Capital Knollston
Formation 2006/10/20 8:11:05 AM
Alliance Affiliation Allied Coalition of International Defense
Nation Team Black
Official Languages English, Spanish, Farsi, and Jive.
Government Communism
Head of State Fysh Yopants
Religion Norse
Currency Pounds Sterling
Statistics as of 2007/1/25
Infrastructure 267.27
Literacy Rate 20.00%
Tax Rate 10%
Tot. Area 269.359 mile diameter.
National Strength 1,652.838
Nation Rank 1,652.838
Tot. Population 3,477 Supporters
Gross Income $86.26
Natl. Resources Water, Spices

Hilitaerranea Proud supporter of Ethanol

Nation InformationEdit

Hilitaerranea is a somewhat aged nation, with most efforts directed at increasing infrastructure and technology to higher levels. Because Hilitaerranea attempts to be a peaceful nation, the soldier count is normally kept at the bare minimum. When attacked, Hilitaerranea will respond with all necesary force.

Hilitaerranea has had a relatively simple past. It has had several alliance affiliations, beginning with Orange Defense Network. Then, in a combined effort with Andy Rooney, of Ellesware, and Tookiemonster, of Cubbieland, Fysh Yopants co-formed the Alliance known as Rump Parliament. He accepted the position of "His Excellency the Bungler, Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Leader of the Ministry of Financial Mismanagement." In short, Hilitaerranea became a bank.

Since officially leaving the ruling of Rump Parliament to Andy Rooney, Hilitaerranea has joined the Alliance known as Allied Coalition of International Defense. Hilitaerranea still serves as the Ministry of Financial Mismanagement of Rump Parliament.

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