The Revolution and Element hereby declare their desire in continuing friendship, respect, and assistance to each other.

Sovereignty: The Signatory alliances agree to remain independent of each other.

Article 1: The Revolution, (tR), and Element declare a state of neutrality. Element shall never attack tR and tR shall never attack Element. No acts of espionage or any other acts of aggression shall be committed against each other.

Article 2: Element and tR agree to keep a friendly attitude towards each other, and will not talk or threaten behind the others back. Any information Element has on tR, or that tR has on Element must be shared between the two alliances respected leadership. A healthy friendship should be maintained through Forums, IRC and other communication.

Article 3: In the occurrence of any foreign act of aggression towards the signatories, assistance is not required. However, should the request be made by one alliance, the other is highly encouraged to offer its help.

Article 4: Any violation of Article 1 or 2 shall be punished by both alliances together. The punishment will be discussed and agreed upon due to its severity.

Termination: If either signatory decides that the treaty has been violated in anyway and diplomatic solutions are not working, then they must request the treaty terminated directly to the others leadership. After this request, the treaty hold for 48 hours, then is fully cancelled and neither alliance is bound by any terms.


For Element: Coolgreen44 danizduhman Ryan Reyes

For the Revolution: The Elixir: Casshern The Eternal: Compstomper

High Arch: Cool3atool

-:Imperial Hierarches:- Raydin Master Alexander

Alpha of Foreign Affairs Golden Boy

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