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This page is a history of Transvaal from December 2006 to October 2007.

Independence War & Great War II Edit


Proclamation of Transvaal's independence in Pretoria

26 DES 2006 - PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL: Staatspresident Botha het vroeër vandag die onafhanklikheid van die Transvaal Afrikaaners Republiek verklaar. Die nuwe volkland en die Staatspresident is met die wydverspreide steun van die vriendlike nasionale volkere van die wêreld ontvang en hy is in Noordryk in aangeneem.

DEC.26, 2006 - PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL: Earlier today State President Botha declared the independence of the Transvaal Afrikaaner Republic. The new nation and its State President have been received with widespread support from the many friendly nationalist nations of the world and have been accepted into Nordreich.

DEC.29, 2006 - PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL: Reports of rioting in the streets of Pretoria sparked as a direct result of the on-going Transvaal-Oil War have now been confirmed – although sources are contradicting regarding the actual origin of the strife.

Independent media reports that yesterday’s defeat of the Transvaal Defense Force during the Second Battle of Pretoria weakened the domestic security forces’ ability to maintain public calm during this time of trial.

During his morning RadioTransvaal broadcast, Statspresident Botha however was claiming that “this is strictly the work of anti-Afrikaaner terrorists bankrolled by Zulus” as the true cause of the panic, as well as laying some blame with the liberal media outlets based in the capital city.

Botha then stated "...despite the internal and external pressures faced by the nascent nation, generous foreign aid to cope with these difficulties has started to flow in to help buttress Transvaal as the nationalist community rallies around the survival of their newest member."

JAN.3, 2007 - DOORNRANDJIES, NEAR THE TRANSVAAL BORDER: We are reporting from the town of Doornrandjies, a couple of kilometers south from the Transvaal frontier, on the road to Johannesburg.

The situation within Transvaal has become chaotic, confusing, and tense.

Before we were arrested two days ago by government troops and forcibly deported from Transvaal territory, we had heard numerous word-of-mouth reports of an anti-government rebellion - sparked after some members of the Transvaal Defense Force took up tactical positions within the African shantytowns.

The Transvaal Defense Force is active in a conflict with the forces of I like Oil, a war in which Transvaal somehow became embroiled a couple of days after unilateral independence was declared. We had seen and filmed footage of some of the fighting, but soon afterwards we were arrested. All our video footage and equipment was confiscated and destroyed in front of us.

We were treated fairly decently under the tense circumstances but some of the TDF soldiers escorting us to the border to deport us had mentioned causally that some Pretoria-based foreign news crew had been roughed up during their arrest and were still under detention.

Some unnamed government sources have nervously stated the situation in Pretoria “is one of utter anarchy” and the country has been propped-up operating on foreign aid handouts from assorted friendly and allied nations. RadioTransvaal has been off the air since State President Botha’s broadcast on December 29 and telephone and television networks have been cut.

However, we’ve also heard reports that President Botha is actually in full control of the situation and has simply been manipulating the escalation of strife and violence as a means to crush potential and real opposition to the Nationalvolk Party régime.

JAN.4, 2007 - PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL: The State Government of Transvaal this morning announced five presidential decrees to consolidate stability throughout the nation in the face of continued unrest in the Pretoria shantytowns:

DECREE #1) The State Government of Transvaal is maintained by the one-party rule by the Transvaal-Afrikaanse Nationalvolk Party (TANP); all other political parties and organization are prohibited.

DECREE #2) Transvaal citizenship is limited to only those persons (regardless of colour) who can prove spoken and written fluency in the Afrikaans language.

DECREE #3) the State Government of Transvaal reserves the sole and unilateral right to impose as it sees fit the application of apartheid laws and the usage of capital punishment within the nation.

DECREE #4) the State Government of Transvaal places an immediate moratorium on Decree #3.

DECREE #5) the official long-form name of the country is changed from Transvaal Afrikaaners Republiek to Transvaal Afrikaanse Republiek to reflect the linguistic basis (and non-racial basis) for citizenship.

Referdendum Crisis & Boer Staat Intervention Edit

JAN.23, 2007 - Transvaal citizens have been asked to go to the polls on Wednesday, January 31 to determine whether apartheid laws should be reinstated in the Transvaal Afrikaanse Republiek.

JAN.24, 2007 - Transvaal President Botha’s announcement of a national referendum regarding the future status of apartheid in that country has drawn heated reactions of condemnation from the international community.

Botha has publicly kept silent in the face of international protest and has refused to answer direct questions regarding his motives for the referdendum, which will take place on January 31.

Sources from inside the government are pointing towards three possible theories: one explanation is the referendum is a move by Nationalvolks Party hardliners to deal with suppression of the Zulu Rebellion which has plagued Transvaal for almost a month now. The second theory going around is that Botha is manipulating the referendum to isolate extremists within his government while also using it as a means to give the Transvaal the facade of being a democratic state. The third possible theory is that Transvaal territory will soon include both Johannesburg and Soweto, and the President wanted a clear mandate on the future status of Soweto once it becomes incorporated into Transvaal – whether integrated or segregated.

The referendum at present is difficult to predict as only 14.4% of the entire Transvaal population can actually vote in the referendum. Informal popular opinion polls at present indicate only about 36% support for apartheid – but the big question remains whether President Botha would respect or act on the outcome regardless of the result. His own personal views on the referendum are not known, however he did mention in a very brief statement on Afrikaans language radio this morning he would not be casting a ballot:

"Hierdie rasvraag behoefte nou ’n besluit. As apartheid is iets wat die volk wil, dan is dit so - maar kies dit nou of nooit! Ek sal nie in die verkiesing deelneem nie, sodat die Transvaal-Afrikaanersvolk die finaal woord sal hê."

This racial question needs a decision now. If apartheid is something the people want, then it is so - but choose it now or never. I won’t be participating in the election so that the Transvaal people will have the final say.

JAN.24, 2007 - EXCERPT FROM RADIO-TRANSVAAL BROADCAST: "...and as I have stated before to Mr. Mandela, the Transvaal despite being half the strength of South Africa is still almost twice efficent (27.74 to 17.36). So, many of our citizens look across the border at South Africa and see the ANC trash heap wreck which he has built and simply want no part of that reality.

Whether we Transvaal-Afrikaaners volk desire apartheid or not to protect and insulate us from our internal and external enemies is not just my decision to make - but a decision for all the Citizens of Transvaal to decide as well. We are a democratic nation in regards to respecting the wishes and desires of the Transvaal-Afrikaaners volk.

Our opponents say we are trampling on the rights of so-called indigenous people - but what about our rights as a nation? Afrikaaner culture was born in Africa, and we are every part indigenous to this county as are the Zulus and Xhosa. We are not colonials - in fact we fought against British colonialism - we have no homeland to return to in Europe, our homeland is HERE!

What the Transvaal-Afrikaaners are deciding on Wednesday is if they want to impliment outright and full segregation; regardless what the outcome of the vote is on Wednesday, the language-citizenship laws will remain in force.

However, now based on our observations of the reaction of the international community and their generally hostile and anti-Afrikaaner stance, to mainatin and protect a fair referendum completely free from all external influence and interference, as of this moment a state of martial law is now in effect in Transvaal and our border with South Africa has been closed - and will remain as such until the culmination of the referendum."

JAN.30, 2007, PRETORIA 12:40am - Voting in Transvaal has now started in that nation’s controversial referendum on the re-imposition of apartheid laws, with polls opening forty minutes ago just after midnight local time. The final official results are expected to be announced by the Staatsregeringministrie van Nasionaalverkiesing (Department of National Elections) in twelve hours.

JAN.30, 2007, JOHANNESBURG 8:34am - Despite the recent imposition of martial law by State President Botha on Saturday and the final suppression yesterday of the last vestiges of the Zulu Rebellion opposition, it was unusually tranquil on the streets of Pretoria and Johannesburg this morning as voters woke up and made their way to the balloting stations set up in local schools, libraries, and retirement homes. All business have been ordered closed so that voting citizens could have the unhindered opportunity to cast their ballot.

Two people we interviewed on the street pretty much summed up the polarisation arising from the issue:

"Elkeen behoort Afrikaans te praat en Afrikaner te wees of maak hul swarte-ANC monde toe" [Everyone should speak Afrikaans and be Afrikaaner or shut their black-ANC mouths]

"Ek dink dat ons is alle Transvaal-Afrikaanses - ek steun nie dit. Die apartheid probleem is sommer lastig en dit pla my, ek het gedink dat apartheid was so dood soos 'n mossie, soos ons hier sê " [I think we're all Transvaal-Afrikaanses - I don't support it. The apartheid problem simply bothers and worries me, I thought it was something dead as a sparrow, as we say here"]

In a nation whose government is usually hostile and defensive towards the foreign press and media, accredited foreign reporters and film crews were unexpectantly being permitted to re-enter the country under escort by security forces of the Transvaal Defense Force.

Our film crew was allowed to visit a neighbourhood devastated in the Zulu Rebellion and film shantytowns leveled by the military during the Zulu Rebellion. We however saw no damage resulting from Transvaal involvement in Great War II, as for most of that war TDS troops were on the offensive and operating outside the national borders.

Travelling around Pretoria and newly-incorporated Johannesburg, we could see newly-constructed billboards decked out with the Staatspresident’s portrait embellished with such nationalist slogans as “BOTHA - Destroyer of Lord Jolon of Astaroth” or the cumbersome ”BOTHA – The Face of a Man who makes your being able to vote for him, a proud privilege” - as well as pictures of Nordreich’s Kaiser Martens awarding Botha the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves for his service in Great War II.

“WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE” - Remarking to his international critics that “Ons het ons niks om te verskuil nie”, Botha the gave presidential authorization to the Staatsregeringministrie van Nasionaalverkiesing to permit the foreign ambassadors from the Republic of Venice, Democratic Ninara and Kashlinkov to scruitinize the proceedings.

JAN.31, 2007 - OFFICIAL RESULTS FROM NATIONAL REFERENDUM REGARDING APARTHEID - Out of a total civilian population of 1,289, there were a total of 186 qualified voters able to participate. The results are as follows: YES votes = 42 (34.50%); NO votes = 70 (62.50%); DID NOT VOTE = 74

The referendum motion is therefore in accordance with Transvaal Nasionaalverkiesing Law to be declared DEFEATED by a vote margin of 62.50%.

JAN.31, 2007 - It appears that Transvaal citizens have rejected the government referendum on the re-implementation of apartheid segregation in Transvaal.

When asked for his reaction, Staatspresident Botha shrugged - and said, exhausted and sheepishly: “You know, the people have spoken and I accept the word of our citizens because we are a democratic nation of Afrikaansevolk – so now let’s move on”. In what soon became a candid interview, the normally reluctant and reserved Botha opened up to foreign journalists with his own personal observation regarding the results from the election:

[cue in sound-bite from RADIO-TRANSVAAL]

Let’s face it… I have to walk a political tight-rope everyday, and I’m not happy with this high number of indifferent, absent voters. I would have preferred a clearer mandate either way.

The JA-vote will likely claim all those absentee votes would have gone to them and thus give them a majority decision – however one does have to wonder that if all those voters really felt that passionately for apartheid, that they’d just show their support by simply all staying home?

Likewise, if the decision came in to approve and re-legislate apartheid, then I would have respected that decision of the democratic wishes of our citizens – but, ach! the rest of the outside world would have a field day with that, no? You know, either way - it wouldn’t be the first time someone somewhere brands me as being un-democratic because they didn’t like the outcome [laughs].

However, those citizens who made the effort to go to the polls, a good majority of them voted NEE and rejected apartheid. I gave our people the chance to speak and did not cast a ballot myself nor interfere in the results, so it was all their election to ruin, so to speak [laughs] so like I said… it is now time to move on.

Satisfied? No doubt this was one of many bumps our great Afrikaanse nation will face on its road towards prosperity for our Afrikaaner people. Thank you.”

[cue out sound-bite]

Seeing no outbreak of incidents of violence or civil disobedience, Staatspresident Botha had earlier in the day declared martial law at an end and reluctantly lowered the national DEFCON rating. As he left the press conference room, it was obvious President Botha had been worn out by the tension from the days leading up to the vote.

One leading member of the JA-vote had this to say however:

“This referendum was a sham, a farce - it’s complete bull**** because almost 40% of the electorate – and I’m not talking here about all the darkies and tribals squatting on our land – but 40% of the citizen vote, the vast majority of which is overwhelmingly white, they just simply stayed at home. Botha tries to claim how he’s being being democratic and all, but did he listen to all the Afrikaaners in this country? I don’t think so.”

We interviewed three women on the street as they left the polls, and they had this to say to us:

“I was really undecided going to the polls, as I do not totally trust or feel comfortable with all the tribal people who squat in this country. I do fear the threat of ANC communism in South Africa, and it’s the reason why I fled living under the ANC regime and moved to Transvaal. I grew tired keeping a loaded gun under my bed, worried that Zulu paramilitaries would car-jack me, or break into my house and &#^$ my children. So I do feel the fear is still there and very real - enough so why I think there are many people who do want to see a return to segregation.”

“It is pretty obvious a vote for apartheid, while it would improve our domestic security in the face of our internal threats, the situation outside our borders and our dealings in the global market would probably be tragic and our domestic situation could suffer and ignite as a result. We’d face becoming an economic wreck all over again from possible sanctions.”

“I think a lot of swing-voters now don’t feel so threatened by external enemies now that our fellow brothers and sisters in Boer Staat have the nuclear bomb to help deter the same common external enemies and threats that face and target our own nation – so some of us, are probably more willing and comfortable to simply opt to maintain the status quo which we have now in Transvaal.”

To give some credence to this final comment, as we wrapped up our interview and put our equipment away, some white children skateboarded past us, wearing “Boers With Bombs!” t-shirts.

JAN.31, 2007 SOMEWHERE IN TRANSVAAL - "This election was a bogus and racist election, rigged by the tribals! This wasn't valid at all. Evil racist tribals have been oppressing our people!" Screamed Albrecht Sharpsville, a local "equal rights" official as he waved a clenched fist in the air.

"For five hundred years the Afrikaner people have been suffering under the yoke of tribalism and then neo-tribalism imposed upon us by the black man! I say that we either get a recount and then a subsequent revote or we tear this place down! Burn baby burn!" Exclaimed a nearby young militant, perhaps still just a teenager, it was hard to tell with his face-mask on as it was.

"Revote now! Revote now! The absentee ballots of white people were discarded, white people were kept away from the polls, and if the chads on the white man's ballot were hanging or unclear, those ballots were tossed aside. REVOTE NOW!" Sharpsville hollered at the top of his lungs as the dozens of folks behind him with signs reading "We want apartheid!" and "Revote Now!" continued to follow as they joined in with their chant.

"Apartheid now!"

"Apartheid now!"

Albrecht had just come from a speech where he declared that he had a dream where one day his little white daughters could go to school without the fear of being brutally raped by "savage kaffir tribal beasts" and his white sons could go out into the cities without fear of being robbed and mowed down by "stone age relics" and now he was getting ready to make another speech just as soon as his procession of equality arrived in the capital of Transvaal.

JAN.31, 2007 SOUTHWESTERN BOER STAAT, NEAR TRANSVAAL BORDER - The rumbling of the tanks of the 4th armored brigade had doubtlessly stirred the previously slumbering tribals and taken away from the only time most any of them were permitted to rest from the constant demands of their white bosses, the night. A full eighty Olifant tanks combined with no less than two-hundred APCs and various IFVs pushed forward in a long drawn out column with FAVs on either side, fanned out as to provide cover to the flanks. They were to establish their primary forward base just a scant mile from the border with Transvaal, with their artillery being sighted in against prospective targets with the aid of laser technology. Hopefully it wouldn't come to bloodshed, but they were ready for it if it did.

Recently reinforced by a company of paracommandos, an armored recon battalion, and two infantry regiments, the Transvaal Stabilization Force, as it was being termed, was ready to intervene in the event that the tribals of Transvaal rose up to openly oppose the righteous and just white calls for revotes in what had obviously been a rigged election. The government in Staatsburg had decided that the situation was entirely unacceptable and thus the option of military intervention had not only been considered, but the preliminary planning moves had been approved.

Foreign Minister von Hugel had already announced a 'treaty of friendship' with the people of Transvaal and with the Transvaal Volksfront under Albrecht Sharpsville, for the sake of assuring that the government of Boer Staat would stand with the recognized voice of the white people of the Transvaal, no matter what came to pass.

Overly eager soldiers, mostly cocky young lads with older and hardened NCOs, were readying for what they were expecting to be quite the exercise in regional intervention, something that their government was hoping to get them used to. If Transvaal went well, there was no telling where it might end.

JAN.31, 2007 STATEMENT FROM DR. HASSO VON HUGEL, FOREIGN MINISTER FOR BOER STAAT - It is the official policy of the government of the Republic of Boer Staat, to regard the recent so-called elections in Transvaal as nothing more than a public display of fraud and contempt for the Afrikaner people, on the part of the government of Transvaal. We regard the government of Transvaal as existing for the sole purpose of exercising the will of the ANC and the Mandela bloc, and indeed we regard the government of Transvaal as a key component of the Mandela Bloc. The government of Transvaal is an indispensable limb in the overall body of the anti-Boer conspiracy which is well underway across southern Africa.

Due to the recent happenings in Transvaal, the government of Boer Staat sees no alternative save for the the issuance of a peaceful call for the government of Transvaal to resign in its entirety, their plan for terror domination having been foiled by virtue of their fraudulent elections finally being exposed. It would be a disaster to the region if people were to come to blows over the actions of just a few corrupt government officials in the land of Transvaal.

It would also be unfortunate if other nations were sucked into what is regarded as a family matter to be settled between the Afrikaner people and within the Afrikaner community. This is not an issue of concern for the tribals unless they make it so. As of the present time, Boer Staat will be increasing its readiness in preparation to repel any foreign coalition of communists seeking to work with domestic tribal savages in an attempt to bring down the popularly supported government of the Boervolk Republic.

FEB.1, 2007 - Only scant hours after the announcement of a referendum result which opposed the re-imposition of apartheid, the Government of Transvaal has now been plunged into a new constitutional crisis after hardliners resigned en masse in protest from the government and formed their own faction within the ruling Transvaal-Afrikaaners Nationalvolks Party (NVP).

Calling themselves the Transvaal Volksfront (TVF), the leader of the break-away faction Albrecht Sharpsville announced the current Government of Transvaal had now lost the mandate of the people and demanded a new referendum on account of the huge number of absentee voters. He also claimed electoral fraud by the Botha regime and directly challenged the Staatspresident’s leadership within the NVP - demanding presidential elections to determine the fate of the country and of President Botha as well.

A few hours later, President Botha then suspended the constitution and assumed temporary dictatorial powers ‘as a pre-cautionary measure to maintain public and national order’ after he was informed by Transvaal Defense Force border patrols that neighbouring Boer Staat had been carrying out military manoeuvres along their common frontier and briefly crossed into Transvaal territory around the Soweto Township as an apparent show of force.

Martial law, which had only been lifted earlier in the day, was re-imposed and a heavy TDF military presence soon appeared on the streets of Pretoria and Johannesburg.

As we broadcast now, the remaining NVP loyalist government supporters are presently in meetings with President Botha to determine the next course of action to deal with the growing crisis.

FEB.1, 2007 EXCERPT FROM RADIO-TRANSVAAL BROADCAST - Yesterday afternoon, in the face of government resignation and collapse, I Staatspresident Botha was forced to suspend the constitution of the Transvaal Afrikaanse Republiek and assume full authoritative power. Martial law has been resumed and the Transvaal Defense Force will be enforcing a dusk-to-dawn curfew; authorized by Presidential Decree to resort to deadly force if required to maintain civic order. At present, Transvaal is at DEFCON 1 as a defensive precautionary and will remain as such until the peaceful conclusion of this national crisis.

