The Firebird League is a nation ruled by PDGray. It is a long-term member of the Green Protection Agency where its life began in February 2007.


The Firebird League arose from the ashes of an ancient civilization that consisted of mostly traders. Its citizens were largely nomadic but found that trade suffered as a result of the simple cost of transporting their goods. They decided to settle in one location and established a trade confederation. This established the roots that would evolve over time into the nation now known as the Firebird League.

The earliest known references to any leader is that of Richard, son of John, who seems to have laid some sort of foundation for the current empire.

Due to their nomadic heritage and some ancient seemingly dark secrets of their past the citizens of the Firebird League choose not to discuss their history beyond this. It is reputed that they were rebels from another nation or perhaps were raiders who traded their swords for sharecropping. Either way, the ultimate truth is less than forthcoming in the near future. Peace has long been the way for these citizens at this point and it seems to hold true for the foreseeable future.


Its citizens work to produce cattle and spices. Its aggressive trade policies have vaulted it to a position as one of the top nations in CN where it has peaked at #12.

Its citizens have long proclaimed peace as the correct way to build an economy and as such that is the approach that the Firebird League has taken throughout its life. In spite of that, the Firebird League has taken a role in two wars. The first was in defense of the Green Protection Agency in a rogue attack. The second was in a war test against Recco of Reccomakavelli.

During the Continuum-GPA War the Firebird League remained in Peace Mode assuring its role as a Financier of the rebuilding efforts for the Green Protection Agency.

The Firebird League has long kept positive foreign relations with many nations around the globe regardless of Alliance Affiliation.

Other nations and rulers who have had significant relations with the Firebird League include:

And many, many others.

My thanks to you all.

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