Department of DefenseEdit

The Department of Defense oversees the Military of the United States of North America

Department of Foreign AffairsEdit

The Department of Foreign Affairs is in charge of relations with other nations in the world & the USNA's ties with the North Atlantic Defense Coalition

Department of the TreasuryEdit

Department of National SecurityEdit

The Department of National Security oversees the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the USNA.

Department of Health & EducationEdit

The Department of Health & Education runs the USNA's schools, universities, and health care system.

Department of Science & TechnologyEdit

The Department of Science & Technology is in charge of all research facilities and scientific development in the USNA.

Department of UtilitiesEdit

The Department of Utilities makes sure power plants, water plants, roads, highways and other utilities are built and maintained.

Department of AgricultureEdit

The Department of Agriculture is in charge of the productive agriculture industry of the USNA.

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