After discussion with my supporters in the Loyalist Wing of the Nationalvolks Party, we have decided the best course of action to advert and diffuse the very real and serious threat of Afrikaner civil war is to announce presidential elections within the Nationalvolks Party and a new referendum on apartheid, both to be decided in balloting which will end at 10:00pm local time on Friday, February 9. As per election law, only legal Transvaal citizens will be allowed to participate in the balloting.

The Transvaal Nasionaalverkiesing (National Election) Law has been amended, requiring a majority total of all possible votes for the result to pass – and not a majority percentage of votes cast, as the previous election rules stipulated. This amendment will ensure a more conclusive result.

The Staatsregeringministrie van Nasionaalverkiesing has authorized the ambassadors of Republic of Venice, Democratic Ninara, and Kashlinkov to once again observe and scrutinise the proceedings. Our territorial neighbours Boer Staat and South Africa will also be invited to provide observers to participate in the scrutiny as well.

Now, regarding the incident reported by Ambassador D'Este of the Republic of Venice:

The investigation has determined that the incident indeed took place at Polling Station #3 in Johannesburg, and the perpetrators most likely have ties to one Albrecht Sharpsville, a notorious Rhodesian mercenary agitator bankrolled by Boer Staat. A witness supplied police with the license plate number of the getaway car, a navy-blue 1989 VW Jetta which is registered in the name of Sharpsville's sister-in-law. The investigation also proved beyond a doubt that no ballot boxes were tampered with. There were 112 ballots issued and signed-off by voters out of a possible 186, and all 112 used and 74 unused ballots have been accounted for.

In conclusion, if there was to be any fraud planned, it was not planned by the Government of Transvaal.

That is all… Transvaal will prevail!

FEB.1, 2007 PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL - "We're taking back our country from the Jews and the Kaffirs! Come on white people, we can do it! Let's take it all back! Apartheid forever!" Exclaimed the masked paramilitary lieutenant colonel as he barked through a microphone while the four dozen men spread-out behind him kept their Fn-Fal rifles clutched tightly across their chests, each man likewise being masked and wearing tactical body armor, provided by "like-minded foreign donors".

There were talks about the elections and talks about diplomacy with the ANC currently being held in a government ministry building just a few blocks away, and this platoon of militants was aiming to get there and link-up with six other platoons each varying from twenty to fifty patriots strong, before they would consolidate all of their strength and finally use an Boer Staat provided BTR-60 to crash into the building and take it by force.

Unknown (ideally unknown) to the security forces in Transvaal was the fact that twenty-two commandos from a Boer Staat long-range recon unit had infiltrated into Transvaal and taken up positions north of Pretoria so they were situated in an area that would allow them to make an attempt to knock out the main power sources once the order was given, after which they would take up a spot along a main artery into the city and destroy any military units moving along it.

"We're taking back this country and if Botha doesn't like it, he can move in with Mandela!" Bellowed a cocky captain as he maneuvered his platoon ever closer to what he was expecting would be the substantial police presence just around the corner of the office building his men were fast approaching, two blocks parallel from the platoon led by the lieutenant colonel.

FEB.1, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM HIGH CHANCELLOR HENDRIK VON KRUGER OF BOER STAAT - While we had hoped for orderly and fair elections the reality of the situation in Transvaal is anything but fair and just. We have realized, much to our chagrin, that the government of Transvaal, under the multi-racialist tyrant Botha, is attempting to stifle free speech and free assembly through the use of the chaos brought on by urban black gangs and treacherous secret police units.

We of Boer Staat will not recognize these pathetic sham elections or anything that results from them. Furthermore we believe that all loyal Boer-Afrikaner peoples and indeed all white people, must boycott the elections and utterly and totally refuse to go to the polls to take part in this facade of freedom. Not only that, but we have dozens of independently verified and confirmed reports of black-on-white violence at the polls, often encouraged or at least passively tolerated by any police present. There have been cases of white women gang-raped by blacks while inside the voting booths.

As for right now, the nation of Boer Staat and indeed the entire population of Boer Staat, affirm with this declaration their friendship with the people of Transvaal and their ongoing commitment to defend their friends. Boer Staat shall regard any outside interference in the affairs of the whites of Transvaal as an attack upon the citizens of Boer Staat itself and the nation of Boer Staat itself, requiring a full response against the offending nation.

Finally, any and all non-whites in Transvaal that are in possession of firearms have exactly twenty-four hours to relinquish possession of their firearms to the nearest upright white citizen that they come across, or else measures will be taken to assure their compliance. If our armed forces are forced to provide security for the whites of Transvaal to assure the ongoing safety of their very lives, we will not look well upon armed blacks. Indeed if we are made to enter into Transvaal any black found in possession of a firearm or other device with a primary purpose as an implement of war, will be summarily hanged.

FEB.1, 2007 - The Human Republic supports Staatspresident Botha and is against apartheid laws.

FEB.2, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM NELSON MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA - I know that Hendrik von Kruger has little or no respect for me, and certainly none for the African National Congress, but I hope that he can at least hold me in a decent light long enough to hear my words carefully, and with attention: we will not allow a paramilitary incident disrupt the elections in the Transvaal.

This election is not looked on favorably by the ANC, but as president, I must have a liberal attitude toward governance and decision-making that stretches beyond the boundaries of party stance. I, personally, do not support many of Mr. Botha's policies regarding many issues, but I see in his campaign a future for our cause, and I see the possibility for peaceful diplomatic relations that will be far less strained than if his opponent won this coveted seat.

I propose that Kruger withdraw from this fair and honest election his will to impose a police state, and let the people speak. Herr Kruger, hear me now: do not fear the people; let them have their way.

If there is any violence surrounding this election, the Republic of South Africa will definitely respond with its own peacekeeping force, as it will not allow the developments of this separatist state disturb the rest of South Africa.

FEB.2, 2007 - The first poll results in the Transvaal Presidential Election & Apartheid Referendum are starting to trickle in.

After 11 votes cast so far, the incumbant Staatspresident Botha holds a commanding 10 to 1 lead for retaining his presidency against his opponent Albrecht Sharpsville.

In the separate referendum on apartheid, the NEE-vote [No] has just under 75% of the ballots cast so far, 8 to 3 against the JA-vote [yes]. For either incumbant to secure a guaranteed majority - or for the apartheid motion to pass - the key number of votes required is 97.

In other election news, there was a rather intriguing development earlier today when government election officials showed up unannounced at Albrecht Sharpsville's residence and demanded that he take a proficency test in Afrikaans to confirm his status as a Citizen of Transvaal.

Although he passed with no trouble with 100% - rumour-mongers had been heard spreading the obvious lie questioning whether Sharpsville, due to his Rhodesian origins, was actually fluent enough in Afrikaans to qualify for citizenship and thus stand for election.

When word of this reached Staatspresident Botha, he laughed and then offered to take the proficency exam as a gesture of respect for his candidate. Mr. Botha passed 100%.

FEB.2, 2007 PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL - Rounding the final corner before the building housing the political conference, the first platoon opened up with a barrage of automatic rifle fire above the heads of the first thin line of police as the line itself began to open up at the sight of the onrushing BTR-60 which was barrelling down towards them before it jolted over the curb and surged through the colossal glass doors.

"We're taking over! Police leave now and you won't be harmed!" barked one of the junior officers over a speaker system that had been installed on the armored vehicle.

"Leave now or we will be forced to take action! All police disarm and leave. Those who wish to stay and fight for the Afrikaner people of our great nation may do so, indeed we urge you to do so... Those who cannot stay for whatever reason, or will not, we shall take no vengeange against you or your family if you leave in peace! But Transvaal will be saved!" The next message began as the platoons began to converge on the building itself while an entire rifle squad, having been crammed into the BTR-60, poured out and moved fast (yet with caution) to secure the main conference room itself, lest the enemy politicians make good on their probable desire to escape.

FEB.2, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM HIGH CHANCELLOR HENDRIK VON KRUGER OF BOER STAAT - The government of Boer Staat is not pleased with the false flag operation that the governments under Mandela and Botha are staging to try to discredit the Transvaal Volksfront. It is the intention of the government of Boer Staat to see democracy triumph in Transvaal and because of that we are recognizing the results of the election as being in favor of the Transvaal Volksfront.

The nation of Boer Staat will give the former government of Transvaal approximately twelve hours to properly and peacefully resign and retire from the nation, into exile, or we will be forced to take military action against a regime of death, violence, oppression, and hate, which we also know is seeking to acquire uranium from nations such as Niger and Zaire for the purpose of building horrifying weapons of mass destruction.

Neither the Botha regime or the Mandela regime can be permitted to possess nuclear weapons. The Mandela government has an ongoing commitment to using any and all means to kill white people and we know that the Botha regime has a commitment to spreading hatred against the white peoples in nations such as Rhodesia and Kenya where the whites are mostly English.

While we have a shaky past with the English, we must look to the future and think of innovative and new ways to spread the Afrikaans language and Afrikaner culture across southern Africa. This means Anglo-Boer cooperation. As such, Albrecht Sharpsville is the recognized Commander in Chief, Head of State, and Head of Government for the nation of Transvaal.

FEB.2, 2007 FROM INSIDE SOUTH AFRICA - Kruger's vicious, fascist police state has no ability to call Botha's administration 'hateful,' 'violent,' or 'oppressive.' In a matter of hours, the full might of the Republic of South Africa will be present in Pretoria, ready to protect Herr Botha and, if need be, to fire on Boer troops.

20 JNC stealth helicopters and 35 Rooivalk AH-2As have been deployed to the skies around the Pretoria capital area by a defiant Mandela, who insists that elections are to be protected in Pretoria.

"Boer forces," called out a lieutenant colonel to a brigade of the invading army. "Your time to withdraw is at hand. There is an entire regiment of South African National Defense troops ready to fire on you, and a brigade of the Reconnaissance Commando unit of Special Forces is already in the city."

Commander Inzaman Graem of SAND Special Forces leads 300 of his soldiers into the capital area, covered by six tanks, which have entered the streets of Pretoria in advance, firing two shells into the air in a show of force.

FEB.2, 2007 EXCERPT FROM RADIO-TRANSVAAL BROADCAST - In response to recent military incursions directly by or through agents of both ANC South Africa and Boer Staat, the Government of the Transvaal Afrikaanse Republiek demands that both governments remove their forces from our sovereign territory within 12 hours or we shall be forced to use deadly force to enforce government authority. Leave our nation now and let us in Transvaal decide our own fate.

FEB.3, 2007 - The Most Serene Republic of Venice supports President Botha and CONDEMNS the TERRORIST regime of Boer Staat, as well as the invading South African forces.

FEB.3, 2007 STATEMENT FROM CHANG HO, DEMOCRATIC NINARA AMBASSADOR TO TRANSVAAL - The people's government of Democratic Ninara recognises in Staatspresident Botha a sensible and strong leader who respects and honours the people of his country, listens to their voices and has so far demonstrated his commitment to safeguarding their interests. Despite our opposition to Staatspresident Botha's beliefs concerning the construction of an apartheid state, our government endorses Botha's efforts to be reelected and reaffirms its solidarity with Transvaal in the face of the militarist aggression of the racist von Kruger regime in Boer Staat.

FEB.4, 2007 NINARAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY - Ninara is preparing to send troops to South Africa and Transvaal should the aggressive von Kruger regime in Boer Staat launch its racist war against Transvaal. Ninara is prepared to stand by its South African allies and Transvaal to ensure a free and equal southern Africa.

FEB.4, 2007 BOTHA RE-ELECTED AS PRESIDENT - While the civilian polling results in the Transvaal Presidential Election & Apartheid Referendum continued to slowly come in, President Botha secured his presidential re-election bid after votes from the military personal of the Transvaal Defense Force (TDF) were tabulated and announced this morning.

Unlike national referendum which they cannot participate in, TDF personal are able to vote in presidential elections - and their overwhelming show of support for Herr Botha now beyond a doubt guarantees his re-election to the State Presidency.

Over 80% of military votes went towards supporting Botha’s re-election, enough votes to give the President at least 71% of the total ballots cast so far to claim an overall majority. After 1113 military votes and 18 civilian votes cast so far, the incumbent Staatspresident Botha holds a commanding 939 to 192 lead (180 ballots still to be returned) for retaining his presidency against his opponent Albrecht Sharpsville.

There has been no word yet from neither Staatspresident Botha nor his Loyalist Wing of the Nationalvolks Party claiming presidential victory, but a spokesman for the Staatsregeringministrie van Nasionaalverkiesing said that both Boer Staat and South Africa should respect the decision of the Transvaal-Afrikaners and send their troops back home to avoid further bloodshed.

As for the opposing challenger, local police report that Albrecht Sharpsville and most of his Transvaal Volkstaat supporters were seen fleeing across the border for the safety of Boer Staat. Soon after the military ballots had been counted, TDF tanks were seen patrolling the white neighbourhoods of Pretoria and Johannesburg demonstrating a show of support for Botha. While many of the tanks had photographs of Botha taped to them, one of them had a grisy effigy of Sharpsville hanging off its gun-barrel with a placard saying "HANG THE TRAITOR!"

In the separate referendum on apartheid, the NEE-vote [No] has 72% of the 18 referendum ballots cast so far, 13 to 5 against the JA-vote [yes]. For the apartheid motion to pass, 97 votes from civilian ballots are required to secure a guaranteed majority. Voting for both polls with continue until 10:00pm this Friday.

FEB.4, 2007 ON THE TRANSVAAL-BOER STAAT BORDER - By now the shrieking cry of rockets would be heard within the city of Pretoria as the military of Boer Staat, on the border of Transvaal, had begun to rain down a hail of death upon the black districts (as well as the identified white liberal districts) of the capital city with long-range MLRS weapons systems and a number of long-range howitzer batteries. In conjunction with this vicious barrage was the advance of two dozen medium-altitude bombers that were accompanied by two dozen fighters and interceptors, which were intended to counter any moves made against the bombers, and to neutralize any enemy bombers or helicopters that took to the air to oppose the general advance of the 4th armored brigade, which was set to begin just as soon as the preliminary bombardment had come to an end, at which time the batteries would begin a rolling bombardment to advance in front of the advanced-guard which consisted of a mechanized infantry battalion and an armored company, with a recon company in support.

"We're going to liberate Transvaal from the fiend, Botha!" Exclaimed colonel Krupp with a wide smile as he leaned out of the hatch of his command tank which was slowly rumbling forward, crushing some light vegetation in the process, as he turned to grin at a few grenadiers riding on the tank itself so as to provide better anti-infantry capabilities. They were going to be over the border and inside Transvaal within a matter of minutes if not indeed sooner (as in thirty seconds). The liberation campaign had begun!

FEB.4, 2007 STATEMENT FROM BOTHA - High Chancellor von Kruger of Boer Staat, what conditions would you require to resolve this crisis which has engulfed our two nations and our one great volk? If I could negociate the withdrawl of ANC forces from Transvaal, would Boer Staat remove its military forces as well?

FEB.4, 2007 NEWS FROM SOUTH AFRICA - "The racial terror that is being brought down on blacks in the area is unacceptable," noted the SAND commander. "This is merely another indicator of the brutality of the Boer regime that must be stopped."

SAND tanks began to line the border of the Transvaal, preparing to fire into the oncoming hordes, should their commanders choose to advance. The heat was unbearable, but it was hardly noticed: the fate of the country was at stake! Troops guarded the tank advance, and they were a serious lot; all hands were calmly rested on a firearm, and all minds were clearly focused on the present difficulty.

In the distance, the thin cloud of dust from approaching enemy tanks could be seen, but only through binoculars. The Boers were coming, but for many of the South African defenders, they weren't coming fast enough. The men were anxious to face their enemies in what they imagined to be a glorious last conflict -- it would probably be a standoff; still, the earth, unsettled by the rolling tanks, and the persistent sound of boots clashing with the soft grass makes hard images in the minds of men.

FEB.5, 2007 STATEMENT FROM ARSENE WENGER, OPARSENAL - The government of OPArsenal stands united behind Staatspresident Botha and similarly behind the idea of the equality of all Muslim men, regardless of race. To Allah, there is no race and we fully support the Staatspresident in any efforts he deems neccessary to ensure the security and safety of his people. Further, we offer a portion of our military and the best that our National Police Force has to offer. Order must be restored and rebellion must be crushed. Peace comes through power, morality through might, stability through strength.

FEB.5, 2007 STATEMENT FROM CHAIRWOMAN CHIN YU-MEI OF NINARA - Ninara is awaiting the word from either the government of South Africa or Transvaal to intervene. We have a fleet positioned in international waters that can deploy a large number of troops and armoured vehicles.

FEB.6, 2007 EXCERPT FROM RADIO-TRANSVAAL BROADCAST - Early this morning, Staatspresident Botha of Transvaal boarded a train to travel to Krugersburg, Boer Staat to meet face-to-face with the High Chancellor Hendrik von Kruger.

FEB.7, 2007 EXCERPT FROM RADIO-TRANSVAAL BROADCAST - Staatspresident Botha of Transvaal is still in Boer Staat trying to work out a solution with High Chancellor Hendrik von Kruger in regards to the crisis which has gripped the region.

The Staatsregeringministrie van Buitlandersbeleid [Department of Foreign Affairs] has recalled home its ambassadors to the Republic of Venice and Democratic Ninara.

Unconfirmed reports originating from the diplomatic community in those two nations claim Transvaal embassy staff had been seen feeding shredded documents to bonfires set on embassy grounds and removing state emblems off the embassy building and entrance, give credence to the rumour the withdrawl would be long-term or even permanent.

FEB.7, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM DR. HASSO VON HUGEL OF BOER STAAT - The Ministry of Truth in Boer Staat has met with the Foreign Ministry and we have decided that it will be our new policy to support the ascension of Albrecht Sharpsville to the position of Commander in Chief and Prime Minister of Transvaal, while the honorable Mr. Botha shall remain as the state president and retain all former powers that were reserved to his office and position, save for those to be in the hands of General Sharpsville. Before anything is translated into implemented policy in either nation, we shall wait to see the results of the meeting between his Excellency and President Botha. As far as that goes, it is now likely a fitting time to mention that Hendrik von Kruger is to be elevated to the position of Großherzog -Grand Duke- of Boer Staat for the betterment of the nation and the improvement of the plight of the people. This move comes at the unanimous insistence of the Parliament of Boer Staat.

FEB.7, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM BOTHA TO HENDRIK VON KRUGER - Großherzog Hendrik von Kruger! On behalf of the Transvaal Republiek, we humbly submit to Your Guidance. In recognition of the offense we have caused you recently, I bring this offer of reconciliation:

Our relations with communistic nations has gravely offended you, so I have recalled our ambassadors and diplomatic missions to those particular countries – and we shall request their embassies to leave our nation.

We shall recognise the pre-eminant position of Your Excellency Großherzog as Protector of South Africa. We shall cut all contact with Nelson Mandela of the ANC South Africa regime and have no dealings with the ANC nor any other nation which claims territory within South African borders.

We shall revert back to calling our nation the Transvaal Afrikaner Republiek to re-iterate the leading role of Afrikanervolk in all aspects of Transvaal society to the exlusion of all others.

Albrecht Sharpsville will be welcomed back into the nation and re-instated within the Nationalvolks Party.

We shall re-implement apartheid and pass laws towards the Zulu and all other tribals residing within our borders.

We shall suspend and declare the results of the Apartheid Referendum null-and-void.

