The International Democratic League (IDL) is a rainbow (multi-color) alliance, based on the ideals of a representative democracy and strong, unified operation.


The IDL’s first draft of its charter was written on May 19, 2006.

This draft was not issued publicly for a short while thereafter. The charter, which has been ruled ineffective when being compared to the Guide of Assertions, followed by the League's constitution, is viewed as a primitive, early view on the purpose of the alliance.


The League was founded on May 22, shortly after the creation of its charter. It begin with two members after a third was unable to join due to technical reasons, all of whom were invited by Gamer10.

In its early weeks the International Democratic League was a multi-alliance org


Foreign RelationsEdit

The League maintains relatively friendly foreign relations with several alliances. It has signed few treaties over the course of its history.

On the 2nd of August the League fought a brief "skirmish" with the Federation over an argument based on their claim that a nation which the League had come to defend was a rogue, despite the fact that only subjective evidence was presented against this nation. However, the skirmish was ended soonafter, with Gamer10 issuing a formal apology. It is unclear what drove Gamer10 to do this other than perhaps the fate of the yet forming League.

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