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The Hispanic Republic has relations with at least one nation from every continent.


Light blue is the HAC, Dark Blue is the nations that the HAC has diplomacy with, and white nations have no diplomacy.

North AmericaEdit

United States of America

United StatesGreen face

The American and Hispanic nations have shared very good relations since the Hispanic Foundation. The United States was the first nation for Hispanic Republic to send an embassy to. It has agreed with the U.S on many issues too.


CanadaGreen face

Canada had not recognized the Hispanic Republic until September 1, 2012. Despite that, Canada and The Hispanic Republic had been close allies, and had agreed on many issues.


European Union

European Union-Flag Green face

NOTE: This is relations with the European Union entirely. Relations with the MEMBERS of the EU are shown below.

The EU is a close ally of the Hispanic Republic, especially with Germany, France and the U.K, since they agree on Political Issues, and that they are Nuclear States, along with the United States.


France Green face

The French and Hispanics both are good friends, and the Hispanic Republic reconizes France as a Commonwealth. France, however, has grown uncomfortable with the Extremely-Fast growing economy of the Hispanic Republic.


Germany Green face

Even though Germany criticizes the Hispanic Republic for overtaking them as the fourth largest economy, relations had been very good since July 5, 2012. The HR has had an embassy to Germany since September 16, 2012.


Russian Federation

Russia Yellow face

The Hispanic Republic and the Russian Federation are usually neither allies nor enemies; the Hispanic Democratic government and military establishment do not regard the Russians as an adversary, but as a competitor in some areas and a partner in others.


Peoples Republic of China Blue face

Despite joining WEST, relations with the PRC and the HDR continue to grow. Their friendship has shown that nations may be in opposing sides, but that doesn't mean they can't be friends. The USA, The PRC, and The HDR, are usually meeting eachother to decide how to handle the issues of the world.

Greater Korean Republic

South Korea Green face

The Greater Korean Republic has become friends with the Hispanic Democratic Republic. The HDR has an embassy to the GKR and vice-versa.


India Blue face

As an ally of the Hispanic Republic, India has an alliance with Hispanic Republic, and Hispanic Republic views India as an Independent, Peaceful, and Great Ally.


Iran Red face

Iran dislikes the HR due to its alliance with the United States. It also opposes the HR's friendship with Israel and believes that the Hispanic Republic is a threat to the "Persian Social Community". Iran has pressured the HR to remove troops from israel.


Israel Green face

After the Hispanic Republic was created, it had allied themselves with the Israelis one month after it was created. They seem to be really friendly with eachother, and the Hispanic Republic views Israel as The Largest Middle Eastern Ally, while the Jewish State views the HDR as a close ally as well.



Nigeria Blue face

Nigeria and the HDR are friends with eachother, however, they are not friendly enough for an alliance or embassies.


Egypt Yellow face

Besides the military bases the HR has in Egypt, no diplomatic relations have be conducted or even suggested by either nation. Due to this, Egypt and the Hispanic Republic remain neutral with each other.



Flag of Christmas Island Green face The Hispanic Republic has recognized legitimacy of Ampersand's expansion. It also have trades with Ampersand and has formed an alliance with the Ampersandese. Soon, an embassy will be built in the capital city of The Settlement.

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