Lastly, we agree to the signing of the Kruger Pact, defined as such: “When forces that are hostile to Afrikaner culture try to turn the development of an Afrikaner country away from apartheid, it becomes not only a problem of the country concerned, but a common problem and concern of all Afrikaner countries.”

FEB.7, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM NELSON MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Republic of South Africa presents you with a warning that any passing of laws attempting to reinstate apartheid will result in the complete reversal of South Africa's policy regarding Transvaal independence.

"Your breaking off diplomatic contact with South Africa is your choice, and it is one that will certainly be regretted by this administration," said President Mandela in a speech this morning, addressed to Botha and his government. "But the reinstatement of apartheid is not your choice and the liberal attitude which has been given this insurrection and separatist movement will not hold if you choose to disregard the moratorium and proceed with policies of racial terror."

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM DR. HASSO VON HUGEL OF BOER STAAT - We are elated to hear that our Boer brethren around us are finally coming to their senses and are ready to walk hand-in-hand with their brothers in Boer Staat, rather than trying to waltz around with Hottentots and savage Zulus from the tribes that have been placed around us to serve us. We urge all of the Transvaal government to throw their support behind the agreement as it is currently written. Boer Staat looks forward to the revival of Apartheid in Transvaal as per the terms of the agreement.

FEB.8, 2007 STATEMENT FROM CHAIRWOMAN CHIN YU-MEI OF NINARA - Our government is extremely disappointed by the actions of the Botha regime. Like our allies in South Africa, Ninara shall be forced to reconsider its recognition of the state of Transvaal should it deny it's people's decision regarding apartheid. The Transvaal people have voted against the apartheid policies, but have chosen to keep Mr. Botha- is he going to betray them now for the sake of appeasing the fascist von Kruger?

We have withdrawn our people from Transvaal, but our fleet remains in international waters for the time being. We hope that Mr. Botha reconsiders his position. While we have no plans for launching any sort of attack on Transvaal for these shameful acts, we may be forced to consider implementing a sea embargo in the near future.

FEB.8, 2007 EXCERPT FROM RADIO-TRANSVAAL BROADCAST - Staatspresident Botha returned to Pretoria this afternoon after two days of meetings with Großherzog von Kruger and Foreign Minister Hasso von Hugel of Boer Staat. Accompanying the Staatspresident on his return was a contingent of Boer Staat special forces to be deployed in and around Pretoria at various government buildings.

Botha immediately re-organised his government by appointing General Albrecht Sharpsville as Prime Minster. Another notable appointment was Riaan van der Byl as Foreign Minister - after the previous Foreign Minister, Pieter Schellenbosch resigned and fled into exile to South Africa, claiming refugee status. There are unconfirmed rumours that two of Transvaal's ambassadors have also claimed asylum in Democratic Ninara and the Republic of Venice.

Since his return by train, Botha has remained under heavy guard at an undisclosed location and yet to make any public announcements or appearances - although it is believed he shall address the nation at some point in the next 6 hours.

In anticipation of aparthied laws taking effect at midnight tonight, signs started appearing at public ammenities as the new reality of Transvaal begun to sink in: "Under Section 37 of the Pretoria Public Toilet Bylaws, these toliets are reserved for the sole use of members of the Afrikaner race - Bylaw enforced by order of Boer Staat"

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM DR. HASSO VON HUGEL OF BOER STAAT - Boer Staat has a 500 mile exclusive economic zone that extends into the Indian Ocean, we also have 250 miles of territorial waters which the naval units of Marshal Ninara are not permitted to enter into. Furthermore we recognize ourselves as providing protection status to any of the waters that are within 500 miles of any inch of land of South Africa. The nation of Marshal Ninara would do well to recognize these realities and to adjust their actions accordingly. It would be a disaster if their navy was given the same treatment that the British navy received at the hands of the mighty Argentine Air Force not too many years ago. It is widely known, air-power trumps naval power, and Boer Staat's Air Force is powerful indeed.

It shall be the policy of Boer Staat to regard any hostile foreign activity in the waters under the security of Boer Staat as an attack upon Boer Staat, requiring a military response against the offending nation. This protection extends to our allies and even to the government of Mandela. We wish no foreign powers to interfere in what are primarily African affairs. We will deal with Mandela in a peaceful manner and best him through the triumph of our ideals, with the pressure his own people will exert upon him when they see how fair and efficient our system is; how prosperous our nation of Yahweh shall be. The children of Jacob, adhering to the Law and the Way, the true children, shall never know anything other than prosperity if their hearts be pure, they be sincere, and they administer the law with justice and mercy.

We wish no malice to the tribals around us, only to the international parasite race of the Jews and to those who would harbor them or bolster them. Those who work with the Jews may be considered as Jews and shall share their fate. However those of the tribal peoples such as the Zulu and Shona, demonstrably inferior as they are, and biblically low as they are clearly are, we shall still strive to be at peace with them for we believe now is the time for peace, and true peacemakers are to be blessed. Africa shall be won over through the strength of our ideal and the model of efficiency we are going to show this impoverished continent.

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM NELSON MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA - "I hope it is perfectly clear that territorial waters around South Africa are the responsibility of South Africa, and not the Boer Staat. Also, as of this moment, official support for the promising Transvaal government that has turned into an apartheid regime has ended.

"The area is no longer recognized with any special status and will continue to remain the seat of governance for the Republic of South Africa. Any attempts to practically instate apartheid will be met with resistance, and those who continue to hold the seats of legislators of an imaginary Transvaal nation will be regarded as criminals and duly treated.

"As of this moment, the independent state of the Transvaal no longer exists."

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM DR. HASSO VON HUGEL OF BOER STAAT - In response to the declaration of Mandela and his kaffir cabal in regards to their intention to annex Transvaal, and their utter disregard for our offer of friendship, we hereby make it known that we regard South Africa, under Mandela, to be a province of Boer Staat, a province that is in complete and total rebellion. We fully intend to crush this rebellion and bring them back into line as the proper province they should be. The savage shall be crushed down under the civilizing heel of the white man. Though think not that we shall be cruel and callous. Once the cabal is out of power, we shall treat the people with a gentle yet firm hand.

Before the month is out the whole of southern Africa will be under the domination of the Boer and the Afrikaner and the other whites who have found their way into this promised land. That is the solemn pledge we make to the peoples of the world, on this day!

Indeed Mandela and his terrorist rebel government have exactly thirty-six hours to resign and surrender themselves to the authorities of Boer Staat, or their rebellious province will be laid waste by the legions of Boer warriors who will be advancing into the very lair or the beast.

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM BOTHA - Transvaal has no qualms with the Jewish people nor Israel due to the fact that they supplied us with nuclear weapons and technology during the 1980s. Therefore Transvaal would be open to taking in and thus relieving Boer Staat of the Jewish population residing there.

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM NELSON MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Republic of South Africa would also, regarding the offer of "friendship," be willing to respond by taking in those who are oppressed, including as many Jews as wish to evacuate from Boer Staat. In this way, perhaps a compromise and a continued step in diplomatic relations can be made.

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM GROßHERZOG HENDRIK VON KRUGER OF BOER STAAT - Boer Staat will evacuate no Jews as we believe relocation to be a flawed and muddled concept when it comes to dealing with the Jewish parasite race. Boer Staat's government, after careful review of the Scriptures of Yahweh and the Gospel of Yahshua-Bin-Messiah, has concluded that the only acceptable policy towards Jews is to put as many of them to the edge of the sword as one can get hold of at any given time. According to Obadiah 18 they are all going to leave this world by fire, and we of Jacob Israel are to be the mechanism by which this happens. We in Boer Staat wish to begin this in our lands immediately.

We have no quarrel with the quaint tribal who knows nothing but his savage ways and can be taught somewhat better. But for the culture destroying Jews, the seed of Satan alive in this world, the enmity between the serpent’s seed through Cain and the seed of Eve through Abel and Set, there can be no mercy for that parasite race.

They destroyed southern Africa by working against the very people their own government worked with. Our allies failed to realize the Israelis worked with even the Iranians and Iraqis, they work with anybody they can profit from temporarily. You cannot bite the shark greater than it can bite you. You cannot out-Jew the Jew, with Jews you lose, but not so in Boer Staat any longer, where the status of Jew is now a capital offense. I alone bear all responsibility for this, and all of the soldiers and police of Boer Staat are relieved of any burden that may come with having to adhere to their orders and do their Godly duty against the serpent race.

FEB.8, 2007 - STATEMENT FROM DR. WOUTER HESSE OF BOER STAAT - As Minister of Truth Dr. Wouter Hesse was speaking before a crowd gathered at the city center, the cameras were rolling.

"We had always warned those parasites, those rats, that one day our patience would wear thin... I said it once many years ago, our patience was going to wear thin and we were going to put a stop to the shameless lies of the Jews! Now that time has come!" Hesse exclaimed with a jubilant smile across his face.

"I told them, we have given them chance after chance, and ample warning after ample warning... Now the insidious jew, the perpetual shape-shifter, seeks to unleash the plague of Asiatic communism upon us! They will loose their minions on our land, minions who will ravage all of the women and enslave all of your children!" The learned doctor guaranteed as a chill of horror swept across the crowd, women tugging their long dresses down even further as children gasped.

"But it doesn't have to be that way... It won't be that way, for their day has come, the rats are on the way out... They came in here as rats, they have lived as rats, and they shall perish as rats! Burn them out, leave none alive! To arms, brothers! To arms! Purge the Jewish plague once and for all... For the Boer nation, for the Boer people, for Almighty Yahweh! It's us or them! It's not going to be us! Kill them, kill them all!" Hesse thundered as he fired a pistol into the air to capitalize on the wave of rage that was now cascading throughout the crowd as nearby police officers were handing out automatic rifles, knives, and pistols to any white male who seemed eager to get one.

"They're penned up in their synagogues, the synagogues of satan! Go! Leave none alive! Death to the edomites!" The cabinet minister finally barked as he saluted a larger than life poster of von Kruger, one that was situated on the side of a large apartment complex, one of the few reminders of who the leader was, in the city otherwise void of anything considered "idolatry" but this was Staatsburg and a few reminders were needed.

The onrushing wave of vicious rage spilled forth from the center of the city, just as Hesse had commanded, obviously intent on falling upon the Jewish district of Staatsburg.

FEB.8, 2007 FROM INSIDE SOUTH AFRICA - Late this afternoon, Dr. Zuma, South African Foreign Affairs Minister, has suggested the immediate deployment of troops into Pretoria, as well as to the border of Namibia, in order to impose and "impress, with military might, the understanding upon Boer Staat that its hitlarian policies of anti-semitism will not be tolerated in a region already touched by the saving grace of multiracial democracy."

President Mandela has ordered the dispatch of South African troops to Pretoria, where they will rendezvous at Waterkloof Ridge, in preparation for temporary encampment in the capital area. "The ethnic hatred emerging in Boer Staat is mounting to an unprecedented level. The safest way to exert pressure on such a monstrously hateful dictatorical regime is to exert pressure on its closest ally."

TDF Military Junta & Klingen Protectorate Edit

FEB.8-9, 2007 MILITARY COUP IN TRANSVAAL; SHARPSVILLE KILLED - Albrecht Sharpsville, the famed Rhodesian mercenary and close friend of Dr. Hendrik von Kruger who was named Prime Minister of Transvaal yesterday, has been killed during a military coup against him.

Transvaal Defense Force troops, lead by Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen, launched a midnight operation against Transvaal government buildings in Pretoria and arrested the Prime Minister while working late-night at his office.

Sharpsville was chained feet-first and face-down to a TDF tank and then dragged all the way to Soweto Township, at some point succumbing from his injuries. The Prime Minister’s lifeless corpse was then strung up on a lamppost with the placard: “Ons bring julle die gesig van apartheid” [We bring you the face of apartheid].

Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen then declared the Kruger Pact null-and-void, denounced apartheid, and re-asserted full Transvaal independence. “Ons sal ons verset Boerestaat en Suid-Afrika teen as ons moet !” croaked the gravely-voiced Cruywagen - “We shall resist Boer Staat and South Africa if we must! The policies of Mr. Hendrik von Kruger are illogical and madness! He will only bring further ruin and disgrace for our Afrikaner people… Von Kruger likes to fashion himself as some sort of Hitlerist messiah - when in reality he is a buffoon much like Idi Amin

WHEREABOUTS OF BOTHA UNKNOWN - The present location of Botha is presently unknown, although General Cruywagen confirmed that he gave the Staatspresident prior knowledge of the coup and hinted that Botha “may now be in hiding somewhere inside South Africa”, trying to arrange a rendez-vous with the exiled foreign minister Pieter Stellenbosch.

My junta is in support of our rightful Staatspresident,” said the General.

Botha may not be perfect but he has always had the Transvaal-Afrikaanse at heart. If Boer Staat or the ANC wish to impose their tyranny over us, well then let them make the first move and declare war on us. However while strained, our dealings with the ANC regieme at least built a measure of workable peace for the region. We may not have liked each other, but were willing to let the other be. However Staatspresident Botha tried to deal with the Von Kruger regieme but got burnt by the Devil"

FEB.8, 2007 STATEMENT FROM MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA - Upon hearing this news, President Mandela has issued a formal written statement to members of the current administration, as well as to the military junta which is attempting to shake the foundations of Trasnvaal. Mr. Mandela also made his position clear to the press in an interview:

"Let it be known that we do not seek out President Botha to do him harm; he is welcome in South Africa and will be granted asylum should he make himself public at any point," Mandela said. "We value Mr. Botha highly as a key to peace. My administration will ensure that he is protected and that no physical harm will come to him, and our soldiers and police will work with his security personnel to ensure this -- that is, if they would be willing to work alongside Africans," he joked to the crowd of reporters, which now broke into laughter.

"I ask the international community and the South African press to remember that our aim is to restrain violence and ensure equality. We believe that President Botha is central to this vision and we will protect him, his allies, and all those who seek peace and harmony. It is in these interests that a peacekeeping force has been sent to Pretoria, but fear not, for no harm will be done and no shots will be fired -- we will extricate those who wish to be evacuated and assess the situation.

"The Transvaal has nothing to fear (why would we fire shots in our own capital?), but Boer Staat has much to fear. With plans to deploy South African troops to the border of Namibia and other border territories, the pressure is high on Herr Kruger to act in the interests of all his people, regardless of race, and to abandon policies that aim at the extermination of an entire people."

FEB.9, 2007 EXCERPT FROM BRIGADIER-GENERAL PAUL CRUYWAGEN, LEADER OF T.D.F. JUNTA - "The military junta wishes to see a peaceful resolution and an end to this agonising crisis which has gripped my nation; however we shall fight if need be."

"We appreciate Mr. Mandela for welcoming Our Staatspresident and granting him safety from this conflict. It pains me to think of him unable to remain here with us in Transvaal under present existing circumstances, but I deemed it imperative that he seek sanctuary in South Africa from the rising political tensions in Pretoria."

"To show our gratitute, we have adopted the South African six-coloured flag as our own"

"Transvaal shall prevail!"

FEB.9, 2007 RADIO BROADCAST BY BOTHA SPEAKING FROM INSIDE SOUTH AFRICA - This is Staatspresident Botha speaking from South Africa...

At midnight, the Transvaal Defense Force launched a military coup against a government which they viewed as illegal and imposed by external forces. Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen urged me to make my way to safety in South Africa as the situation in Pretoria was becoming tense. As a ruse, before I left I signed an order to start posting apartheid signage in Pretoria.

Prime Minister Albrecht Sharpsville died during the coup - shot three times by TDF troops while resisting his arrest. I have named Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen the new Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and his junta has been sworn in by me as the de facto government of Transvaal during my absense.

The twenty Boer Staat Secret Service agents which accompanied me on my return from my visit with Dr. von Kruger were arrested and disarmed with no incident. They were later turned over to third-party diplomatic channels for repatriation to Boer Staat; I have been told that three have since opted to defect from Boer Staat - fearing for their lives should they return.

I have met with Pieter Stellenbosch and he has been re-instated to his post as Foreign Minister. His first task will be to re-establish our recently-vacated embassies.

For two days while in Boer Staat, I was haranged and physically threatened by an unstable Dr. von Kruger and forced to sign decrees which I opposed and which blatently violated Transvaal independence. In short time, we would have been made a satellite puppet state of Boer Staat.

I saw first-hand the day-to-day reality within the Boer Staat Republic is grave, to say the least. One can only hope that cooler, pragmatic minds such as Dr. Hasso von Hugel can prevail and fix the shadow of madness which is decending across Southern Africa.

Lastly, I thank Mr. Mandela for providing a safe haven for myself and my family.

FEB.9, 2007 ASSORTED NEWS EXCERPTS FROM SOUTH AFRICA - According to recent reports, 5,000 members of the South African National Defense (SAND) have arrived in Pretoria and have already started to set up checkpoints within the city, and its commander has made contact with the Transvaal Defense Force (TDF), in the hopes that coordinated action can further help maintain stability.

As national troops dashed across the city last night, setting up strategic observation posts in all corners of the capital, they accomplished their goal safely and without firing a shot.

South Africa is once again united.

Meanwhile, SAND forces prepare an offensive into Keetmanshoop, Gibeon, Mariental, and Kalkrand, the central cities of Namibia which have been considered to be posing the largest threat to border security, if they were defended or reinforced by troops from the Boer Staat.

Lieutenant-Colonel Issahaye Jinjuku, leader of the Namibian expedition, discusses the matter with his fellow officers. . . .

"Sir, we are faced with a serious problem," said an anxious young officer at the meeting. "If we attempt to secure the four cities in Namibia, thus making a considerable inroad into Boer Staat territory, it'll require a commitment much larger than we are prepared to deal with, should our enemies decide to attack us."

"We are counting on Ninaran support in this mission; perhaps we can count on them in Mozambique or Botswana; we must not forget," emphasized Jinjuku, "that the TDF should be incorporated into this effort -- they are central to helping us secure the region."

Also, according to an order from Mandela (upon advisement from senior military advisors),

"A commitment of a brigade, alongside a tank platoon and a heavy weapons platoon, is required immediately for deployment to the cities of Namibia. An aerial assault is also being considered, and a squad of bombers and fighters will be deployed."

FEB.9, 2007 NEWS EXCERPT FROM DEMOCRATIC NINARA - Ninaran ships have arrived in South African ports. Troops from our republic are now joining South African troops for joint exercises. The Ninaran and South African militaries are preparing to conduct join exercises in a new coalition camp near the Namibian border.

FEB.9, 2007 PEACEKEEPERS GOING TO TRANSVAAL - Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen announced today that the Transvaal Defense Force junta has invited peacekeepers from the Nordreich nation of Klingen to establish a temporary protectorate over the nation to help defuse and stabilise the political crisis which has taken hold over Southern Africa. The peacekeeping measures have been approved by Staatspresident Botha and his Transvaal Republiek Government-in-Exile as sovereignty of the nation will come under temporary jurisdiction of the Klingen government. The peacekeepers will be based in the Transvaal Republiek between February 19 and March 6 - and during that time Transvaal will become an autonomous province of Klingen.

FEB.9, 2007 STATEMENT FROM DR. HASSO VON HUGEL OF BOER STAAT - We wish to make a last-moment appeal to peace and reason. My Monarch wishes it to be known that he sincerely desires peace but he will not stand to see Namibia threatened or Transvaal coerced into the ANC bloc. We have no designs per se against the Mandela government but we are genuinely disturbed by many of their policies and their vehement opposition to our internal affairs. Before this situation spirals into a nuclear nightmare, I propose that we all meet at a country retreat near Krugersburg and discuss the problems that are plauging our respective nations.

If Mr. Mandela and Mr. Botha are willing to enter into Boer Staat, we will give them our guarantee of diplomatic immunity and safety from all threats that might originate within Boer Staat from any pressure groups or citizens' bands. The safety of those we seek to cooperate with, would be of the utmost concern.

