Fort Farnum
Richards Building
The Richards Building, command center for
the Fort Farnum military base
Nation J Andres
Location Smithfield, Rhode Island
Area 4 square miles
Population 200,000 military personnel

Fort Farnum is the main military installation in J Andres. It houses the Department of War and Defense and essentially is the control center of the entire military. It is located just outside of Endor Cuidad.

Fort Farnum was commissioned by President General Josef Mercton shortly after the Initiation War as a center for the military. The large military campus features many buildings. The most prominent of these buildings, is the Richards Building, the control center of the base. The Richards building contains the war room, military intelligence, and the most executive offices.

Fort Farnum was stormed during the Terrorist Attacks by Freedomtopia. Since then, the security surrounding the base has been increased and identification is needed to enter the base.