The Legion's Surrender TermsEdit

After Great War 3

The Legion Surrenders

Initiative Emerges Victorious

The Legion, recognizing her defeat at the hands of the Initiative, specifically the superior forces of TOP, FAN, GGA, and NPO, does hereby agree to the following terms of her surrender.


1. Legion admits defeat, and surrenders to the Initiative, specifically FAN, GGA, NPO, and TOP.

1a. The Legion specifies explicitly that the Initiative are superior warriors.

2. VL Empire and Great Britain are ejected from the Legion.

3. Legion decommissions nuclear missiles, cruise missiles, planes, and military improvements (satellites, missile defenses, barracks, guerrilla camps, and factories), but maintains tanks and soldiers. A period of 21 days is allotted for decommission. This state of decommission shall last 2 months from the date of ratification.

3a. Any offensive action taken by a foreign party against the Legion will result in war against the Initiative by that offensive party, be they rogues, an alliance, or otherwise. Legion will be under this protective clause until such time as the last payments are made as per section 4.

4. Legion, with the assistance of the Pacific Bank, pays $800 million over a feasible period, which is to be negotiated as necessary.

4a. The Initiative will submit bankers to help coordinate payment.
4b. Any Legion nation attacked by the Initiative in error will be absolved of all payment responsibilities.

5. Any infractions upon these terms will first be resolved via diplomatic channels before any military action is taken.

Upon these terms, all conflict between the Legion and the forces of the Initiative ceases imediately. With heavy hearts, the Legion does hereby release VL Empire and Great Britain from our ranks effective imediately.

This long conflict between the Legion and the Initiative is thankfully over at last. May our nations never have cause to take up arms against each other again.

Signed for the Legion
VL Empire, Prime Minister
Lord Swampy, Deputy Prime Minister
_GunneR_, Minister of Defense
Thom Solo, Foreign Minister
Sinatra, Home Minister

Signed for the Initiative


Ivan Kalinsky Moldavi, Commandante of the Armed Forces of the New Pacific Order
Emperor Revenge, Divine Bovine Overlord New Pacific Order, Moo-Cows with guns

Bodvar Jarl,
Grand Hospitaller
Grand Chancellor

BearerofTruth, Holy Triumvir and Chief Protector of the Realm
Bilrow, Holy Triumvir and Chief Protector of the Realm
Emperor Lester II, Holy Triumvir and Chief Protector of the Realm
ALdbeign, Elder Statesmen
Kevin the Great, Elder Statesmen
Queen Elizabeth V, Regent
Luagh, Chancellor

His Excellency Emperor of the New Polar Order, Fleet Admiral Doctor Electron Sponge, OBE, PHD, COD, ASAP, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, Conqueror of the Antarctic Lands in General and Godwanaland in Particular, Also Hello

Dizzay, Lobster y el Presidente
404Error, Optimus Prime Minister
SAmulticore, Chief War Advisor

Kaiser Martens von Nordreich

Tulak Hord - Emperor of MDC
Chris Canny - Emperor of MDC

WarriorConcept, Triumvirate
NinjaR, Triumvirate
Liberal_Extinction, Triumvirate

George The Wild

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