This alliance has disbanded as of September 2007.
International Unity Treaty Organization
Formally Founded September 1, 2007
Capital Vienna, Austria, Union of Germany
Executive Assembly
  • Assembly Chairman Mikhail
  • President
Sept 2007 Cabinet
  • Defense Minister, Jdawg
  • Justice Minister,
  • Commerce Minister,
  • State Minister, Kaiser Jacob II
  • Security Minister, SCUBAKev
  • Immigration Minister,
  • Internal Service Minister,
Unity Court
  • Minister of Justice,
  • Secretary of Court,
  • Chieftain of the Council Judges,
  • Council Judge
  • Council Judge
  • Council Judge
Sept 2007 Unity Senate
Sept 2007 Secretariat Assembly
  • Secretary of Media,
  • Secretary of Communication,
  • Secretary of Culture,
  • Secretary of Consulates,
  • Secretary of Court,
  • Secretary of Press,
  • Secretary of Moderation,
  • Secretary of Technology,
  • Secretary of Resource,
  • Secretary of National Improvement,
  • Secretary of Service Security,
International Guard Infrastructure
  • Supreme Military Operations Director, Mikhail
  • Minister of Defense, Jdawg
  • Chairman of the Guard Joint Chiefs of Staff,
  • Chief of Staff,
  • Chief of Staff,
  • Major General,
  • Alpha General,
  • Beta General,
  • Delta General,
  • Epsilon General,
  • Gamma General,
  • Sigma General,
  • Zeta General,
  • International Guard Officer Staff:
Assembly Center of Commerce Infrastructure
  • Minister of Commerce,
  • Commerce Assembly Chairman,
  • Commerce Assembly Vice-Chairman, Mikhail
  • Commerce Assembly Vice-Chairman,
  • Commerce Banking Staff:
Foreign Relations Infrastructure
  • Minister of State, Kaiser Jacob II
  • Secretary of Consulates,
  • Ambassadors to Foreign Alliances:
  • List of Consulates:
Treaties and Agreements None at this time.
Strength and Stats Has not been established.

2007 Senate VotesEdit

Senate Vote 1; Senate Bill 1 : Aug 31 - Sept 1

Summary: Statement that would make IUTO the successors to Sans Pareil. 3y - 0n

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