FEB.9, 2007 STATEMENT FROM BOTHA ADDRESSED TO DR. HASSO VON HUGEL OF BOER STAAT - Doctor Hasso von Hugel, after my previous "warm reception", please excuse me for not being too eager to return to Boer Staat any time soon.

Transvaal Republiek diplomats would only agree to meet with yourself or Boervolk representitives at a neutral third-party location outside of Southern Africa.

FEB.10, 2007 STATEMENT FROM MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA - Any location in South Africa outside the Transvaal would be suitable for me, or a neutral, third-party location, as suggested by President Botha.

FEB.10, 2007 STATEMENT FROM CHAIRWOMAN CHIN YU-MEI OF DEMOCRATIC NINARA - With the Ninaran military's presense, my country's interests are now involved in the southern African dilemma. We would like to know if we shall be represented at these discussions.

FEB.11, 2007 JOINT-STATEMENT FROM STAATSPRESIDENT BOTHA & BRIGADIER-GENERAL PAUL CRUYWAGEN - The Transvaal Republiek (as represented by the military junta and the government-in-exile) would like to re-establish diplomatic relations with Democratic Ninara.

FEB.11, 2007 STATEMENT FROM CHAIRWOMAN CHIN YU-MEI OF DEMOCRATIC NINARA - Our country remains insulted by the Transvaal Republiek government's expulsion of our ambassador in Pretoria, but since we now have commitments in southern Africa, we shall put this aside. We have decided to approve an embassy for Transvaal on Sanmen Rd. in a complex together with the Kashlinkovi Consulate. This complex is defended by Ninaran troops, and the embassy is expected to provide troops to defend its own grounds. Due to strong anti-Nordreich sentiments that exist in Ninara, we cannot guarantee the safety of your staff should they leave the complex, so it is suggested that they be advised to remain inside the complex.

FEB.12, 2007 REPLY FROM BRIGADIER-GENERAL PAUL CRUYWAGEN TO CHAIRWOMAN CHIN YU-MEI- "That is understandable - the expulsion was the result of some necessary ideological back-pedaling due to the Kruger Pact just prior to the military coup."

"It is my understanding that those embassy staff, such as our ambassador, who took asylum in Democratic Ninara shall be reinstated. Hopefully they will be able to work towards allieviate any anti-Nordreich sensibilities they may encounter."

FEB.12, 2007 EXCERPT FROM BRIGADIER-GENERAL PAUL CRUYWAGEN, LEADER OF T.D.F. JUNTA - All three South African nations involved in the conflict have previously stated that the dispute is a regional crisis and should if possible be solved by them without outside influence.

But as we can all see, the crisis has now expanded beyond the borders of South Africa. We've seen Ninara and Japanese warships recently patroling the region and Transvaal itself will soon come under a temporary protectorate status of a third-party power (Klingen).

While I obviously cannot speak for Boer Staat or South Africa, the Transvall junta leadership would not oppose any Ninara representation if that was agreeable to both Boer Staat and South Africa as well.

FEB.12, 2007 STATEMENT FROM MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA - It is certainly most agreeable to South Africa, as we consider Ninaran involvement a crucial aid in stabilization.

FEB.12, 2007 STATEMENT FROM MOST SERENE REPUBLIC OF VENICE - Your Excellency, President Botha of the Republic of Transvaal:

We have heard about the most dreadful problems that your country is facing, not too long ago we were facing a similar situation with one of our own neighbours.

The Most Serene Republic understands that this situation can only be solved by diplomacy, since violence will only bring upon more violence.

It is this horrible image that drove me to write this letter as a last act of the cabinet Fiorentino, together with my succesor and winner of the Parlementary Elections, Romano Prodi.

On behalf of the former cabinet Fiorentino, which will be disbanded immediatly after this writing, and the new cabinet Prodi, do I wish to invite the belligerent parties for a summit in Villa Foscari (more commonly known as the villa Malcontenta), just outside the village of Malcontenta, in the Veneto region.

Here all South African delegations and of course the Ninaran delegation can gather here to find a peaceful solution for this terrible situation.

Our government will take care of the surrounding perimetres and ensure your safety.

I would like to ask the belligerent nations to approve of a date in which to arrive for the summit in Venice, so we can prepare the area for your stay.

I would like to end this letter with a personal farewell to the grand statesmen in the Republic of Transvaal and the Republic of South Africa, it is also because of your immense effort that our small Republic has become a well-known nation throughout the world, and I most sincerely hope that we can keep up this level of communication and mutual friendship with the governments of the future. Now with the last stroke of the pen will the cabinet Fiorentino be dissolved and a new government will take it's place.


Martino Fiorentino - Former Prime Minister of the Most Serene Republic of Venice

Romano Prodi - Prime Minister of the Most Serene Republic of Venice

FEB.12, 2007 JOINT-STATEMENT FROM STAATSPRESIDENT BOTHA & BRIGADIER-GENERAL PAUL CRUYWAGEN - The Transvaal Republiek (as represented by the military junta and the government-in-exile) would agree to the Most Serene Republic of Venice hosting peace talks. [signed] Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen, on behalf of the TDF military junta and Staatspresident Botha, on behalf Transvaal Republiek Government-in-Exile

FEB.17, 2007 KLINGEN PROTECTORATE OF TRANSVAAL - Klingen peacekeepers began arriving today in Transvaal in preparation for the temporary sovereignty hand-over on February 19. The peacekeepers will be based in the Transvaal Republic until March 12 - and during that time Transvaal will become an autonomous protectorate province of Klingen.

Duirng the period of the Klingen Protectorate, His Excellency Staatspresident Botha of Transvaal will be overseas on a tour of Florida, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Haïti.

As Protector-General of Transvaal, Jake Felan of Klingen has received full authorization by the TDF Military Junta and Transvaal Government-in-Exile to maintain military and economic order in Transvaal. The military junta will end on March 12 when the Government of Transvaal returns home to its capital in Pretoria and the protectorate comes to an end.

Second Republic Edit

MAR.12, 2007 - PRETORIA, TRANSVAAL: In preparation for the handover of power back to the Transvaal Republiek Staatsregering [government], peacekeepers from Klingen began leaving Pretoria and Johannesburg this afternoon.

Residents lined the streets as well-wishers threw tulip bouquets and saw off the popular Klingen military contigent. During their stay, the Klingen military had brought a much-needed sense of peace and stability to the people of Transvaal after the month of discord originating from the aborted election and regional crisis with Boer Staat and South Africa.

Termination of the Transvaal Protektoraat, which had been established to govern the Transvaal Republiek during the exile and absense of Staatspresident Botha, had been delayed by one week after Botha and Mrs. Botha returned home from their recent vacation to find their Presidential Palace flooded from a gaping hole in the ceiling. After declaring the Presidential Palace un-liveable, Mr & Mrs Botha were then put up for three days at the Days Inn of Thors Keep in Klingen while necessary repairs were made.

Staatspresident Botha is expected to announce the formation and political direction of his new reconstructed government in the coming days.

It is believed that Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen, former leader of the Transvaal Defense Force military junta, will be retained as commander-in-chief of the military. It is anticipated that either the centre-leftist Pieter Stellenbosch, the former foreign minister, or the rightist, economic brainchild Riaan van der Byl will be named to the post of Eertseminister [prime minister].

In related events, the enclave of Walvis Bay in Namibia was formally acquired and annexed by Transvaal as a location for their new deep-water harbour.

MAR.13, 2007 - Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen, Commander-in-Chief of the Transvaal Krygsmagte (Transvaal Armed Forces, formerly known as the Transvaal Defense Force) announced this morning the creation of the new Transvaal Lugmag [air force]; four P-51 Mustang fighters were purchased to equip the new airforce.

MAR.16, 2007 - NEW GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCED: Staatspresident Botha has named Riaan van der Byl to the post of Eertseminister (Prime Minister) of Transvaal.

Van der Byl first gained national prominence during the Boer Staat crisis as a member of the Transvaal Volkstaat faction, serving briefly as the pro-Boer Staat foreign minister. Later he assisted in the economic reconstruction of the nation working with Klingen advisors during the protektoraat.

Eersteminister van der Byl said he will announce the name of the new foreign minister as well as the re-appointed ambassadors to the Republic of Venice and Kashlinkov in the next few days. The Eersteminister would also like to expand the number of Transvaal ambassadors from the current two. The former embassy with Democratic Ninara was closed when that nation unexpectantly fell out of existance.

The appointment of the unapologetically right-wing van der Byl is seen as a direct political counterweight to the appointment of Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen as Commander-in-Chief.

Where Cruywagen viewed as a progressive moderate dull and devoid of personality, van der Byl likes to live his life in the fast lane and is often seen driving his Ferrari sportscar around the Pretoria whilst sporting his trademark dark-sunglasses.

MAR.16, 2007 - NEW LAWS ANNOUNCED Eersteminster Riaan van der Byl immediately announced the following three new laws:

Transvaal Citizenship Act - Transvaal being an Afrikaner homeland, only Afrikaners and English may become citizens of Transvaal. All other residents are deemed citizens of South Africa and thus restricted and prohibited from participating in Transvaal politics.

Equal Amenities Act - This law protects the rights of all races in Transvaal to function in the national economy and prohibits racial segregation in the daily life of the nation.

Supression of Communism Act - This law bans the communist party as well as any other party the government chose to label as 'communist'. It makes membership in a communist party punishable by up to 10 years' imprisonment.

MAR.17, 2007 TRASNVAAL AT WAR WITH INCOM TERRORISTS: An hour after midnight, the Transvaal Republic declared war on rogueleadzer0 of Incom due to Nordreich alliance commitments - with Staatspresident Botha enacting the new Suppression of Communism Act in response to the anarcho-communist terrorist threat of the Libertarian Socialist Federation.

Two Transvaal V2 Springbok missiles were launched to weaken the Incom terrorist infrastructure, followed by two TLM (airforce) bombing runs with the 3 new AH-64 Apache helicopters on the terrorist capital of Rogue. One aircraft was shot down during the attacks.

Incom terrorist forces then counter-attacked by launching 2 cruise missiles at Transvaal cities - with extensive damage taken after one missile detonated in downtown Pretoria. Johannesburg came under attack of the second missile but escaped the level of damage seen in Pretoria.

Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen ordered the Transvaal Armed Forces to strike back aggressively at Incom terrorist positions. Despite facing disadvantageous odds, the TAF forces held firm and were decisively victorious in their opening attack. The TAF lost 111 valiant soldiers and 9 tanks but in the process 444 of the Incom terrorists and 29 tanks were exterminated. The victory – dubbed the Saint Patrick’s Day massacre - by far surpassed the greatest total of damage done in a single attack in the 49 battles in which TAF troops have participated.

MAR.17, 2007 - OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT STATEMENT FROM TRANSVAAL REPUBLIEK: Apart from restrictions limiting citizenship and political franchise to Anglo-Afrikaners, there is otherwise for all intents and purposes no apartheid in Transvaal. We do not have racial segregation laws nor maintain separate public amenities - and all races are free to live and interact as they see fit.

[signed] Staatspresident Botha [president]; Eersteminister Riaan van der Byl [prime minister]; Buitlandersbeleidminister Ms. Annetjie van Matteus [foreign minister]; Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen [TAF Commander-in-Chief]; Flight Commander Rik Jansens [TAF Air Force Commander]

Second Maroon War Edit

MARCH 17, 2007

Under anti-communist mobilisation orders from Nordreich, Transvaal declared war on Incom (LSF) by launching cruise missiles and bomber strikes prior to invasion.

Incom retaliated with cruise missile strikes before Transvaal ground troops struck at Incom positions in the First Battle of Incom. Transvaal is victorious as Incom suffers 444 casulties to 111 in the St. Patrick's Day War massacre.

MARCH 18, 2007

Transvaal launches second round of cruise missile and bomber strikes against Incom.

MARCH 19, 2007

Transvaal launches third round of cruise missile attacks against Incom before suddenly finding itself facing a full-out invasion (Operation "Lenin's Beard") by three communist nations.

Anti-apartheid forces lead by Procinctia (LSF) declared war on Transvaal. Procinctia launches 2 bomber attacks; Pretoria is devestated during the first wave and and Johannesburg suffers moderate damage during the second wave of bomber attacks.

First Battle of Procinctia results in Transvaal victory; casulties are 210 Procinctia dead and 424 Transvaal dead.

Socialist Workers Front operatives from Badekar (SWF) then declared war on Transvaal but the TAF re-groups and launches pre-emptive strike on Badekar in the First Battle of Badekar; Casulties are 1268 Badekar dead and 593 Transvaal dead.

Still engaged with Procinctia, the TAF orders a counter-attack resulting in 43 Procinctia casulties and 149 dead for Transvaal.

Badekar launches 2 cruise missiles; both Pretoria and Johannesburg suffer considerable damage. Badekar follows up with 2 bomber attacks but damage is negligible.

Second Battle of Badekar results in a blood-drenched victory for Transvaal with considerable ground damage. Badekar suffers 154 casulties while Transvaal has 346 dead.

Dessia (SWF) then enters the conflict and declares war on Transvaal in defense of the LSF. The First Battle of Dessia ends in Transvaal victory although Transvaal takes heavier losses, 115 Badekar dead to 403 for Transvaal. During the battle, Dessia launches 2 cruise missile and does considerable damage.

The Second Battle of Dessia ends in another bloodied Transvaal victory; Casulties are 89 dead for Badekar and 254 dead for Transvaal.

Transvaal is victorious in Third Battle of Procinctia with 66 Procinctia casulties and 24 dead for Transvaal.

Procinctia launches 2 cruise missiles a couple of hours before a ceasefire is declared.

MARCH 20, 2007

Peace treaty signed with Procinctia and Badekar after the LSF and SWF surrender to Nordreich.

MARCH 21, 2007

Peace treaties signed with Dessia and Incom. Transvaal involvement in the Second Maroon War comes to a conclusion.


DAMAGE INFLICTED: Infrastructure destroyed: 65.808; Troops: 2,389; Tanks: 49; Aircraft: 1; Technology stolen: 7.97; Technology destroyed: 0; Land razed: 28.08; Money looted: $2870; Approximate monetary value in total damage dealt: $174,191

DAMAGE TAKEN: Infrastructure destroyed: 120.614; Troops: 2,304; Tanks: 52; Aircraft: 4; Technology stolen: 1.959; Technology destroyed: 1.925; Land razed: 5.213; money looted: $587; 861 civilian casualties; Approximate monetary value in total damage taken: $280,678

Great War III Edit

MARCH 24, 2007

After the Socialist Workers Front declared war on Nordreich, Transvaal declared war and launched pre-emptive strikes against dreamwhite land (SWF), Lost City (NAAC), and Tudelia (SWF). A few hours later, Askarion (SWF) launched attacks on Transvaal.

MARCH 25, 2007

Xandoria (SWF) and Maoist Nepal (SWF) attacked Transvaal.

MARCH 27, 2007


After three days of resisting fierce ground attacks and aerial bombardment from Askarion, the Transvaal Krygsmagte launched Operation Impala one hour after midnight, on Transvaal’s three-month anniversary, as a major offensive counter-strike against their toughest communist target so far in the war.

The overwhelming success of the operation was un-stoppable, as the remainder of Tranvsaal’s communist enemies soon felt the bloodied hammer of Nordreich. The victory from Operasie Rooibok resulted in the liberation of a huge area of territory, encompassing the area between Pietersburg in the north and Kroonstad in the south. The Botswana and Swazi borders marked the east-west expanse of liberated territory now under Transvaal Republiek control.

APRIL 15, 2007


For much of Transvaal’s short history, our nation has been embroiled in wars and regional conflicts which have stunted growth and prosperity.

Two days after unilateral independence from South Africa was declared, the new-born country was already in anarchy from involvement in the Oil War. A native rebellion soon broke out which took one month to crush. Less than two weeks after our victory in the Oil War versus J Alliance rabble, Great War II started.

Even before Great War II wound down, the referendum crises broke out when Transvaal found itself the ideological battleground between its two most powerful neighbours, Boer Staat and South Africa.

The South African regional conflict, which involved some notable third-party nations, dragged on for almost three-weeks as a military junta ultimately descended on the nation. Our Staatspresident was forced into exile for fear of his life as chaos gripped the nation.

To dig its way out of spiraling political doom and our future looking grim, Transvaal was placed under the protectorate status of the great nation of Klingen. The Protektoraat lasted for four weeks, as Transvaal was economically and politically rebuilt. The people of Transvaal are eternally grateful to the Klingen people and their great leader, Jake Felan, for bringing internal peace and prosperity back to our nation.

Five days after the second Transvaal Republic was established, the Second Maroon War broke out as the Afrikaner homeland now faced a full-out communist invasion. In a few weeks, the Second Maroon War had evolved into Great War III.

As much of the world celebrates peace, our nation remains at war for the moment as the glorious Transvaal Armed Forces continues to fight pockets of stubborn resistance.

But there is hope on the horizon for Transvaal as these last vestiges of communist and so-called “anti-apartheid” banditry and NAAC activity are eliminated from our volkstaat. Entering Great War III battered and bruised from our first encounter with the fiendish communist hordes, our nation now greets peace more confident and economically powerful than ever. While across the border our former colonial master South Africa faces a bankrupt and broken future, Transvaal has seen solid and consistent technological and economic growth hand-in-hand with Nordreich.

Our enemies desperately lash out at us, blindly calling us “racists” without understanding the complex situation of the region – yet they overlook the fact that our non-Anglo-Afrikaner population has a higher quality of lifestyle than is found in the rest of Africa. One result of our victory in Great War III is the establishment of two African ‘national reserves’ from excess territory acquired during the war which has been put aside for the development and well-being of our non-Anglo-Afrikaner residents.

Later this week we shall be hosting the first-ever sports tournament held by Nordreich – a great honour for our young and hopeful nation.

Our enemies have been crushed, the communist threat has been crushed, and soon too the despotic ANC threat will be just a memory as Nelson Mandela’s basket-case regime is read its last rites

We are now entering our golden era of prosperity. Hail Botha! Hail Transvaal! Hail Nordrech!

Anti-ANC Campaign Edit

APRIL 14 TO APRIL 22, 2007

On April 14, 2007 Gaelic Empire and Krionia declared war on Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

Unable to become directly involved with its military, Transvaal sent $100,000 in financial aid the following morning in support of their anti-ANC war; Transvaal then announced it was breaking off all de facto diplomatic relations and recognition of the ANC regieme.

On April 20, 2007 at 12:16am local time, Botha was notified that South Africa's last remaining infrastructure and resistance had been destroyed. Soon afterwards, Botha announced victory in the anti-ANC campaign even though South Africa still remained engulfed in war.

On April 22, 2007 South Africa was destroyed and Nelson Mandela fled into exile in Western Sahara.

Battle map of the Anti-ANC campaign (April 14 to April 21, 2007)

Gaelic Empire troops (blue); Krionia troops (red)

STAGE 1: Anti-ANC troops air-lifted to bases in Transvaal.

STAGE2: land and air strikes launched against Mandela's base of support. Antianc

Southern Front Campaign Edit

MAY 11 TO MAY 19, 2007

MAY 11-12, 2007 - Engaged in police action against surrender term violators, Transvaal military forces advanced 41 miles in the last 24 hours of operations to reach the suburbs of Bloemfontien - one of the major cities of South Africa.

Other major towns nearing liberation from anti-Initiative guerillas and other anti-state forces are Kimberley to the northwest and Maseru in the Sotho territories.

Also involved in the Southern Front campaign are troops deployed from the Republic of Roma (NoV) and Frenum (NPO).

