IngSoc Republics is a glorious and prosperous nation ruled by Don Corleone. It is currently a thriving and influential member of the ODN (Orange Defense Network). The people of IngSoc Republics are ready for war against any foe of the alliance and we are ready for the call to arms.

The people of IngSoc Republics are committed to spreading the ideals of liberty and democracy through the vasts extents of the World.

The Official Flag of IngSoc Republics


Any show of disrespect, or physical degradation, to the flag is punishable by death.

The people of IngSoc Republics are fiercely patriotic and loyal to their government.

The National Motto of IngSoc Republics is:: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"

The National Anthem of IngSoc Republics is: Oceania Tis' For Thee

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