Field Marshall Isoroku Toshikaze of Sakhalin
Office Minister of War and Defence of Sakhalin
Predecessor N/A (First Minister of War and Defence of Sakhalin)
Successor By Retirement
Date of Birth March 2nd, 1962
Place of Birth Hakodate, Japan
Political Party Communist Party


As a boy Isoroku found life to be filled with the rich and the poor. Rich controling everything and the poor with no power. Even as a child Isoroku found this unbearable. He entered the Japanese Communist Party at age 18. During the Cold War he was arrested accused of being a spy but he was always found not guilty. He entered a miltia group in the 1990's and climbed the ranks quickly due to his great sence of timing and Large and Small Unit Tactics. When he heard about the plans to liberate Sakhalin he offered his skills to Korey and was given the balwark of forces. During the Great Partriotic War he was more or less the leader of Sakhalin.

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