Raising your nation's tax income is one of the most important aspects of the game. Tax income is based on your citizen's individual income, the number of citizens, and the tax rate.

Individual income is displayed on your nation's page as Avg. Gross Income Per Individual Per Day. A new nation may have an individual income around $60. The larger, more developed nations have more than $500.

It's the economy, stupid!

Individual incomeEdit

These factors affect the individual income directly


Income is determined by this formula:

 Individual\ Income = [\$ 30\ +\ (\$ 2\ \times\ Happiness)\ + \sum_{} (\$\ Bonuses) ]\ \times\ \prod_{} (1\ +\ (\%\ Bonuses) \times\ (Quantity))


You have 17 happiness, Gems (+ $1.50 income), Furs (+ $3.50 income), a Foreign Ministry (+ 5% income), and 3 Banks (+ 7% income).

 Individual\ Income = \left [\$ 30\ +\ (\$ 2\ \times\ 17)\ +\ \$ 1.50\ +\ \$ 3.50 \right ]\ \times\ 105\%\ \times\ 121\%\ = \$ 87.66

Total tax incomeEdit

Main article: Taxes

(Tax income) = (individual income) x (number of citizens) x (tax rate). To maximize your tax income, you must tweak each of those 3 factors. Typically you want the maximum number of citizens possible and max tax rate. Raising individual income, while important, is usually not as effective as raising the number of citizens.


Your individual income is $100, you have 1000 citizens and a 28% tax rate. You are trying to decide whether to get Silver or Wheat in your last resource slot.

  • Silver (+$2, +2 happiness) would raise your income to $106. Total tax income = $106 x 1000 x 28% = $29,680
  • Wheat (+8% citizens) would raise your number of citizens to 1080. Total tax income = $100 x 1080 x 28% = $30,240
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