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Greater Alberta was founded in 6/26/2006, to great rejoicing. It soon after joined Exion, an alliance now defunct, where as a member, Greater Alberta's leader, Lord Terminus, spent several months in the Exion senate, then a short stint as ambassador to nine other alliances, simultaneously. During its time in Exion, Greater Alberta fought with its Exion brethren against the Imperial Orders.

After a Power shift in Exion. Lord Terminus was Deputy Leader of Exion, then an alliance one hundred members strong. This too, was a relatively short time, only three weeks, as Exion, in a merger that Lord Terminus help negotiate, using the Charter he wrote as the basis for it's founding, Exion became part of GOLD, the Global Organization For Liberty And Defense.

Once in GOLD, Lord Terminus was elected a member of the Senior Security Council. He retained this position for several months, until his resignation in Feb 4 2007. He joined GOONS, for three weeks, then left. After being denied membership in INC., an alliance that was an off-shoot of GOLD, who had earlier invited him to join.

After a period of Inactivity, Lord Terminus rejoined GOLD, for two months. He then left to form Purge, along with several other prominent members of GOLD, Where he holds the position of Regent of Sex with the Neighbors.

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