The Beginning Edit

The International Defense Directorate (IDD) was started by ex-members of the Sent From Satan alliance (SFS). American1826, Kraam, Bosterosoy and Arch Angel were all head figures and active members at SFS who decided to star a new alliance whose base is made up of mostly ex-SFS nations.

The alliance then grew as it was a reunion of friends who had been apart due to various reasons. Smartz91, King Corncob, The GreatEviFish, Faeloth the Terrible, Sole Khan, and Hildur af Norge all joined the alliance and before you knew it, it was well off its feet.

The Shield Edit

The Shield of the IDD is very symbolical as it represents the original roots of the co-founders and original members of the alliance. File:Http://

The lightning Bolt represents the time time some of our members had in the Brotherhood of the Storm. Lightning is a symbol of that alliance and was placed on the shield. The sun represents the short history of the New Dawn. The New Dawn alliance was an alliance that was started up by Kraam and The GreatEvilFish. However, due to one reason or another, it was unable to get on its feet and establish itself.

Protectorate with Mutually Assured Defense (MAD) Edit

SFS and MAD had grown very close in the past, and thus the members of IDD looked toward the MAD alliance for some help in getting the alliance of its feet and offering protection. On September 16, 2007 a Protectorate agreement was officially signed. The IDD had some protection to help it grow and it also further secured the bond between their great friends at MAD.


During the existence of the SFS, it's strongest ally was the Pirates of the Parrot Order (PPO). They became very close friends and even merged with other alliances to form The Brotherhood of the Storm (BoTS). However, many leaders of SFS (who created IDD) and leaders of PPO who created SOLDIER) left the alliance. So, it was only right that the two alliances (IDD and SOLDIER) further strengthened their long lasting relations by signing a PIAT.

The Storm Shield Accords Edit

As has been stated, many members of the IDD are ex-SFS members, and various are ex-BoTS members as well. To clear some of the tension that existed and to revive the friendship that had existed between the members of both alliances. The unique treaty was one that was specifically written for these two alliances and cleared the air between them. It also include a PIAT with and ODP clause.

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