Political Party:
Capital Neophiladelphia
Largest City Neophiladelphia
Languages English (official)
Government Transitional
Independence 25 February 2006
Area 17 miles diameter
 • Civilians
 • Military

135 Men, Women, Children
45 Soldiers
  • Gross
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 85.02%
Currency Dollar
 • Connected
Coal & Cattle
Cattle, Water, Gold, Gems, Iron, Coal, Oil

Histaria is a transitional state. It is placed in the southeastern corner of what was once the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the old city of Philadelphia.

History Edit

After the sudden collapse of world government, an unstable democracy was established, but was quickly replaced by a totalitarian regime led by Lord Elessar, who was named the Fohrer of Histaria. His brutal regime continued for a time until he agreed to move into a transitional government. Elessar still chairs the dominant Histaria Liberation Organization, which controls the jumbled-together elected government, including many different Radical Atheist Clerics and their terrorist groups fighting for Histarian freedom from...well, they're not entirely sure either. But they are fighting it, by the non-existent God, with all of their might.

Government and Politics Edit

Histaria is in a transitional government, with a very basic and small Parliament fully dominated by the HLO. The leader, Lord Elessar, is currently Chairman of the provisional government. He still has basically absolute power, but there are radical elements on the fringe who fight against the evils that wish to destroy Atheism.

The government is basically isolationist.

Religion Edit

Histaria has an enforced atheist state upon all. No one may practice any religion. This is because of the admittance of the use of the former official religion, Voodoo, being used to control the people, and the radical Atheist clerics are gaining great power across the state to the chagrin of many in the government.

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