Fine is a medium-sized nation in Eastern Europe, behind the "Iron Curtain" of times gones past. It was founded by Scottish explorers, but the major ethnicity is Italian (specifically San Marinese.) It is a member of the NpO, although it has its own independant foreign policy. It is a prosperous nation which offers oppurtunity for the ambitious, yet has practically no poverty.

History Edit

The town that is now known as Igo was first settled by Scottish exporers, led by the softly-spoken Kay Patterson. The group had been touring Europe by bicyle when they were robbed of all their possesions except the clothes on their back. They chose a bad place to get robbed too- it was over 3000 km from any settlement, in an area berift of any significant no plant-life. Much of the group perished after eating poisonous mushrooms, and the remaining 15 or so had not eaten for a week when they reached a river. They would have died there and then had they not looked across the river to see fertile wild grasslands, which gave them hope.

The crossing of the Igo river is the stuff of legends. The river is filthy and dense- swimming in it is equivilent to swimming in mud. Somehow, drawing their last reserves of energy, they struggled through, crawling ashore to a fertile land, with wild fruits aplenty for them to recover.

They remained lost, with no means of communication with the outside world. So they did what anybody would do in such a situation- they cried. And they moaned, and many of them would surely have committed suicide had their been any means of doing so which was not slow and painful. So they created a nation, re-invented everything that they could possibly could with their limited resources.

And so it was that a wooden car which was nothing like anything seen before drove to Lublin and re-established contact with the rest of the world.


Politics Edit

Foreign RelationsEdit

Military Edit




Economy Edit






Images of FineEdit

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