The Army of the Hunter's Guild is one of the bravest armies in the world. The proper name for the army is the Hunter's Guild Home Defence and Offence Force (also known as the HGHDOF.) The army is stationed in various nations throughout the world, the largest division being stationed in Kilmacolm. The division stationed in Kilmacolm is called the KPA- the Kilmacolm Power Army.

The primary weapon of the HGHDOF is the M16. They use a Desert Eagle as their side arm. The sniper division uses the PSG1 sniper rifle. Also used are the NTRL, the Napalm Technical Rocket Launcher developed by scientists from Eglington, a Hunter's Guild nation. The army never has any food problems, since the scientists of Kilmacolm has developed synthetic food supplies that last for up to 4 times longer than ordinary food sources, and provide 43% more energy.

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