Non-Aggression Pact
Former Signatories

Random Insanity Alliance

International Communist Party

A Non-Aggression Pact was signed between the International Communist Party and the Random Insanity Alliance sometime between September 20 and October 25, 2006. The treaty remained active until the ICP became defunct through a merger.

ICP-RIA Non-Aggression PactEdit


With peace, security and prosperity of their member nations as a goal, the International Communist Party (from here after referred as ICP) and the Random Insanity Alliance (from here after referred as RIA) hereby agree to enter a non-aggression pact estipulated in the following terms:

Section IEdit

This pact will be put into effect immediately upon valid ratification of both signatories and lasts unto perpetuity. Should either side violate any of the terms of this agreement knowingly, the other side may consider it null and void with all repercussions that this may carry. Should either of the signatories choose to end this arrangement, they are to inform the other side a minimum of one week before terminating the arrangement.

Section IIEdit

The nations of the ICP and RIA pledge an oath of mutual non-aggression. No hostilities between nations of either alliance shall commence, be it trough direct aggressive actions or the aiding of an attack on a member of the signatories. This also includes all forms of aggressions, be it direct or indirect.

Section IIIEdit

Should any form of transgression of this agreement take place, it should immediately be reported to the other side and the same transgression should be neutralized promptly through joint cooperation. In the event of material damages being caused trough such a transgression, both signatories guarantee to compensate the damages to the victim if offender is amongst their ranks. Should an offender fail to end hostilities once the transgression in identified, the alliance to which the aggressor belongs to will take disciplinary actions against the transgressor.

Section IVEdit

Both signatories agree not to initiate hostilities towards third parties with whom the other signatorie has a Mutual Defense Pact. Should such an event occur, the mutual defence pact takes precedence and this agreement is to be considered null and void.

Signed for the ICPEdit

Karl Marx, Chairman
Comrade Yev, Vice Chairman
Trotsky, Foreign Affairs Bureau

Signed for RIAEdit

Shyox, Leader
Leonardo, Co-Leader
Moth, Head of Foreign Affairs
Omega-Red, War Advisor
Delta1212, Economic Advisor

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