Iforget2 is one of the most well known and the most liked rogues in CyberNation's history. He made his first appearance on the world scene when Yaridovich, then the leader for the LUEninted Nations, made a public announcement telling the world of Iforget2's masquerade as Ivan Moldavi, Emperor of the New Pacific Order, on LUE's boards. Upon being found out, Iforget2 launched a nuclear strike against the NPO member nation of Rysonia, thus forging the first link in his infamous chain.

(more stuff happened, but I forgot 2, get it LOL)

Over time, IF2, as he is called by lazy people who don't want to spell out "Iforget2" all the time, kept his "rogue alliance" running. This 'alliance' is rumored to be a network of spies that IF2 has working in some of the major alliances.

One of the latest contributions Iforget2 has made to the CN world is the turning out of Lord Sam, an NpO (New Polar Order) Alliance Council member. Lord Sam was feeding information from the New Polar Order to Iforget2, as proved by screenshots, AIM conversation logs, and IP matching. Lord Sam's country of Angbar is currently getting owned by the CoaLUEtion. The overwhelming majority of Planet Bob thanks Iforget2 for this action. And he exposed Heresy as well.

The Signature Countdown Clock

Approximately two weeks ago today (July 14th), Iforget2 added an ominous countdown to his signature, which read "14 days...". The countdown continued, and there was some speculation as to what this clock was counting down to. The most common theory is that the clock is counting down to a string nukings. It has been revealed that Iforget2 massed up 40 nukes and 600 CMs with 5 satellites each. This would've done 14,000 infra damage to the NPO. However, Iforget2's multiple nations were deleted before the strikes against NPO could occur. His main nation however, was never defeated, and simply dissapeared. There are some who still believe that he is still playing the game under one or more names...


Iforget2 is known for having the largest biceps on Planet Bob. These massive muscles were the inspiration for the latest Dr. McNinja plotline.

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