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The Introduction to Promcapablicism and its Explanation is the founding piece of document of the political system of Promcapablicism, a relatively new government which is only in force by the United States of JBR. It was originally developed by an unnamed farmer living in the city of Oceanside in Southern California before dying in a wildfire. The original work was also destroyed, although copies were sent out to several city-states in the area. President Justin Vuong, the current and sole ruler using promcapablicism, published the revised document to his country and also added a section to the literary work: An Introduction to Francoism, which is the Pacifican ideology.

Introduction to PromcapablicismEdit

The world is often found in the midst of trouble. Overly strong leaders are corrupt and have far too much power that a mere subject would shake with fear whenever he thinks about the leader. Weak leaders who are bounded by the people have little effect on his nation.


Promcapablicism, a new thinking.

It is true that some governments are not corrupt. It is true that some governments are not entirely bounded to its people. However, is it a new time for a reform? Democracy, at its greatest, gives supreme authority to the people. Alas, the people often do not know what to do and the government often takes advantage of their people, lying to them and switching their votes and decisions around. Politicians are constantly hungry...for power. Even a democratic nation, you will find your trusted politicians in the midst of scandals, scams, schemes, and all sorts of the bad "s"'s words. The people are the supreme leaders. But they are in need of a regent. A regent who sets a group of instructions for the supreme leader to rule. So, the government must have some power over the people. It is quite necessary that the government also needs a slightly higher power than the supreme leader in the more difficult decisions. The supreme leader, which is you, cannot always rule right. That is why a regent is in need. Your government is your regent. You giving the regent the authority to supervise you as a parent to a child is a necessity. How then can a child, who is the world to their parents, able to survive without order or regulations? Just as the child is in need of her regents or her parents, you are in need to the regent—the government. How should the regent rule?

The Government; The Parental Regent of the CitizenEdit

The regent, otherwise known as the government, is the rule with the permission of its citizens, and are bounded to them. However, since the agreement of the people to allow the government to rule over them while providing a home and good life, the regent may enact a law over them. Without a law, the nation would be a total anarchy which can wipe the entire civilization of Planet Bob. If the government is too powerful, the people would live in fear and would be pointless to live and will result in an eventual revolt that could be catastrophic. Nations come and go. Empires grow and diminish. No matter what a government you have, whether it be for the people or entirely for a sole leader, they will fall. There is nothing you can do to stop from the fall of a nation. All nations will fall or lose their power. Eons from now, if you can look with awe at your current superpower, that power could be stepped upon like a bug and kicked around like a metal can in the future. Yes, and it is possible that the nation you look down upon will become the ultimate leader within a few years from now and look down upon you unfavorably. So nations and empires will rise and fall. So how can your nation remain a superpower as long as possible or at least be mentioned in an entire chapter of a high school history textbook? The regent; the government, must be separated into different branches. There should be four branches: Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and People's. Yes, you, the ultimate leader, is also part of the Regent. Partially. Each branch has their particular role. The Executive is the head of the government, overseeing the other parts of the Regent and enforce the law. It is to ensure that order is being done. The Legislative is the law-creating government that helps ensure order is being made. The Judicial examines and carries out fairness with the law and ensures that order is being handled properly. The People is the base and reason the government exists and ensures that the order has the right to exist. However, each branch should each get a piece of the "Regent Cake" to ensure the balance is spread around. This spread cannot be equal however, as the leader is in need of twice the amount of "cake" everyone should get. The leader is obviously the Executive Branch. But you may note that the leader eat more than he can handle. The Executive Branch is need of a smaller, split of sub-branches. Sub-branches? Of course, the leader (Executive Branch), is like a human body. There must be a brain, a heart, and all of the other organs. Yes, the organs of the leader are truly people. What is the brain? The brain is quite obviously, and should be, the President—the head of the leader. However, since the brain has two "hemispheres", there should be two equivalent powers: the Imperial President and the Regent President which together become known as the "President" or even the "Presidential Couple" if the two happen to be spouse (and this would be preferred to ensure both opposite sides can rule as one equally. The heart should be a group of advisers who are to be directly from the outside world (People's Branch) and are the establishment of the leader. (Although there is to be an exception, politically speaking, it is the President that should nominate the advisers.) The liver and digestive system is the Monarch, a secondary leader that should exercise a slightly similar power with the President. They are to nurture the leader by also monitoring the Executive Branch internally while the President works externally. The immune system is to be the military of the nation and are to protect the Executive Branch along with the entire nation more importantly. As politics cannot go so much well ordered with life science, there is no other "organs" we should incorporate although it is up to you after all, supreme leader.

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