Incuador Flag
Flag of Incuador
"God Shall Bring Prosperity"
Official Languages French, English, Spanish
  • King
  • Royal Governor
Michel I of New Arundel
Josiah Stuart
Religion Christianity
Formation June 24, 2007
 • Civilians

5 Million Citizens
National Animal Parakeet
Tax Rate 24%
Currency Franc

Incuador is a dominion established by the Grand Kingdom of New Arundel on June 24, 2007 by the signing of the Peru Pact. The Dominion of Incuador controls North Peru, Ecuador, and the Eastern Galapagos Islands. It also has shared control with Bolívar over the Lima Territory. When New Arundel claimed the areas, the economy was poor in North Peru but okay in Ecuador. Much of North Peru must be rebuilt and land has been granted to some colonists to start plantations without slaves. The plantations have already become extravagent.

Because Ecuador's economy was much better than North Peru's, Quito, Ecuador's former capital, became the capital city of Incuador.



Incuador was founded on June 24, 2007 by King Michel when he signed the Peru Pact with King Allen of the Floridian Empire. Incuador was named after the former Inca Empire and the prospering nation of Ecuador.

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