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Godzilla is a small alliance created by Zotor Krad. Unlike most alliances, this one does not support wars and does not approve of aggressive behavior. Rather, it is an economic alliance, lending a helping hand to those who need an extra buck, or to those who are suffering from hard times. Godzilla does not support nuclear weaponry, seeing as nuclear war leads to an increased global radiation and decreased prosperity. If a member of the alliance is attacked, Godzilla will speak with the aggressor in an attempt to make peace, and work to rebuild the attacked nation. It will not start a global conflict; Zotor Krad believes that not even the victors will benefit for this. That is not to say that Godzilla does not wish for its members to have a strong military force. Members are expected to have an army, but may not have their troops deployed; the military is only to sever as a deterrent force to other nations. Of course, in the event that a hostile nation or alliance tries to take advantage of Godzilla's peaceful ways, and does not wish to resolve the issue like civil human beings, the alliance will then offer military support, but only until the hostile nation is ready for peace. Godzilla will not demand high reparations in this event. Instead it will heal itself from within asking only small contributions from the aggressor. Anybody who wishes to join the alliance should message Zotor Krad, the ruler of Futureworld v2.0, and he will decide if that nation may join the alliance.

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