Hiding out and directing anti-Initiative activities in the region, Salaam, 2 + 2, and talleyland suffered major casulties as 192 units of enemy infrastructure was destroyed and 21 units of technology were liberated by soldiers of the Transvaal Krygsmagte. Over R$ 100,000 rand in funds were seized by police from terrorist bases and safehouses.

Apart from expected frontline casualties, Transvaal has suffered only minor damage as a result of the heavy fighting, namely from 2 poorly-aimed missile attacks.

Southern Front in the war against Anti-Initiative Terrorists (May 12) Southern front 1

MAY 14, 2007 - The city of Bloemfontien was liberated today by Transvaler military units from rebel mercenary forces under the control of the anti-Initiative terrorists and assorted communist rabble which have plagued South Africa since the collapse of the kleptocratic ANC regieme of Nelson Mandela. Apart from some missile attacks, enemy resistance has been light to non-existant since the initial opening attack thrust in the campaign a few days ago.

Satellite Image of the Southern Front around Bloemfontien (May 14) Bloemfontien

Schönefeld Raid Edit

MAY 22, 2007


Transvaal special commandoes executed a daring rescue raid on East Berlin’s Schönefeld airport in the early hours of this morning. Flown in on two stripped-down B-25 bombers converted for transport, a squad of two-dozen comandos evaded DDR anti-aircraft barrages to reach Schönefeld, located in the southern part of the embattled city, and seized the airport to rendezvous with Foreign Minister Annetjie van Matteus.

“We gained a major advantage of surprise…” remarked Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen during the press conference and debriefing which followed, “… due to our antiquated World War II-era aircraft which somehow slipped through and avoided DDR attention – either mistaken as civilian transports, relief flights, or simply written off as being simply no military threat in a conflict involving much more high-technology”.

When interviewed after her safe arrival in Bonn, Ms. Van Matteus explained her side of the story: “I had been authorized by Staatspresident Botha to meet with DDR authorities – however I soon found myself pinned down in what was a hostile situation and took refuge with a friendly family opposed to the communists.”

Van Matteus then laughed, “I give all credit to German efficiency for maintaining the telephone network even during this extreme crisis, as I was able to use Deustches-Tel to contact Pretoria and inform them (through government-coded language) of my location. I was instructed to make my way to Schönfield Airport, about 3 kilometres from where I was located, and where a commando squad would meet me. I was also instructed to bring the family of four who assisted me, as they would be extracted to safety on the assumption that the DDR Stasi had traced what would be an unusual long-distance call back to their house.”

“On arrival at the airport, which was thankfully abandoned expect for some civilians taking refuge there, looking for possible incoming hospital flights to freedom… we soon met up with the TAF commandos. All in all, despite the precariousness of the situation, the operation went off without a hitch. The planes were only on the ground for about 7 or 8 minutes. From my arrival at the airport until we were in the air was about 10 minutes, as we approached the airport in a derelict Trabant, we could see the two B-25s making their final approach.”

“Sadly, the civilians hiding out at the airport desperately wanted us to take them as well, but we didn’t have any room except for the family, so our soldiers left behind all their small arms and assault rifles so that the civilians could use them to defend themselves as they saw fit against the communist forces prowling in the area.”


Congo War Edit

MAY.24 to MAY.27

Transvaal declared war on the Republic of Congo at twenty minutes to midnight on May 24, 2007.

After an opening barrage of cruise missiles followed by bombing runs which destroyed 41 units of infrastructure, Transvaal ground troops invaded but were held off in two defeats which resulted in over 1273 soldier casualties and the loss of 52 tanks.

Transvaal launched a second round of attacks in their offensive early next morning on May 25. The opening missile barrage and bomber strikes destroyed 52 units of infrastructure. The situation on the ground was stalemated as both nations gained one victory each in the two battles which followed. Transvaal casualties were 787 soldiers and 132 tanks. Enemy casualties to this point amounted to 1210 dead and 166 destroyed tanks.

On May 26, Day 3 of the Congo offensive, with Congolese forces still remaining on the defensive and refusing to counterattack, Transvaal secured two victories during the ground fighting although taking heavier casualties; 839 dead Transvalers to 581 dead Congolese. Transvaal Lugmag bombers and missile barrages accounted for 90 units of infrastructure devastation.

To concentrate the Transvaal Krygsmagte (Armed Forces) against the dangerous situation which had subsequently developed in the south against Natal, at 1:06PM Transvaal announced a ceasefire and issued a diplomatic note to the Republic of Congo sounding them out for a peace treaty.

Republic of Congo and Transvaal signed a peace treaty at 5:09AM to end the Congo War. Although militarily a victory for Transvaal, the Transvaal Krygsmagte regarded it a hollow victory on account of the bloody quagmire taking place south in Natal.

Campaign Map for the Congo War

Congo war1

South African War Edit

MAY.26 to MAY.29

Wishing to consolidate their recent southern territorial expansion as well as keeping the hated Zulus in their place, Transvaal declared war on Natal at 12:11AM on May 26, 2007.


The opening missile and bomber attacks leveled 80 units of infrastructure. The ground warfare became a stalemate as both sides gained 1 victory in the two battles. Natal casualties were 971 soldiers and 54 tanks while Transvaler losses were 709 soldiers and 137 tanks.


Natal forces counterattacked just after 11:00AM. Transvaal suffered 2 defeats and saw itself pushed back 48 miles – 27 miles beyond it’s initial advance from the First Battle of Ladysmith. Natal casualties were 1318 soldiers and 2 tanks while Transvaal suffered 2065 soldiers and 69 tanks killed.

Campaign Map for Battle of Ladysmith

African war

Transvaal intelligence agents then discovered that Natal had received foreign aid ($424,960) and 461 soldiers from The Hideout Nation as its leader Corpgus proclaimed “The British are coming!”


Natal makes the first strike and the Transvaal Krygsmagte is depleted enough to cause riots to break out in Pretoria. Prime Minister van der Byl’s government collapses as the nations descends into anarchy. General Cruywagen ignores the situation at home as he redirects forces assigned for the Congo front and commits all new reinforcements into launching two risky, suicidal counterattacks. Despite the heavy losses, Transvaal secures two victories and batters its opponent down to one-third of Transvaal’s remaining ground force. Transvaal’s war dead for the day is 2049 soldiers killed in action while Natal loses 3029 soldiers and 100 tanks. The front line areas are devastated from bombers and missiles as Transvaal destroys 100 units of enemy infra while seeing 68 of its own destroyed. The front is now located approximately 38 miles inside Transvaal territory.


The Republic of Dresden came to the assistance of Transvaal and declared war on Natal at 3:19PM on May.27. Nikanor dispatched the Dresdense Vrywillingers (Dresden Volunteers) to southern Africa. During the Battle of Mtubatuba, Dresden missile launchers destroyed 20 units of infrastructure before commencing with ground operations. Natal casualties were 581 soldiers while DVW loses were 677 soldiers and 21 tanks as well as advancing almost 11 miles from their starting position on the front. Republic of Dresden and Natal then signed a peace treaty after Natal’s ally The Hideout Nation declared war on Dresden.

CAMPAIGN MAP as of May.27 - Transvaal troops in red, Dresden Volunteers in green'

RSA war 2


Transvaal regrouped and attacked at Willowgrange, advancing 10 miles to retake Mooirivier after a small scale skirmish which saw 142 Transvaal casualties and 46 Natal dead.


On May 26, Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen complained to Staatspresident Botha, severely criticizing about the overall handling of the war by Prime Minister Riaan van der Byl and the high losses being sustained by the Transvaal Krygsmagte from fighting a pointless two-front war. Cruywagen claimed it was van der Byl’s own personal agenda of racial aggressiveness towards the Africans combined with his arrogant self-confidence which had really sparked the war.

State President Botha replied that the brigadier was often too quick to panic whenever the army faced obstacles, however he nevertheless instructed Annetjie van Matteus, Transvaal’s foreign minister, to send a diplomatic message to the Republic of Congo to enquire about a peace treaty. A cease fire against the Republic of Congo was then ordered by Brigadier-General Cruywagen.

The civilian death total is 629 killed during the Battles for Ladysmith and 621 at the Battle of Mooirivier.

Nationwide rioting breaks out on May 27 over recent losses from the Battle of Mooirivier and the government was thrown into anarchy. Prime Minister van der Byl’s government collapsed and martial law declared by General Cruywagen.



On the morning of May 28, at 7:26AM, the Natal missile barrage began raining down on Transvaal troop positions around Beacon Hill, around 10 miles north of Mooirivier. Transvaal losses 1783 soldiers and 4 tanks while 812 casualties are inflicted on the attackers as well as destroying 1 tank during the defense but are forced to retreat 45 miles to Colenso.


The Hideout Nation declared war on Transvaal at 8:23 AM and landed troops near Maputo in occupied-Mozambique. Transvaal losses defending against the amphibious assault were 388 soldiers dead; The Hideout Nation (THN) losses are 241 soldiers dead and 43 tanks lost. Transvaal loses 59 units of infrastructure during the destruction of Maputo; THN advances 41 miles inland from the Mozambican coast but still falls just short of taking Maputo.

During a THN bombing raid over Maputo, Flight Commander Rik Jansens (Commander of the Transvaal Lugmag) was shot down and killed while flying his P-51 Mustang during an intercept mission.

May 28 - Campaign Map: Natal offensive at Beacon Hill

RSA war 3

At 1:58PM the Transvaal Foreign Office formally issued peace offers to both Natal and The Hideout Nation, however dialogue did not begin until after Canadian terrorists from Tehdinaglo declared war at just after 8:00PM that evening and launched two cruise missiles into the heart of downtown Pretoria.

Negotiations between Transvaal, Natal, and The Hideout Nation resulted in a cease fire and the hammering out of an agreement for Transvaal to pay $600,000 rand in reparations as well as a mutual non-aggression agreement promising no future acts of aggression against Natal – essentially Transvaal recognition of Natal independence in South Africa.

Transvaal was offered reparations for destroyed infrastructure from the Canadian terrorist attack but turns the offer down.

On the morning of May 29, Staatspresident Botha met with Natal representatives at Colenso and signed the Transvaal-Natal Peace Treaty (or the Colenso Accords) at 8:09AM. Additional peace treaties were signed in the following hour with The Hideout Nation and Tehdinaglo. The South African War officially ended at 8:50 AM.

During the peace-signing ceremony, Natal agreed to reduce reparations; Transvaal offered $425,000 rand in compensation.

MAY 29, 2007


Staatspresident Botha has appointed Annetjie van Matteus as the new Eertseminister of Transvaal. She will be sworn in just after midnight on May 30.

The previous incumbent, Riaan van der Byl was forced out of office on May 27 when rioting broke out in Pretoria and Johannesburg after news of Tranvsaal’s defeat in the Battle of Mooirivier. The whereabouts of van der Byl are at present unknown.

Ms. van Matteus previously held portfolio as Transvaal’s foreign minister. She recently gained some international prominence during the Berlin Crisis when she was trapped inside hostile DDR territory - and Transvaal Krygsmagte special forces carried out a daring rescue raid at Berlin’s Schönefeld airport.

Van Matteus, a member of the National Party of Transvaal, is known for her ruthless narrow-mindedness approach to her job and has been outspoken with her desired long-term goal to see Transvaal acquire the atom bomb as a means to defend national interests in the region.

Her appointment seems to follow Botha’s usual approach to offset the policies and mindframe of the prime minister with those of the Transvaal Krygsmagte Commander-in-Chief, as Brigadier-General Paul Cruywagen is well-known to be one of the more moderate figures within the National Party government and has repeatedly opposed Transvaler expansionism in South Africa.

Appointing the almost neo-fascist Annetjie van Matteus seems to confirm this paradoxical trend by Botha. When she appointed to her first cabinet posting, that of Minister of Labour right immediately independence in December 2006, twice she relied on military troops to crush labour unrest.

The new Eersteminister is known to have a good working relationship with Interior Minister Uys Rooyan de Ruijters and it is rumoured that she will appoint him to replace her foreign ministry duties.

Northern Front Campaign Edit

JUNE 1 to JUNE 8

The oft-delayed Northern Front Campaign against anti-Transvaal guerillas based in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia commenced on June 1, 2007 with war declarations against Duke U. and Delfinopolis.

After looting $228,000 from destroyed bases, the enemy combatents soon saw their ground forces eliminated. Transvaal Lugmag bomber then launched un-opposed continuous strikes.

Delfinopolis agreed to pay Transvaal $50,000 in exchange for peace on June 4 - and a peace treaty was signed with that nation.

On June 9, the war with Duke U. expired.

Operation Overlord Edit

JUNE 5 to JUNE 6, 2007


At 11:37 PM on June 5, 2007, FAN terrorists from Genesee launched a completely unprovoked and nefarious attack against our Afrikaner homeland from their secret bases located in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Twenty-three minutes later more FAN terrorists, this time from Unholy Nation, crossed over our borders as our armed forces were ordered to retreat and leave our beloved veldland scorched in their wake.

After making a retreat of 154 miles, Transvaal troops had dug in preparation for a further round of attacks when a ceasefire was announced by the aggressor nations.

The Transvaal Krygmagte lost 5677 soldiers and 157 tanks in the bloodied fighting while the terrorists saw 5440 of their ilk slaughtered or executed and 476 tanks destroyed.

Our beloved Transvaal Republiek has suffered greatly but we are still standing. Despite the overwhelming odds thrown at our volk, we nevertheless secured at least two victories versus the vermin from Unholy Nation.

At present however our government in once again in anarchy as rioting has erupted in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Soon after the ceasefire took effect at half past noon, Prime Minister Annetjie van Matteus appeared on live state television along with the rest of her cabinet and proclaimed Order No.1 as a means to combat internal lawlessness and discord.

All members of the National Party of Transvaal as well as troops of the Transvaal Krygmagte have been given full powers of summary justice. Any citizen or resident within the borders of Transvaal – including territory under the authorities of the African National Reserves and Rhodesian protectorate – was declared liable to summary arrest and execution if deemed to be a security threat to the state.

While making her speech on live television, to prove her point, the camera then panned out as Ms. Van Matteus then calmly walked up to some hapless prisoners handcuffed off to the side, pulled out her Luger P08 pistol and proceeded to execute them. She then casually walked over to her foreign minister and shot Herr Hans Breytenbach in head with one shot as well, his punishment for failing to keep her informed of the FAN threat against our nation.

Since the proclamation of Order No.1, security forces have confirmed the arrest, detention, and termination of 261 'enemies of the state' - including the entire SWF-NAAC POW soccer team which was still under detention in a Pretoria prison after repatriation to East Germany failed a some weeks ago.

Oorwinning sal ons s’n gewees word!

JUNE 6, 2007


As a result of the on-going rioting which has engulfed downtown Pretoria, anti-government hooligans have unfortunately seized control of the state communication systems in Pretoria.

In an outrageous and brazen display of treason, these despicable anarcho-communists have now hacked into websites of the Govermenet and National Party, replacing the splendid image of our glorious and victorious Staatspresident Botha with this false visage of “so-called” freedom who opposes everything our Afrikaner homeland stand for.

The Prime Minister has ordered re-establishing control over all government buildings the prime concern of all military and civilian security forces.

Surely the perpetrators of this heinous act will be brought to swift and appropriate justice!

Long live the Nationalist Government of Transvaal.

JUN 8, 2007

Rioting and violence continued for a second day in the major population centres located across Tranvsaal. Large portions of downtown Pretoria, including the offices of Transvaal Broadcasting Corporation, still remained out of government control. Field Marshal Paul Cruywagen told foreign reporters today that he expects it will take another 24 hours before the rioters are completely dispersed and order returns to the streets.

While many rioters are disenfranchised Africans (such as those who have seized the TBC facilities and showing their displeasure with the Nationalist regieme by posting Winnie Mandela pictures on government websites) a new more sinister element was noticed today by security forces when some white hooligans were arrested with Boer Staat paraphenalia on their persons. With the detiriating situation in neighbouring Boer Staat and that nation believed to be on the brink of collapse, there is widespread concern that Transvaal - or at least those areas outside of direct government control - maybe become a refuge for Boer Staat exiles and supporters of the banned Transvaal Volkstaat organisation.

Prime Minister Annetjie van Matteus appointed herself to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs. This move comes in the wake of the incredible events caught on live televsion where she shot dead the previous foreign minister.

The Nationalist government today released the official casualty lists from the FAN terrorist attacks: 5842 military personal and 1704 civilians were killed during the 24 hours of terrorist strikes against the nation.

838 soldiers were demobilised yesterday by the Transvaal Krygmagte after the government was unable to meet its bill payments; however the Minister of Finance did confirm that the government is now back on solid financial footing and meeting all its debt payments.

In a surprise move of mutual reconciliation, Transvaal established diplomatic relations and exchanged ambassadors with their former Second Maroon War enemy Procinctia, which is lead by Generalissimo. The two nations fought a brief war against each other starting on March 19, 2007 when LSF forces lead by Generalissimo invaded Transvaal. A ceasefire was declared the following day, but not before 156 Transvaler and 278 Procinctian troops lost their lives in two battles which resulted in Transvaal gaining 21 miles of Procinctian territory. Veterans' associations from both nations plan on holding a memorial service at the Procinctian military cemetary located just outside Johannesburg.

JUNE 13, 2007

Further proof of the growing rift between the Transvaal military high command and the Prime Minister appeared today when Field Marshal Paul Cruywagen, Commander-in-chief of the Transvaal Krygmagte issued a public statement this morning that two notable members of the Boer Staat government, Dr. Hasso von Hugel (Foreign Minister) and Dr. Wouter Hesse (Truth Minister), had been granted refugee status in Transvaal.

There has been a constant stream of people fleeing the Boer Staat for the safety of Transvaal as that nation suffers under the crushing weight of war.

The two men were positively identified by border guards while crossing the frontier amongst a large group of Boerstater refugees and were detained by military personal after Field Marshal Cruywagen was alerted to their precense.

After claiming asylum in the Afrikaner homeland, they were however released and then allowed to continue on their way after direct orders from the Prime Minister, Annetjie van Matteus, filtered down to the overwhelmed border-crossing post to release the two men and not prohibit them entry into Tranvsaal.

It is believed von Hugel and Hesse will now likely make their way to the refugee camp set-up and loctaed between Bronkhorstpruit and Delmas, about 60 km southeast of Pretoria.

No official public comment has been made by the Prime Minister's office.

Northern Summer Offensives Edit



Transvaal victory 24.11 miles of land occupied

Transvaal losses 706 soldiers lost, 132 tanks destroyed

Vyvixu losses 1410 soldiers killed, 11 tanks destroyed

Grolith losses 74 soldiers killed


Transvaal victory 11.02 miles of land occupied

Transvaal losses 3977 soldiers lost, 180 tanks destroyed

Haligonia losses 1539 soldiers killed

British Iberia losses 563 soldiers killed


The Transvaal Republic is in anarchy today after communist-backed ANC guerillas launched a series of counter-attacks against the Afrikaner homeland.

Field Marshal Paul Cruywagen – commander-in-chief of the Transvaal Krygmagte and Minister of Defense – then proclaimed martial law and seized power in a military coup this afternoon, deposing the neo-fascist civilian Prime Minister, Annetjie van Matteus.

Soon after the coup was announced on state radio, Marshal Cruywagen was sworn into office by Staatspresident Botha as Transvaal’s third prime Minister. The swiftness of the coup seems to indicate that Staatspresident Botha had some forwarning, if not giving outright endorsement, of van Matteus’ ouster.

