General Maurice Jones

Leader of the
Freedom Alliance
In office
1985 – March 16th 2001
Preceded by Unknown
Succeeded by Alex Free

Born 1960
Caot of arms Freedomtopia

General Maurice Jones (1960-2001) was the undergroud rebel leader of the F.A. (Freedom Alliance) in the struggle against the Communists. He is the father of General Alfred Jones.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about this period of his life, but is known that Jones was intrested in both politics and the military at a young age. He was an acedemic at school and regually attended military camp. At 19 he joined the Grand National Party.

Leadership of the F.A. Edit

During the war against the Communists, Jones led the freedom fighters of the Freedom Alliance. For 16 years he was its sucessful leader. He led numerous attacks against Communist installations. During this peroid he became a legend among the people of the Peoples Republic of England (freedomtopia). His most famous prodgies were President Alex Free and his son General Alfred Jones. While leading an attack against a Communist military encampment he was fatally wounded. He died form his wounds 3 hours lated on March 16th 2001. It was decided by the alliance that Alex Free would take over.

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