Beginnings The J alliance was started by Jawa Chief and Pwnmaster when one day they decided to start a new alliance. Many other nations quickly became interested in the opportunity. Now the J alliance have a little more than 50 members and are growing stronger.

Membership If you wish to join the J alliance go to our forum which is [1]

Members The only members that I will mention are the J alliances creators and leaders Jawa Chief-Jawa Region Pwnmaster-Jamesland Jawa Avenger-Jawa Headquarters Me, Finiz04-Jawa City

War As mentioned before, this alliance is not all that powerful yet so we have tried to remain out of wars, except the occasinally battle her or there. ps: if you don't know what a jawa is, they are those guys with the hoods on Tatooine, (Starwars) who kidnapped R2D2 in the 4th movie.

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