Freedom Guard
Iunctum Quad Prosperitas ~ Unity and Prosperity
Capital City Commonwealth City
Alliance The Legion
Founding 20/11/2006
Area of influence 216.246 mile diameter
Nation Strength 3,509.011
National Tax Rate 28%
Currency Pound
Silver & Uranium
Official language English

Location Edit

Freedom Guard is located within the British Isles , on the Island of Great Britain.

History Edit

Freedom Guard, founded 20 November 2006, came into existence a no team nation. Just four days after its founding, the small fledgling nation found its way into The Legion, where it has remained ever since.

Upon its application to join The Legion, Freedom Guard was brutally attacked. However, her new Legion allies came to the rescue, securing reperations for the nation.

Since that time, Freedom Guard has enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity. Now that the nation is growing into a small military power, she has started to repay the kindness and compassion of The Legion in the form of a Legion Living Grant, as well as several attempts to aid fellow Legion members in a military capacity.

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