The First Baptist Church of CyberNations was created because of the many unfaithful doctrines of Christ and the unfaithful practices of the Catholic Church, The Failed LDS church of CN, and the Baptist's belief that a Relationship with God is personal. Founded By Soviet Sindorin, and Bishoped by Davidius, the Church grows stronger daily. To Join, please see our official forums, down in this article.

Doctrinal Points Edit

Article I: The Virgin Birth of Christ

  • We Believe that Mary concieved Christ, through the Holy Spirit, as a Virgin.

Article II: The Son of God

  • We Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the one and only God.

Article III: Death and Resurrection of Christ

  • We believe that Christ was Crucified for our sins.
  • We Believe that he rose 3 Days later, Conqeuring Sin, Hell and Death.

Article IV: Salvation

  • We believe that to enter heaven, you must Accept Christ as your saviour.
  • You should be Baptised by Immersion, in the name of the Trinity ( Father, Son, Holy ghost ), but that it is not needed for salvation.
  • The Belief in 5-Point Calvanism.

Article V: The Second Coming

  • Belief in the Rapture of God's Church, the Tribulation, Antichrists Rise and the Second Coming of Christ, as well as the 1,000 Year Reign of Christ.

Members Edit


  • Soviet Sindorin


  • Davidius


  • Vale
  • curtismartin
  • Locke*artfulia
  • sikskills

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