Ms. Van Matteus is presently being detained at an undisclosed military base. Political experts and analysts of the Transvaal are now wildly speculating that Ms. Van Matteus may face murder and/or abuse of power charges in relation to her infamous Order #1 which ushered in a reign of terror which resulted in the summary executions of her foreign minister as well as other numerous political ‘enemies’; amongst the victims of van Matteus' was the SWF-NAAC POW soccer team.

The new Transvaal Prime Minister is deemed to be a moderate within the National Party - and although a supporter of Herr Botha and the policy of Anglo-Afrikaner rule in the homeland, Marshal Cruywagen is known to favour a more federalized approach to governing the nation’s racially-divided population.

For the time being however, Transvaal remains under curfew and military rule.


Transvaal defeated in the Battle of Messina and forced to retreat 37 miles.

Transvaal losses 2379 soldiers lost, 211 tanks destroyed

Haligonia losses 129 soldiers killed

Chokan losses 3612 soldiers killed


This afternoon, Transvaal’s high court in Pretoria found former prime minister Annetjie van Matteus guilty of 12 counts of murder for her part in authorizing the executions of [Foreign Minister] Hans Breytenbach and the SWF-NAAC POW soccer squad. Another 249 counts of murder were suspended when she was acquitted on charges of abuse of power due to a split jury.

The high court then sentenced Van Matteus to life in prison after Prime Minister – Field Marshal Paul Cruywagen reiterated and reinforced that Transvaal has no death penalty due to Presidential Decree #4 of January 4, 2007. Only Staatspresident Botha has the sole legislative power to overturn a Presidential Decree and he informed Marshal Cruyagen prior to sentencing that there would be no relaxation of Presidential Decree #4 in the van Matteus case.

Staatspresident Botha commented afterwards to the press that he had weighed that option but in the end chose not to start a precedent, stating that foreign opinion both for and against this form of punishment did have a factor in his decision.

Prime Minister – Field Marshal Cruywagen also announced that elections for Prime Minister would probably be announced for sometime in August or early September, stating that he is “a military man at heart with no desire for political office.”

August 27 Election Edit

JULY 23, 2007

"We are now two to three months ahead of where our state planning has expected us to be - Prime Minister Cruywagen"

Since Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen (Field Marshal) took office on July 6, Transvaal has been undergoing somewhat of a sudden economic resurgence - the likes not seen since the days of the Klingen Protectorate back in February.

Immigration to the self-proclaimed Anglo-Afrikaner homeland has seen a steady increase after heavy civilian casualties from the FAN terrorist attacks of early June.

Transvaal's population was at a previous best of 5,613 on May 25, but quickly dropped to 2,699 after the terrorist strikes in downtown Pretoria and Johannesburg. However within one month, population reached 4,754 before a sudden influx of 3,052 immigrants on July 5. Two days ago, another sudden intake of 1,851 immigrants helped push Transvaal's population past the 9,000 mark.

The sources of these new immigrants have been refugees from Boer Staat, Northwest Territory, and the displaced Europeans who fell prey to the recent Sankara Immigration Scam in the Upper Volta.

The influx of refugees escaping the dire situation in Boer Staat also brought with them 50 units of technology (although this occured during the infamous Van Matteus dictatorship). Those fleeing the wars in Northwest Territory brought with them 27 units of technology.

Industry and commerce have also seen strong, related growth.

On July 19, Transvaal began experiencing a sudden surge in crop output. To help boost market prices, the government destroyed the crops in order to keep them from flooding the market. High market prices then resulted in a $10 increase in Transvaler wages.

Recent trade agreements signed with The Sabathian Empire resulted in $2,000,000 of generous foriegn aid in exchange for access to Transvaal's water and sugar resources.

Transvaal built its first factory on July 6, but with such a strong economic market taking place, the nation has been able to built an additional two factories and one bank in the past two days.

After the dark days of defeat in the South African War with Natal and the FAN terrorist attacks, stability is returning and it is once again looking very good to be living in Transvaal.

JULY 31, 2007


The Government of Transvaal announced this morning that national population now exceeded 10,000 for the first time ever in the nation's 7-month history - as a third wave of immigration to the Afrikaner homeland has increased population to 11,436 citizens.

The government also announced success in both infrastrcture growth (an increase of approximently 20%) and government territorial control now matches pre-FAN levels.

The population boom has allowed the government to construct recent popular public works projects - such as the completion of Transvaal's first national school system and the formal establishment of a state church.


Archbishop Cornelius Hoof was appointed today the supreme head of the newly state-sanctioned Dutch Reformed-Anglican-Catholic "Church of Transvaal".

An amalgamation of all local Dutch Reformed Protestant, Anglican Communion, and Roman Catholic congregations residing in Transvaal and the Transvaal-African Protectorates, Archbishop Hoof is now responsible for the spiritual guidance in the Afrikaner homeland.

Being classified in the constitution as the “national church”, all religious education, facilities, and activities in Transvaal now come under the care of Archbishop Hoof and the Church of Transvaal – who earlier today presided over a Te Deum service held in Staatspresident Botha’s honour.

"O Lord our Governor, bless the leaders of our Transvaal, that we may be a people at peace among ourselves. Lord keep this nation under your care. Give grace to your servant Staatspresident Botha and our government." – Archbishop Hoof

AUGUST 4, 2007

The current term for Eersteminister [Prime Minister] expires on August 27, 2007. His Excellency, Staatspresident Botha has called for a national election to determine the next Eersteminister of Transvaal.


Transvaal is an Anglo-Afrikaner homeland and thus citizenship is restricted to those residents of proven Afrikaner and English decent. All citizens of Transvaal residing in Transvaal may vote in national elections. White citizens residing in the African National Protectorates or Special Economic Zone in occupied-Mozambique are prohibited from voting. White citizens residing in the Rhodesian Protectorate may vote.


Field Marshal Paul Cruywagen (National Party) favoured government type: federal republic - Incumbent Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of Transvaal Krygmagte. Regarded by Transvaler standards to be a moderate. Cruywagen is nicknamed by both his supporters and critics “The Volvo” of Transvaal politics (i.e. "really safe but really boring"). He favours a federal republic to better govern the nation with the influx of non-Afrikaners and Africans as Transvaal’s borders expand into non-South African territory.

Riaan van der Byl (National Party) favoured government type: dictatorship - Former prime minister deposed after leading Transvaal into blundered defeat at the hands of the Zulu during the Natal War of Independence. Charming playboy and notorious bigot; responsible however for Transvaal’s first major economic boom during the Klingen Protectorate. Announced his candidature despite living in exile in Spain. Gained a reputation for his heavy drinking during cabinet meetings.

Dr. Hasso von Hugel (Boers-Volkstaat Party) favoured government type: totalitarian state - Former foreign minister of Boer Staat who fled into exile to Transvaal. A disciple of the infamous Dr. Hendrik von Kruger, von Hugel has firmly stated his first act as Prime Minister would be to release the incarcerated former prime minister Annetjie van Matteus and return her to power. A deeply religious man, Von Hugel believes Doctor Henrick von Kruger to be a living god and Ms. van Matteus a saint. Von Hugel has also promised a return to apartheid and expulsion of Africans from the Afrikaner homeland.

AUGUST 7, 2007

Buoyant from hearing that he had received one vote so far in the balloting for the Transvaal National election, former prime minister Riaan van der Byl braved returning home to Johannesburg this afternoon from his self-imposed exile in Madrid. Van der Byl had fled Transvaal fearing for his life after being deposed during the rioting which brought Annetjie van Matteus to power.

Wearing a black wig, sunglasses, and a plaid suit, Herr van der Byl's attempt to quietly sneak past waiting press failed miserably as he was quickly indentified from the small crowd of passengers.

Later, while relaxing with a scotch on the rocks and cigarette, Herr van der Byl stated to reporters "I'm winning this election!", and that despite his previous errors provoking the Zulu of Natal into a bungled and costly war, he was the best unifying hope for a Transvaal torn between Cruywagen liberals and the hyper-nationalist bloc of Dr. von Hugel.


TELE-TRANSVAAL and TRANSVALER DAAGLIKSE NUUS presents... Transvaal national election ALL-CANDIDATE INTERVIEW hosted by evening news anchor of Daaglikse Tele-Nuus Lukas Reitz.

"Good evening everyone, I'm your host Lukas Reitz. As you can see, all the candidates are now in their seats, so let's begin."

"On my left here, we have Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen of the National Party of Transvaal, next to him on his left is Herr Riaan van der Byl, also running under the National Party banner, and on the end, Dr. Hasso von Hugel of the Boers-Volkstaat Party."

"I'll now open the floor to our audience, which is made up of members of the national and visiting international press... Please state your name and organisation and whom your question is addressed to:"

QUESTION: "Mr. Cruywagen, can you perhaps tell me your opinion about the ongoing crisis in Nigeria? What are your feelings towards a possible Finnish diplomatic intervention?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: As both Prime Minister of Transvaal and Commander-in-Chief of the Transvaal Krygmagte, I see no issues to Transvaal security if the Grand Duchy of Finland were involved or sent troops to intervene. We have amicable relations with the Grand Duchy, and their political ideology doesn't threaten Transvaler interests.

QUESTION: "Mr. Cruywagen, we've seen the working of your policies in the past, and have found them quite fair, we find it good to ask, if you are elected what do you plan to do for Transvaal and Foreign Relations internationally?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: Foreign relations are not so much the scope of the Office of Prime Minister, that aspect falls more under the scope of the position of Staatspresident.

While the Prime Minister does occansionally stand in for the Staatspresident in diplomatic concerns, the Office of Prime Minister is primarally a domestic posting while the Staatspresident sets the tone and has final say for Transvaal's diplomatic actions and concerns.

QUESTION: "Dr. von Hugel, we'd like to know what you feel would be the benefits of the apartheid segregation you are so firmly for? Are you at all afraid of a loss to your labor force?"

DR. VON HEGEL: The benefits of apartheid are protection of our Afrikaner culture from dangerous outside influences. The African has nothing to offer or contribute to the Afrikaner - and they are entitled to live in their own countries and build and wreck their own destiny as they see fit.

I do not see apartheid affecting our labour force, in fact I see it improving our economy. As we see a decrease in African labour, we will also see an increase in European and Boerstater immigration keen to live in our paradise and to replace those workers. Contrary to popular belief, many Europeans sick of the current permissive, corrupt, decadent multicultural lifestyle which is a cancer in Europe will view Transvaal as an attractive, safe alternative.

QUESTION: "Dr. von Hugel, doesn’t the influx of European immigrants to Transvaal bring different cultural influences to your nation? How do you plan to accommodate European immigration while maintaining a distinct Afrikaner culture in your nation?"

DR. HASSO VON HUGEL: True - but Western European culture will assimilate into Afrikaner culture much more easily than if we just opened our doors wide to Medeterranians, Saraceens, Asians, Mongols, etc. - and certainly the African tribals have no compatibility with us to even consider them.

We only want those people who plan on assimilating and adapting to our culture - those who still want to maintain their own culture in our country are not welcome because they will hold no loyalty to their new home in the Afrikaner homeland.

We do not see liberal types immigrating to Transvaal; mostly conservative and traditonalists whose culture is probably closer to ours. A rural, staunchly protestant Nederlander from the countryside will fit in faster and with less effort than some pot-smoking tattoo-ed riff-raff fornicators from Amsterdam - ilk we don't want polluting our nation anyways...

QUESTION: "Riaan van der Byl, what would your action (if any) would your administration take in regard to former prime minister Ms. Van Matteus?"

RIAAN VAN DER BYL: [pulls a drag from his cigarette...]"Ms. van Matteus served as an admirable foreign minister during my previous tenure as Prime Minister - I will give her credit for that, she is a very intelligent and driven woman - however as everyone realised later, she has an ambition which oversteps its bounds. [rattles the ice in his whiskey tumbler] I'm content to respect the decision of ours courts and believe Ms. van Matteus should serve her time - although realistically if she were granted a pardon... which may not be too a bad thing as it ceases to make her a 'martyr' for the Hypernationalist cause... her career in any National Party government would be a non-starter due to her credibility and liability issues. She's become an embarresment obviously more in league with Dr. von Hugel's train of thinking, so I can see why he'd been so keen to release her..."

QUESTION: "Sir Cruywagen, what do you plan to do different in this administration if your elected, than you did in your last term of office?"

PRIME MINISTER PAUL CRUYWAGEN: I am pleased with how the economy is progressing, so on those matters I see little change. But there are two things which I would like to address should I be re-elected as Eersteminister.

First, I would like to see development of more positive leaders in the cabinet. [hesitates] I’m going to let you and the audience in on a little secret; I never wanted to be Prime Minister. I am a military man and I believe the military should stay in the barracks when it comes to politics.

However, as we have seen, there is a noticeable dearth of what I would consider rational or level-headedness leadership at the domestic level. Look at my opponents - we have one who looks and acts like he just stepped off the set of Dave Allen At Large, and another whose concepts of policy defy any sense of normalcy.

For far too long Transvaal has been plagued by misguided ultranationalists. Van Matteus, van der Byl, Dr. von Hugel, they all think that we can turn back the clock - and twice I as commander-in-chief have had to step in to clean-up their messes. How much longer are Transvalers going to allow that to continue? To allow these misguided bigots to drive into the ground this great nation which our Staatspresident has worked hard to preserve and build?

Secondly, should I be elected prime minister, I feel that Transvaal needs to become a federalized republic to give the Africans more autonomy over the affairs which primarily concern them on a daily level. We have tried hard and reasonable done well to improve their standard of living, but some avenue of involvement in the management of the country is required if for no other reason than a safety valve. The ultranationalists don’t realize this country would become a tinderbox if they had their way - a tinderbox which would explode and bring everyone down.

I do not propose an end to Anglo-Afrikaner supremacy in the political field, I do not challenge that aspect of our nation at all, but there does have to be more African involvement brought into the government. I would even discuss with Staatspresident Botha allowing Africans to vote [von Hugel grimaces] so long as it was for Anglo-Afrikaner candidates. There are Africans who do want to see our nation succeed under the current social-political climate because they realize the economic stability and the benefits that that stability brings also benefits them, in comparison to the rest of the continent. Those Africans should not be excluded.

I hope that addresses and answers your question.

QUESTION: "I was wondering what each of your positions were to Afrikaner expansionism across southern Africa, and to what extent you would be willing to go to to achieve that goal."

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: I don’t believe there is any sort of "Afrikaner expansionism" in the works - not from my government nor indicated by Staatspresident Botha. We are not an imperialistic nation despite what our Marxist opponents may claim. Transvaal has now reclaimed the intrinsic territory which we claimed traditionally as rightfully ours - and we’re not out to create an All-South African state. Transvaal territorality beyond our borders has always been focused on security. However recent positive movements such as the Naval Exclusion Treaty signed with Ghana, these are steps in the right directions towards creating a mutual state of peace and security on the continent. My opponents Herr van der Byl and Dr. Von Hugel seem to forgot or not realise that just as much as we may have fears of communism, African nationalism, or what have you - the Africans of the continent also fears what is often mis-perceived to be our true intentions. The fear is mutual - but van der Byl and Von Hugel seem to think only white people can live in fear of the unknown.

I can see the where our opponents get their verbal ammunition, because economic control and influence of our nation is expanding outside our borders - that is an unavoidable fact of the cyberverse which we cannot prevent as our national infrastructure continues to grow- hence the need for the establishment of the various protectorates to govern these areas outside of Transvaal’s traditional borders.

RIAAN VAN DER BYL: If we’re going to directly expand, then we need to choose our enemies more cautiously. We’ve already lost one war to the Zulus. However, while I support our military action in liberating Rhodesia, there is an extent to which we can govern overall in Southern Africa.

HASSO VON HUGEL: I would like our nation to expand as much as possible so as to insulate our god-given Afrikaner homeland from outside influences. Controlling the frontline states insulates us better against communism because it creates a buffer. I would also be a proponent of increased destabilization of African régimes to keep our enemies in check. Black Africa is always going to be our enemy, so why not simply make it as difficult as possible for them to threaten us and wage war against us. Instead of allowing them to bring the fight to our homes - like Cruywagen’s weak liberal policies would do - why not fight the battle in their homes? Sooner or later our enemies will get it knocked into their skull that further provocation of the Afrikaner will result in their own destruction - and then they’ll leave us alone to shape and build our own separate identity and destiny. We have thrice been directly attacked by ICP and LSF communists and FAN terror- syndicalists and tin-pot kaffir nations such as Upper Volta and Ghana have shown everyone in the cyberverse that the African does not know how to rule, that they are incapable of managing the complexities of a modern nation - and we don’t need those kleptocratic cancerous régimes dragging us down the toilet with them.

QUESTION: "Dr. von Hugel are you not concerned that your views toward apartheid could bring Transvaal many difficulties? Slavorussia has in the past cut all ties with nations it deems 'racist.' If Transvaal did reinstate apartheid what would you do to ensure Transvaal remains in good diplomatic standing with foreign nations?"

DR. HASSO VON HUGEL: [shows obvious displeaseure being questioned by an Afro-Slavorussian] I do not care what foreigners may think. If they want to think I'm a racist then so be it, I am. I do not deny that.

And just as we may lose diplomatic relations with nations such as your own, which personally I do not value as being beneficial, Transvaal will find new friends to replace them from all the foreign ultranationalists who do support our Volkstaat movement for taking a strong stand for preserving our culture. I do not tell the Slavorussians who to live their life and run their country, even though I may find their social and political system repugnant.

QUESTION: "One last question, Sir Cruywagen, what is your current stance on the Kashlinkovian Ostafrika and Lybian Colonies, do you believe the way they are attempting to better living for Africans and Kashlinkovians in the region alike. And do these regions as of now benefit Transvaal as they used to?"

PRIME MINISTER PAUL CRUYWAGEN: From what we have seen and heard, Kashlinkovina Ostafrika and Lybia have been accepted by and large as established colonies on the continent and the local native people are treated with respect.

As regarding benefit, we really don’t have much contact with either - except that Ostafrika serves as a frequent re-fueling stop for air flights between Johannesburg and Europe.

QUESTION: "How would you go about strengthen ties with your African neighbors?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: I support Staatspresident Botha’s current policy of frank, open dialogue with anyone who will listen to us. Herr Botha presents our situation as "this is the way it is in Transvaal" and then tries to work for acceptance of that truism.

When Tranvsaal become independent last December, there was pronounced hostility towards us but since then that hostility has been eroded as we show the international community that, yes we do have our own specific problems, but we try to deal with it as best we can. I think many nations which were once staunchly hostile towards us for strictly ideological reasons have accepted that we’re not going to just disappear so better for all concerned that some sort of dialogue takes place. Acrimonious dialogue is better than no dialogue at all.

RIANN VAN DER BYL: Uhh, probably on a case by case basis - a mix of dialogue and military muscle I suspect. Depends on which African nations we’re talking about and what they wanted from us.

HASSO VON HUGEL: It would be most likely through the use of jackboots and rubber truncheons... [laughs] as I said earlier, and you obviously didn’t hear my answer, Africa outside of Transvaal is hostile to our superior way of life.

QUESTION: "If a Communist nation shows no hostilities will you be hostile anyway?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: Unless they are funding anti-Transvaal terrorists, then no. We’ve had decent dealings with socialist nations in the past. If the communists leave us alone, then we'll leave them alone.

RIANN VAN DER BYL: Uhh, no comment.

HASSO VON HUGEL: OF COURSE! International Communism never sleeps, so why would be let our guard down for even one second? I stand up for a Boer-Christian crusade against satanic communism in all its bastardised manifestations - the kind of holy crusade Dr. Henrick Von Kruger always stood for.

QUESTION: "Are you willing to enter an "Uneasy peace" that Russany has managed to make with many right-wing nations?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: Of course, but then I wouldn’t even label it an 'uneasy' peace now. Peace with Transvaal is peace - simple as that.

