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Flag of the Global Order of Darkness

The Global Order of Darkness

The Ascended Coalition of Liberty

Imperial Camaraderie- Treaty of Amity


The alliances known as the Global Order of Darkness, hence forth known as GOD, and the Ascended Coalition of Liberty, hence forth known as ACL agree to the following treaty, in assurance with their friendship and their growing strength both, in the relationship they hold, and in their own alliances.

Article I: Respect and SovereigntyEdit

Both alliances shall, after signing this pact, remain separate sovereign alliances, they will remain independent of a group government or military, and will hold their own rights and their own policies.

Both alliances will show respect towards one another, for the sake of this treaty and their relations, they will refrain from flaming, flame-baiting, or other forms of rude or crude behavior, towards one another on any Forum, or IRC channel.

Article II: CommunicationEdit

Both alliances will be allowed into the others IRC channels, and forums via their embassy, and will keep each other updated on situations that may or may not hurt their relations or one another.

Article III: Espionage and Non-AggressionEdit

Neither of these alliances, will endorse or be a part of spying or other espionage related activities towards each other. They will remain peaceful and non-aggressive towards one another, if any attacks from a singular nation of either alliance occur towards a nation of the other alliance, all diplomatic channels, and options will be taken to ensure there is a peaceful resolution.

Article IV: Defense ClauseEdit

Neither alliance shall make any aggressive moves toward the other nor encourage any actions which may be harmful to each alliance. Defense in wartime is not necessary between the two alliances but encouraged as long as no other pacts or treaties are broken.

Article V - IntelligenceEdit

If either alliance receives information concerning a direct threat to the other, the receiving alliance will notify the other signatory and provide the relevant information. The source of said information may be left undisclosed.

Article VI: Forbidden LoveEdit

We realize that the maroon-blue love is forbidden, but that’s what makes it so hawt. We reserve the rights to spread the love.

Article VII: CancellationEdit

Either alliance may cancel this treaty at any time. The cancellation must be made public, and the effects of the non-aggression and mutual defense will last a continued 72 hours after the time of the cancellation post.


Signed this day July 22, 2007

Global Order of DarknessEdit

Xiphosis, Emperor of the Global Order of Darkness
Krull, Triumvir of War
Big_Z, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
Raiizn, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

Ascended Coalition of LibertyEdit

v0.0v, Emperor of the Ascended Coalition of Liberty
Magnum T. Gundraw, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
Paddy Kilbane, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
Cressers69, Triumvir of Protection

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