This alliance has disbanded.

Founded upon the Ruins of the Socialist worker's Front, the ISWU intends to continue the great struggle in cybernations, to unite the forces of the left and spread 'leftism' across Bob's world. The forum address: [1]

The ISWU is based on the Principles of Democracy and Socialism. it permits great freedom for it's memebers, including free speech, free press, the right to form poltical parties within the union and also the right to vote officals out of office at any time, (except during a state of war).

it is working for the unification of leftist groups acrross the Cyberworld, and to promote, by peaceful methods, International Socialist Revolution.

The ISWU will willingly defend other leftist groups under attack from rouge nations or right wing extremeists.


The ISWU was founded on the ? April 2007 by the Nation of Soviet Britian. It has supported the 'undergound network', against rouge nations in April 2007.

during the early period of it's exisitence it was ruled by Soviet Britian, The Constitution was written by him and then approved by the membership.


The ISWU operates a federal system of Government, granting memberstates rights above those of the federal government. in addition it operates as a trading bloc and a mutaul defense pact amongst it's members.

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