RIANN VAN DER BYL: I think we have uneasy peace with most countries - be it African or Communist. Most foreigners don’t understand our racial problems and they just try to judge a Transvaler situation with a non-Transvaler awareness of the situation. I think we give most foreigners the creeps.

HASSO VON HUGEL: No, no contact with communism. Never. Only the maintenance of continued destruction and obliteration of the greatest social cancer ever to strike mankind.

QUESTION: "Mr. Cruywagen, if the Apartheid policies will be continued.. what will be done for natives to improve their qualities of life in healthcare, public housing, public transport, job security to name but a few ? And how are the necessary improvements going to paid ? Will the natives pay a similar tax or...?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: Apart from the citizenship racial requirements as those laws pertain to voting, there is no "apartheid" in Transvaal. You have a false perception of our nation.

While neighbourhoods may still be grouped around ethnic lines - no different than many large European and more so North American cities - there is no enforced segregation. There are no restrictions where someone can and cannot go based on their race or ethnic background.

We do not have any sort of two-tiered economic approach. Now I do not deny that there are legacies of ecomonic inequality which is residue of pre-1994 South Africa, but that gap is slowly closing. Myself, and most others in the government, believe the best road to stabilility is to treat the African with respect and dignity. In areas of education, the same quality of education is received by all regardless if they are black, white, or brown. Our boom in infrastructure growth and the benefits which have resulted have been applied to all residents, not just those of the Anglo-Afrikaner group.

As has been stated before countless times, our native African population has the highest standard of living in the entire continent - and that standard is still increasing every day.

QUESTION: "This question is for Mr. RIANN VAN DER BYL. In regards to your last statement, where you mentioned that Transvaal gives most foreigners the "creeps", I was wondering how, if you were elected, you would deal with that...problem... regarding your nation. That is, how would you attempt to improve Transvaal's standing in the world."

RIANN VAN DER BYL: Uhh, I don't know if that perception can be remidied... [downs the rest of his whiskey] (aahhhhh!....) as after all we cannot control [wipes mouth] how foreigners think about us. Of course they are going to judge us through their eyes, and Transvaal's social problems are failry unique to Transvaal alone, so I don't know how to change that. If foreigners are not going to like us, then [refills his glass] they're not going to like us - and there's [lights cigarette] little we can do to [drag... pufff] alter those false perceptions which can't be remidied.

QUESTION: "How would you define "Afrikaner"culture?"

HASSO VON HUGEL: Common heritage, religion, and language. In other words, someone who is white, calvinist, and speak Afrikaans.

The fact that your country has 4 ethnic groups and is bilingual interests me little.

QUESTION: "A question to all candidates, in regard to matters of international diplomacy: What is your stance regarding Transvaal’s existing foreign relations; like that of say, Procinctia? In what role will existing diplomatic embassies and missions both in and from Transvaal play in your international policy?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: The role of our embassies and foreign affairs staff is to build and maintain stronger ties with those nations we come into contact with on a more frequent basis.

From what Staatspresident Botha and our Minister of Foreign Affairs Pieter Stellenbosch have told me, we have built up good relations with the nine nations so far which we have exchanged ambassadors: Kashlinkov, Slavorussia, Grand Duchy of Finland, Kingdom of Persia, The Kingdom of March, Tahoe Republic, Republic of Umar, Imperial Union of Northumbria, and your own Procinctia - a nation whom we fought against in the Second Maroon War, but have in the intervening time since established relations with. I believe we even have a Procinctian military cemetery located in Tranvsaal - so our relations with Procinctia are an excellent example of how two former enemies in war and work out differences in peace time.

I personally do not see the diplomatic status with any of these good friends of Transvaal changing any time soon. And most of these nations are members of alliances not of our own Norden Verein, so that’s another positive step forward by opening new channels of dialogue if need be.

RIAAN VAN DER BYL: No doubt some of our embassies would be re-evaluated. I personally am not thrilled how we have dialogue with some of those nations which are ideologically opposed to us.

As for Procinctia, yes I remember then when they attacked us along with their then-LSF terrorist buddies, I remember that well because I was Prime Minister at the time. While I still harbour some animosity towards all our enemies - both current and former - if Staatspresident Botha sees value in exchanging ambassadors with former enemies, then so be it. As Mr. Cruywagen here has stated earlier in the broadcast, handling Transvaal’s foreign affairs are generally the job of the Staatspresident.

HASSO VON HUGEL: During prison visits with Annetjie van Matteus, who as well as being our greatest prime minister ever was also our greatest foreign minister ever, we discussed what Transvaal’s foreign policy would be like - or at least what we would suggest to the Staatspresident as a proper course of action. But essentially all relations with any nation which opposes neo-fascism would be suspended. Those nations who have non-whites for ambassadors would be asked to replace them with ambassadors whose ethnicity is more pleasing to my eye.

And now that the topic of the Procinctian military cemetery has been brought to my attention, I’m going to dig up and ship back to Procinctia all the remains of their war dead. Those terrorists who were in the pay of the LSF do not deserve any respect from us. We do not need the stain of communist blood soiling our holy Transvaal birthrighted earth

QUESTION: "I am quite sure that I received no previous information on any dealings between you and South Africa. Would you please enlighten me and the Finnish listeners by sharing this new information with us?"

HASSO VON HUGEL: Road network? I have no idea what you are talking about! I am a private citizen - not a member of the current government - so any money wired to me is private money and simply [stands and shakes fist at Hannu Reime] NONE of YOUR business!!!

QUESTION: "This question is far all candidates. What actions, if any would the Transvaal government under your administrations take to improve the economic and social opportunities for African citizens of Transvaal?"

PAUL CRUYWAGEN: Presently Transvaal is focusing on expanding our industrial sector. I was just informed during the last commerical break that our fourth factory which we built in Bloemfontien had just gone operational.

Anyway... once we have full industrialisation, we plan on then switching focus on expanding in the social sectors. All residents of Transvaal - be they Afrikaner, Anglo, or African - will benefit from these social improvements. Currently we have a stadium, church, and elementary school which is for the benefit of all. When we have reached a population of 16,000, we plan on building a medical clinic so that the basis of a health care system is established. At 17,000 we shall then built a second school which will be for secondary-level grades.

I should also add that 1 of our 5 banks located in the nation, the Afrika-Kredietsbank (African Credit Bank) is specifically for the use and welfare of our African population.

RIAAN VAN DER BYL: I haven't really thought about that yet. Maybe build a police headquarters in the townships so that there is increased security... uh, you know... to help reduce crime, I mean.

HASSO VON HUGEL: The Africans are more than welcome to leave Transvaal if they don't like it here. I don't plan on wasting any more of our budget on them than I need to.

QUESTION: "Marshal Cruywagen, with increasing nuclear proliferation in the world, what is your position regarding the possibility of Transvaal acquiring atomic weapons?"

PRIME MINISTER FIELD MARSHAL PAUL CRUYWAGEN: The acquistion of a nominal number of nuclear weapons is something which the Government and the Tranvsaal Krygmagte has explored as we acquire the necessary technology and infrastructure.

At present our official government position is that Transvaal promotes the use and build up of nuclear weapons.

QUESTION: "My final question to all candidates, what role will Transvaal play in the Norden Verein alliance during your administration?"

PRIME MINISTER PAUL CRUYWAGEN: To guard against our external enemies, we do not publicly discuss either Transvaal's or Staatspresident Botha's participatory roles in Norden Verein except for the fact we are a loyal member of that esteemed Alliance; any rumours or fact we neither deny nor confirm.

RIAAN VAN DER BYL: Transvaal's course is with Norden Verein... always.

DR. HASSO VON HUGEL: Our involvement in Norden Verein, the premier nationalist alliance of the Cyberverse, shall not waver for one second.

QUESTION: I have heard rumours that your country seems to be interested in the Million Programme that we are going to implement and seem to be keen to follow our example.

CRUYWAGEN: Our social development actually will be geared more towards social infrastructure improvments, such as schools and clinics. Housing is not really a major issue in Transvaal - our existing infrastructure looks after residental housing needs.

VAN DER BYL: [smokes cigarette, can't find where he put his whiskey down] - Excuse me, could you repeat the question? Oh... housing? No probably not.

VON HUGEL: I will ensure that all white citizens have their housing needs met, but as Mr. Cruywagen has stated, housing is not a huge election issue or concern in Transvaal. Even among the native tribal population there is ample and ready supply of sturdy huts available suited to their needs.

QUESTION: "What are your plans concerning the economy and the welfare state?"

CRUYWAGEN: I would continue expansion of our infrastructure. We just built out fifth and final factory today in Pietersburg so we now have complete industrialisation. Most of our immediate government spending will be in the immediate future focusing on education and a medical system.

VAN DER BYL: [looks bored] Are we done yet? I've got a dinner date set-up at the rather posh restaurant across the street after this ends.

VON HUGEL: Welfare is for lazy communist louts and lay-abouts... except [laughs] here's a little piece of communism you'll find in a Von Hugel government: those who do not work do not eat! How's that? Is that welfare enough for you?

QUESTION: What are your feelings towards foreign investors ?

PRIME MINISTER CRUYWAGEN: Regarding foreign investment in Tranvsaal, because we are an ethnic homeland, all foreign business set up in Transvaal must have at least 51% Transvaler ownership or share of stock holdings (which must remain in Transvaal) - or must sell at least 51% locally-manufactured goods.

Such retail giants as Vroom & Dreesmann and Stockmann are welcome in our nation - because they have set up Transvaler franchsies which meet our foreign investment criteria. I believe Vroom & Dreesmann outlets in Transvaal come under one of the many de Beers Investment-International companies, while Stockmann makes use of selling local products but under Finnish management.

However in the field of communications infrastucture, companies such as Tele-Transvaal (the national phone carrier) must always remain 100% under government management and control.

LUKAS REITZ: Well this concludes the National Election All-Candidate Interview. I was your host, Lukas Reitz, and I personally thank our three candidates as well as the foreign journalists and press which participating. Citizens of Transvaal, do not forget to do your party and vote on August 27.

AUGUST 12, 2007

Dr. Hasso Von Hugel has stated on Radio-Transvaal that when the Boers-Volkstaat Party is elected on August 27, up to half of Transvaal's black population will be deported / expelled to the Kashlikovian colony of Ostafrika.

"I have received assurances from their department of foreign affairs that the Kashlikovian colonial authorities will accept our unwanted deportees." - Hasso Von Hugel

AUGUST 16, 2007

Good Evening everyone! Goeienaand almal!

This is Lukas Reitz with the Tele-Transvaal Evening News broadcast.

A constitutional storm is looming in our national elections for the prime minister’s office, as officers of the Transvaal Lugmag [air force] have stated they would not pledge loyalty to any government which Dr. Hugel von Hasso heads, should he win the election next week on August 27.

The newly appointed commander of the Lugmag, Flight Commander Leonard Wise, announced this morning that he would not pledge an oath of loyalty to any Boers-Volkstaat government.

[cut to sound bite of F-C Wise:]

“As an Anglo-Transvaler, I am personally repulsed by the repugnant policies of Mr. Von Hugel and it goes completely against my moral conscience to give any means of support should the Volkstaters get elected into office.

I have met with my officers, and they ensure me that under those circumstances, we would not carry out any orders which come from the authority of Von Hugel or the Boers-Volkstaat Party.

Any attempt by persons associated with the Volkstaat movement to seize or impound our aircraft or members of the Lugmag would be resisted with deadly force and result in the possible evacuation of Lugmag equipment and personal to a location of safety outside of Transvaal.

We in the Lugmag are willing to risk civil war to prevent Von Hugel’s nazi-esque cronies from taking power.”

[cut back to broadcast]

Coupled with this announcement, the Archbishop of Pretoria the Most Reverend Cornelius Hoof has also gone on record to say that he would not administer any oaths of office to Dr. Von Hugel nor his ministers – something required under Transvaal laws. The Archbishop stated that his clergy would suffer excommunication should any one of them try to administer the religious oath of office to Von Hugel.

Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen, who is also the commander-in-chief of the Transvaal military, has not issued a formal statement on the recent developments – but sources close to him indicate that he would like to see the election carried out as smoothly as possible with any ‘undue outside influences’.

AUGUST 19, 2007

Transvaal Lugmag aircraft were spotted tonight by numerous local and foreign observers converging on Gaborone's airport (located in occupied Botswana) before re-fueling and taking off again, making their way towards the airbase at Walvisbaai [Walvis Bay].

There have also been numerous rumours of gunfire heard at Johannesburg's military airbase but no news as to the source or origin.

AUGUST 21, 2007

Staatspresident Botha returned home an hour ago as his Tu-160 transport touched down at Pretoria's Botha International Airport - a scant few hours before the borders were to be sealed from all outside foreign contact.

Botha stated to the waiting press corps of the Transvaler Daaglikse Nuus his dismay at having to end on short-notice his recent trip to Slavorussia - but felt his place was at home as the hotly-contested election headed into the final stretch.

Due to anticipated violence as the national election approaches, the Government of Transvaal declared that a news-blackout would be going into effect midnight tonight (CN update time) and the borders would be sealed against all movement in and out of the nation.

With the National Party of Transvaal currently leading the polling by just 2 votes, many observers are expecting "something" to happen as a strange military-civilian alliance consisting of the airforce and church have voiced their staunch opposition to the Boers-Volkstaat Party of Dr. Hasso Von Hugel.

Flight Commander Leonard Wise has already unilaterally stated the Lugmag will not pledge allegence to Dr. Von Hugel - which has lead many observors and experts of Transvaler politics to expect a counter-coup from the airforce or possibly a Volkstater revolution... although no one seems to know which side would make the first move.

Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen has been silent since the recent national debates and is believed to have made arrangements to evacuate his family - rumoured locations are Slavorussia or Kashlinkov - and taken measure to secure himself at one of the military bases near his private residence outside Johannesburg.

AUGUST 27, 2007

For the past six days no news has been heard from the Transvaal Republic - which was placed under a strict nationwide curfew, border closure, and news blackout to help maintain government control as the final days - and now, hours - of the national election for a new prime minister come to a conclusion. Even Tranvsaal's embassies and foreign ministry officials based overseas have had no contact with the situation in Pretoria.

"All telephone lines to Pretoria have been cut, and cellular phone service has been jammed - we are receiving no news from our government. I tried every means to contact Herr Pieter Stellenbosch (Minister of Foreign Affairs) but to no avail. Right now all we can do here at the embassy is sit and wait. We have our shortwave radio alreday tuned in for when the Radio-Transvaal signal goes back on the air" - Jan Smit Jonkers - Ambassador to Procinctia

It is believed that shortly after midnight tonight, Staatspresident Botha will address the nation.

AUGUST 28, 2007

It is now about an hour after midnight here in Pretoria - and with the lifting of the news blackout and re-opening of the borders, there is a sense of relief from those celebrating in the streets.

Staatspresident Botha went on the air over Radio-Tranvsaal around twenty minutes ago to announce the re-election of the National Party of Transvaal to the prime minister's office over their challengers the Boers-Volkstaat Party.

The National Party secured 22 electoral districts to 21 for their Volkstater opponents. As the NP candidate with the most electoral district votes, Field Marshal Paul Cruywagen has been asked by the Staatspresident to form the new government - but will require the support of Riaan van der Byl's 5 districts in the process. This means an almost certain posting for van der Byl in the the government.

While much of the white population is exhibiting a sense of subdued relief from the avoidance of violence, the black townships are loudly celebrating Cruywagen's election and more so Hasso Von Hugel's defeat.

AUGUST 29, 2007

Newly re-elected Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen announced yesterday the creation of the Transvaal Gesondheidsorg [health care system] and the completion of the first medical clinic in the nation, located in the capital city of Pretoria.

Botswana & Oranje Vrystaat campaigns Edit

Northern GOONS Campaign in Botswana & Oranje Vrystaat (September 10-17)


Fourth Great War breaks out.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2007

Transvaal declared war on Wimputopia in assistance of Norden Verein ally Hana.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007

BATTLE OF FRANCISTOWN: Beetlejuice and Repulic of SubLime declared war on Transvaal and struck at Krygmagte positions in occupied Botswana. Transvaal military suffered massive casualties with 13582 soldiers killed and 519 tanks destroyed. 390 infrastructure units destroyed and 154 miles of territory lost during the ensuing retreat back to Selebi-Phikwe for regrouping. Transvaal Krygmagte forces killed 10444 enemy soldiers and 768 tanks destroyed during the defense.

The government is thrown into anarchy. Field Marshal Cruywagen declared martial law as civil war breaks out between loyalist Republican nationalists versus the Volkstaat militias who proclaim their support for the GOONS invasion as a means to propel Doctor Hasso Von Hugel into power. During the rioting which followed, Volkstaat militia rebels freed Annetjie van Matteus from prison – she then goes into hiding along with Hasso Von Hugel. 4263 civilians killed during that day’s bombing attacks and ground fighting.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2007

BATTLE OF SELEBI-PHIKWE: The Transvaal Krygmagte digs in and holds its defensive positions at Selebi-Phikwe after four victories from incoming ground attacks. 4759 enemy soldiers and 513 tanks destroyed while Transvaler casualties are 2987 soldiers and 475 tanks lost in the fighting. 2252 civilians are killed during terrorist bombing raids against major population centres.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

BATTLE OF KIMBERLY: Transvaal frorces killed 2502 enemy soldiers and destroyed 374 tanks while 4910 casualties were taken in the Beetlejuice victory.

BATTLE OF MESSINA: tank battle victory against Repulic of SubLime. 1 soldier and 89 killed while 1 soldier and 68 tanks lost.

BATTLE OF REDDERSBURG: Wimputopia bomber and missile attacks around ten minutes before midnight result in 60 units of infrastructure destroyed. The Lugmag counter-attacks with two missile launches for 20 units of damage. Transvaal Krygmagte defeated and retreated 40 miles. Transvaal losses 5880 soldiers and 531 tanks destroyed while Wimputopia losses 5425 soldiers and 766 tanks.

SEPTEMBER 14/15, 2007

FIRST BATTLE OF BLOEMFONTIEN Battle of Bloemfontien commences with stalemate from both sides gaining 3 victories however Transvaal forces advance 52 miles. Transvaal losses are 3046 soldiers and 343 tanks; enemy losses are 3389 soldiers and 589 tanks. Annetjie van Matteus and Hasso Von Hugel make their way towards the GOONS frontlines.

SECOND BATTLE OF BLOEMFONTIEN: Transvaal defeated; casulties are 1674 soldeires and 353 tanks while Wimputopia losses are 3223 soldiers and 19 tanks.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

BATTLE OF BRANDFORT: no ground losses during combat - however Transvaal forces destroyed large amounts of enemy infrastructure as Beetlejuice faced imminent defeat.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2007

BATTLE OF MASERU: Transvaal loses at Maseru are 2849 soldiers and 280 tanks; Wimputopia losses: 4537 soldiers and 590 tanks. The Krygmagte defeated and forced to retreat 38 miles out of Sotho territory.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007

All wars versus GOONS expire. A total of 11028 Transvaal civilians (64% of the population) were killed during the course of the conflict versus the GOONS terrorists.

Operation Pelikaan Edit

OPERATION PELIKAAN was name of the rescue operation of Emperor Justinian and the Imperial Family of Slavorussia by a commando squad from Transvaal.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2007

Transvaal diplomats based in Slavorussia are denying any and all knowledge that the Emperor and his immediate family are now in Transvaal custody.

"We are currently involved in a bloodied war to the death with GOONS - so any notion that we could carry out such a rescue attempt at this very moment is simply ludicrious!" Jacob Eybers - Transvaal's Ambassador to Slavorussia

However, when questioned by international media and Slavorussian authorities, Ambassador Eybers could give no explanation for the alledged grainy film footage taken at St. Peterberg's main airport of what appears to be 2 Transvaal Lugmag Su-30 MKI as well as Staatspresident Botha's personal Boeing 737 jet.

Numerous civilian witness at the airport reported the sound of gunfire and then at least three people captured the image of a 737 taking off on video cameras or their cellphones. In one short clip, the registration markings of the Boeing 737 are cleary seen as the plane rushed past the viewpoint from the terminal during take off; the plane registered as ZA-0001 with the ZA-prefix used for all Transvaal civilian and military aircraft.

According to the latest editon of Jane's Civilian Aircraft Register, ZA-0001 is registered to an "S.P. Botha" of "Government House, Pretoria, Transvaal".

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007

Transvaal Foreign Minister Pieter Stellenbosch confirmed this evening that Emperor Justinian and the Slavorussian imperial family are presently guests of the Transvaal Government - at an unknown location rumoured to be either the Walvisbaai military base or at the Noordrykkeiser guesthouse located in the Sun City resort. The Noordrykkeiser guesthouse functioned as the private imperial residence of Kaiser Martens during his visit to Transvaal during the the Nordeich Victory Cup soccer tournament.

CUT TO: film footage of Emperor Justinian shaking hands with Staatspresident Botha at Government House in Pretoria.

Jacob Eybers, the Transvaler Ambassador to Slavorussia, has since returned to Pretoria after the Transvaal Government cut diplomatic relations with Slavorussia in protest of the apparent deposing of the Emperor.

CUT TO SOUNDCLIP OF STAATSPRESIDENT BOTHA: "So long as our good friend of the Transvaler people Emperor Justinian is prevented from carrying out his duties as Emperor of Slavorussia, we cannot lend recognition of any terrorists or communist rabble which may attempt to usurp him..."

Soon after his arrival in Pretoria, the Staatsregeringministrie van Buitlandse Sake (Department of Foreign Affairs) issued the Emperor and his family temporary Transvaal passports so they could travel abroad if they so desired.

Meanwhile, Flight Commander Leonard Wise of the Transvaal Lugmag issued a statement that the 2 Su-30 MKI fighters which were escorting the private jet with the imperial family on board, came under fire and were shot down during the rescue mission (code named Operation Pelikaan by the Transvaal military) by GOONS terrorists whilst flying over Zimbabwe-Rhodesia on their way back to Pretoria.

Death of Von Hugel Edit

SEPTEMBER 23, 2007

The Volkstater movement is finally crushed by nationalist Republican forces loyal to Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen. Facing probable execution for treason at the hands of the Republican authorities, Annetjie van Matteus and Dr. Hasso Von Hugel part their final ways at Bloemfontien. Von Hugel departs alone on foot in an attempt to evade capture and defect near the frontier at Edenburg. Van Matteus goes off in the opposite direction and starts to make her way back towards Johannesburg in a stolen landrover. She is identified and arrested at a roadblock outside Winburg. After threats of “intense interrogation”, Van Matteus readily confessed and betrayed the whereabouts of Von Hugel to her interrogators.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2007

Still twenty kilometers from the frontier, Hasso Von Hugel is captured near Wurasoord and placed under arrest – however after informing his captors his identity as “Dr. Hasso Von Hugel, Apostle of the Lord Messiah Incarnate known as Dr. Henrik Von Kruger…” he bite down on a hidden cyanide capsule and committed suicide.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2007

Interior Minister Uys Rooyan de Ruijters arrested after evidence surfaced that he may have had covert links to the Dark Hand, a terrorist organisation operating in Slavorussia - leaking to them important security info and travel movements of the Emperor Justinian of Slavorussia during the emperor's exile in Transvaal.


We are not surprised by Uys Rooyan de Ruijters' actions. He had been under government suspicion for quite some time on account of his rumoured ties to the Boers-Volkstaters - ultranationalist oppoenents of the National Party who apparently were willing to sell-out their country for their own personal gain. One of the items we recovered from De Ruijters' office was a suitcase containing $1,000,000 in Slavorussian rubles.

More alarmingly, De Ruijters also failed to uncover the treasonous actions of Dr. Hasso Von Hugel, the leader of the Boers-Volkstaters, who tried to exploit the recent GOONS attacks against Transvaal to incite a civil war against the National Party government and Staatspresident Botha.

During the anarchy which followed in the wake of the GOONS terrorist campaign, Von Hugel and De Ruijters were able to spring the infamous convicted murderer Annetjie van Matteus from prision. Together, the three of them planned and commited traitorous mayhem and sabotage to weaken the military position of the Transvaal Krygmagte and our Government - although De Ruijters kept as low profile as possible since he continued in his capacity as Minister of Interior & State Security.

Van Matteus has since been re-captured, trying to evade a roadblock whilst attempting her escape out of Transvaal. Our intelligence agents were then able to extract information from her on the hidden whereabouts of Von Hugel.

The following day our police and military units were able to corner this traitorous fiend at a Volkstater safe-house twenty kilometers from our frontier. Von Hasso was captured and placed under arrest – however after bizarrely informing his captors his identity as “Dr. Hasso Von Hugel, Apostle of the Lord Messiah Incarnate known as Dr. Henrik Von Kruger…” he bit down on a hidden cyanide capsule and committed suicide.

Once the Great War has ended, we will put De Ruijters and Van Matteus on trial for the charges of treason and conspiracy - which can carry the death penalty if found guilty.

Mozambique campaign Edit

BAPS & EotRS Campaign (September 19 – October 2)

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007

Transvaal declared war on Sparto (BAPS) guerillas in Mozambique. BATTLE OF MANHICA won by the Transvaal panzerkorps, followed by the BATTLE OF PALMEIRA which results in another Transvaal victory and advancement.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007

Transvaal foreign minister sent peace offer to Sparto after receiving word BAPS had surrendered to Norden Verein. Peace treaty signed and Sparto evacuated the last of its forces from Mozambique.

Martial law ends as Republican government control is re-established after riots.

Transvaal declared war on Latasica (EotRS) and Lox Eos (EotRS). BATTLE OF MACIA results in the Transvaal Krygsmagte advancing 12 miles after destroying 167 units of enemy infrastructure and destroying or salvaging 26 units of technology. After the victory, a guerilla cache of $518,000 rand is recovered and used to starting rebuilding the Transvaal Lugmag. Both sides lose 794 soldiers each while 30 tanks are also lost by Transvaal.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2007

Transvaal Krygsmagte carries out mopping up operations against fleeing EotRS guerillas in the vicinity of Chissano.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2007

Transvaal Krygsmagte advances into Xai-Xai as the last remnants of EotRS guerillas are eradicated a couple of hours prior to midnight.

SEPTMEBER 23, 2007

Entente of the Rising Sun surrendered to Norden Verein; in compliance with the surrender, Transvaal sends peace treaty offers to Latasica and Lox Eos.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2007

Wars with Latasica and Lox Eos expired.

BATTLE OF MANJACAZE: Resumed police action in Mozambique with strikes against EotRS guerillas from Crowdog Damnation and Ragna. Krygsmagte troops advanced 21 miles to Chicomo after three decisive victories.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2007

Transvaal agreed to a ceasefire with Crowdog Damnation as their surrender to Norden Verein is negotiated.

OCTOBER 1, 2007

Peace treaty signed with Crowdog Damnation around half an hour after midnight.

OCTOBER 2, 2007

BATTLE OF MORRUMBENE: Final punitive strikes against reminates of EotRS guerillas from Ragna, whose nation disbands a few hours later.

Rhodesian campaign Edit

Anti-communist campaign in Rhodesia (October 1-25)

OCTOBER 1-2, 2007

In conjunction with Norden Verein’s Operation Schtiel, Transvaal declared war on hippy (LSF) and the United Working Class (LSF) to launch a massive anti-communist campaign in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia around 20 minutes prior to midnight. The Krygsmagte swiftly and decisively advanced 140 miles towards the outskirts of Bulawayo – the farthest extent of Transvaal territorial control to date. Riaan van der Byl named governor of the Rhodesian Protectorate. Communist opposition is smashed during six victorious battles. Transvaal losses are 4041 soldiers and 952 tanks while 8898 communist guerillas are killed. 160 units of infrastructure were destroyed and 26 units of technology were recovered by the Krygsmagte.

OCTOBER 2, 2007

BATTLE OF BULAWAYO commenced. Transvaal declared war on Soviet Britian (LSF) during the late afternoon. Transvaal Krygsmagte advanced 5 miles during second day of heavy fighting against LSF guerillas. 229 units of enemy infrastructure destroyed and 10 units of technology liberated during 4 victorious battles against Soviet Britian and hippy forces. Transvaal military suffers 2 defeats against United Working Class guerillas. The Lugmag secured uncontested skies as its 2 new B-1B Lancer bombers carried out unopposed missions against enemy targets. Civilian casualties in Transvaal during the two days of fighting were 447.

OCTOBER 3, 2007

Enemy casualties numbered 3266 soldiers and 184 tanks destroyed while Transvaal casualties numbed 4625 soldiers lost and 747 tanks destroyed. During the advance of just over 5 miles by the Krygsmagte, 229 units of infrastructure were destroyed and 10 units of technology liberated. Civilian losses that day were 87.

OCTOBER 4, 2007

Soviet Britian sent offer of its surrender during the morning but it was refused due to Norden Verein “no surrender” policies in place regarding the LSF. Fourth day of relentless advance by the Krygsmagte resulted in 3004 enemy soldiers killed and 44 tanks destroyed. Transvaal military losses were 3004 soldiers and 384 tanks while there were no civilian losses. Soviet Britian launched a lone cruise missile at defensive positions near Bulawayo. 165 units of enemy infrastructure were destroyed and 9 units of technology were captured during the day’s fighting. The Krygsmagte advanced forward another 7 miles. Transvaal received $3,000,000 rand in reparations from the BAPS alliance. The Transvaal Lugmag completely rebuilt and refurbished.

OCTOBER 5, 2007

Crowdog Damnation released from POW status. BATTLE OF BULAWAYO ended after the city is occupied during the Krygsmagte’s 51-mile advance. Only light casualties are suffered during the fighting that day, 158 soldiers lost and 10 tanks destroyed while 52 enemy troops are killed. 162 units of enemy infrastructure destroyed and 15 units of technology captured at Bulawayo. The offense pauses at Bembesi to regroup for the advance towards the capital of Salisbury-Harare.

OCTOBER 6, 2007

BATTLE OF BEMBESI: Transvaal casualties 1851 and 267 tanks and enemy casualties numbered 1533 soldiers killed and 141 tanks destroyed. 140 units of infrastructure destroyed and 4 units of technology liberated. Krygsmagte advanced just under 25 miles to pause just outside of the town of Nzisa to regroup. Transvaal political control now reached the Namibia-Botswana border in the west and Umtata in the south.

OCTOBER 7, 2007

Recent business at an all time high, the economy doing well, and the Transvaler people are thrilled as a result. Staatspresident Botha held a public speech to announce that the government would allow the economy to ride the boom out. During unopposed ground strikes, 151 units of enemy infrastructure and 5 units of enemy technology destroyed. Colonel Johann Roussouw appointed new Minister of Interior.

OCTOBER 8, 2007 Transvaal Lugmag continued bombing campaign as ground troops faced no opposition; 32 units of infrastructure destroyed in bomber raids on LSF positions.

OCTOBER 9, 2007

War against the hippy guerillas expired. Transvaal declared war on the Socialist Bulgaria guerillas and attacked their positions in Zimbabwe. BATTLE OF NZISA: Bulgarian losses in the opening attack were 3013 soldiers killed, 8 tanks destroyed, 100 units of infrastructure destroyed, and 10 units of technology captured during the advance of 42 miles to Somabhula. Transvaal losses were 2310 casualties and 444 tanks lost. Peace treaty signed with Soviet Britian after their accepted surrender to Norden Verein.

OCTOBER 10, 2007

War against the United Working Class guerillas expired. BATTLE OF GWERU: Socialist Bulgaria loses were 2210 soldiers killed while the Krygsmagte had 2152 casualties and lost 562 tanks in their victorious 21-mile advance to reach the outskirts of Gweru. 28 civilians were killed during the fighting. Transvaal declared war on WCRTPU (LSF) guerillas and launched bomber and cruise missile strikes against their positions. Transvaal declared war on Heim (LSF) guerillas and destroyed 94 units of infrastructure during unopposed ground and air strikes.

OCTOBER 11, 2007

BATTLE OF REDCLIFF: Transvaal secured two victories despite heavy casualties against dug-in Socialist Bulgaria positions. The Krygsmagte advances 35 miles to a position around 10 miles south of Redcliff, destroying 175 units of infrastructure and liberating 10 units of technology. Transvaal casualties are 2250 dead and 162 tanks destroyed while the Krygsmagte eliminates 1847 guerillas and 155 enemy tanks. Redcliff is the last major ground battle of the campaign as the LSF guerilla forces are dissipated.

OCTOBER 12, 2007

Socialist Bulgaria surrendered to Norden Verein and signed peace treaty with Transvaal. Transvaal then declared war on Anares (LSF). Operations now limited to bomber and cruise missile strikes against all enemies. 76 units of enemy infrastructure and 15 units of technology destroyed in the Lugmag strikes. The frontline in Rhodesia advanced to Kwekwe – around 100 miles from Harare-Salisbury.

OCTOBER 13, 2007

Bombing missions and ground operations resulted in 22 units of enemy infrastructure destroyed.

OCTOBER 14, 2007

War against Anares ended through nation deletion. Bombing missions resulted in 12 units of infrastructure damage against enemy targets.

OCTOBER 15, 2007

Bombing and raiding missions result in 3 units of enemy infrastructure and 7 units of technology destroyed.

OCTOBER 16, 2007

Transvaal sent Boerlandia $500,000 rand in foreign as part of the South African Aid Plan. Bombing missions and raiding parties accounted for 1.84 infrastructure damage and 10 units of enemy tech destroyed.

OCTOBER 17, 2007

A major earthquake rocked the northern territories of Transvaal, causing severe damage to some of the villages located there. However the government refused to acknowledge that the people affected needed help. Transvaal declared war on Chaz171berg (LSF). The day’s operations result in 13 units of enemy technology destroyed. By now the frontier inside Rhodesia has stabilized around the town of Kwekwe.

OCTOBER 18-19, 2007

Transvaal declared war on Kingdom of fate in response to an alliance execution order. BATTLE OF BATTLEFIELDS: Krygsmagte losses are 3154 soldiers dead and 265 tanks destroyed while enemy casualties are 4857 killed and 142 tanks destroyed. Transvaal Lugmag involved in five air battles: 17 enemy fighters and 3 bombers are shot down while just 3 Lugmag fighters are lost in the dogfights. 134 units of infrastructure destroyed and 8 units of technology captured by the Krygsmagte during their advance 28 miles along the northern front towards the town of Battlefields.

OCTOBER 20-21, 2007

Operations now consist of raiding parties destroying remnants of LSF technology still remaining in Rhodesia; 12 units of enemy technology destroyed.

OCTOBER 22, 2007

FIRST BATTLE OF BATTLEFIELDS: War against Chaz171berg ended through nation deletion.

OCTOBER 23, 2007

Transvaal received $3,000,000 rand in foreign aid from crack land, which goes into rebuilding infrastructure and refurbishment of the Lugmag. Transvaal victory SECOND BATTLE OF BATTLEFIELDS; 31 enemy troops killed while Krygsmagte casualties are 47 soldiers lost and 5 tanks destroyed during the short 1.5 mile advance.

OCTOBER 24, 2007

Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen brings three new technocrats into his government. Jakob Hertzog appointed Deputy Prime Minister; Herrman Steyn appointed Minister of Labour & Industry; Marthinus Hofmeyr appointed Minister of Finance.

OCTOBER 25, 2007

War with Kingdom of fate ended with peace traty signed just prior to war expiration.

OCTOBER 26, 2007

War with WCRTPU expired and the Rhodesian campaign comes to an end.

OCTOBER 29, 2007

TRANSVALER DAAGLIKSE NUUS: Government changes in Transvaal

On October 24, Prime Minister Paul Cruywagen (Field Marshal of the Krygsmagte) appointed three unknown technocrats to new cabinet positions in his government: Jakob Martin Hertzog in the new post of Deputy Prime Minister; Herrman Steyn as the Minister of Labour & Industry; and Marthinus Hofmeyr as the Minister of Finance.

Herr J.M. Hertzog is the most intriguing of the appointments - as it has been rumoured Prime Minister Cruywagen plans to resign shortly and Hertzog would then follow in the footsteps as Prime Minister until the completion of the current term in February 2008 (Transvaal prime ministers serve six-month terms). Most experts on Transvaal politics expected Cruywagen would have promoted Pieter Stellenbosch (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Gerhard Schalkwyk (Ambassador to Kashlinkov) or Willem Coetzee (Ambassador to Kingdom of Persia).

Completely unknown outside Transvaal - he has never been abroad and speaks only his native Afrikaans - and little known within the country, Hertzog served as a low-level functionary during Prime Minister van der Byl’s government last spring.

In other governmental news, former Prime Minister Riaan van der Byl was named Governor of the Rhodesian Protectorate on October 1, completing his political rehabilitation since he was deposed in a popular revolt in May during the dark days of the South African War.

Although established back in May, the Rhodesian Protectorate had remained a small sliver of territory around the border town of Bietbridge as Transvaal Krygsmagte military forces fought an on-and-off again bush war against the ANC and LSF insurgency in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. On October 1st, the Krygsmagte, in conjunction with a mass Norden Verein offensive, launched a full-scale operation to liberate Rhodesia once and for all from communist control.

During the 25 days of bitter fighting, the LSF threat in Rhodesia was eradicated as Transvaal forces advanced within 100 miles of the capital of Harare (Salisbury) before coming to a halt at the town appropriately named Battlefields. Despite half the country still outside of Transvaler control, the Krygsmagte declared the campaign over on October 26 after the last resistance expired.

The Transvaal Supreme Court has heard the treason case of former Interior Minister Uys Rooyan de Ruijters, implicated in an assassination plot against the then-exiled Slavorussian Emperor, Justinian the Mighty and the treason case of former prime minister Ms. Annetjie van Matteus, who escaped from prison during the GOONS war and then teamed up with the notorious Boerstater Dr. Hasso Von Hugel to sow discord during the war. Von Hugel was later captured and committed suicide soon after.

De Ruijters was found guilty of assassination conspiracy and treason and sentenced to be hung – although the Government of Transvaal has offered to extradite de Ruijters to Slavorussia to face charges there for his involvement as an operative of the Dark Hard. It is however believed that if de Ruijters remains in Transvaal, his death sentence will probably be commuted to life imprisonment, as Staatspresident Botha has so far been reluctant to utilise and carry out the death sentence within Transvaal.

In a shock decision however, Ms. van Matteus was cleared of treason charges after she stated she has no involvement in her escape organized by Von Hugel and de Ruijters – and that when she departed Von Hugel she turned herself in and gave information for Von Hugel’s capture. It was expected the state would have executed her, but the obviously broken van Matteus pleaded that she would never betray her nation to its enemies but was caught up nevertheless in Von Hugel’s treason acts due to no decision of her own. Although returned to prison to serve out her previous murder charge, many experts believe that she will soon be released to house arrest in Rhodesia or Walvis Bay. Many of her supporters point to the recent anti-communist campaign in Rhodesia as justification for her own actions which ultimately saw her arrested for ordering the execution of LSF prisoners – and now demand her release and pardon.

Here ends Volume I. History of Transvaal (Volume II) follows...

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